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  1. Not Renarin or Riino! This character was known to keep an eye on things This character is in the process of changing This character was injured in the past This character was recently healed by investiture This character now keeps two eyes on things
  2. Not Kelsier! This character was known to keep an eye on things This character is in the process of changing This character was injured in the past This character was recently healed by investiture
  3. Not Hoid, Patji or the Stormfather (but good guesses!) This character was known to keep an eye on things This character is in the process of changing This character was injured in the past
  4. Not Hoid This character was known to keep an eye on things This character is in the process of changing
  5. Yay ready everyone? This character was known to keep an eye on things
  6. B. Sablerfils from the broadsheets in Mistborn era 2?
  7. I like your thinking!! I think the agreement was “the city itself, any human born into it and their spouses”, not necessarily their next generations unless they were born there. BUT even if Hesina isn’t from Kharbranth, it’s possible that she and Lirin met in Kharbranth and perhaps Hesina got pregnant there and gave birth to Kaladin before they moved to Hearthstone! It would be the best place to give birth with the access to hospitals there. Would also add to the reason why Hesina’s parents hated Lirin, because maybe Hesina got pregnant too soon/too young or something in their opinion... So there is a chance that Kaladin was born in Kharbranth and would be protected from Odium!
  8. Aww now this is actually a bit adorable. Syl: “You’re half the man Kaladin was, for now... Maybe if you just frown some more... Yes! YES! Perfect! Now just hold that pose...” Adin bursts into a laugh. Syl: “Wow, you smile A LOT! Can’t you just give me a grumble, just one, for old times sake? Tell me how much you hate butts...”
  9. I loved this episode so storming much!!! One thing I really hope for in the future is a Shallan POV with her internal monologue realisation that those “gosh Jasnah/other women are beautiful” moments are more than just admiring those women, and actually attraction and acknowledging that queerness within herself. Because like so many of you brought up, for a lot of bisexual people, it is often in your twenties that you start to realise, oh, this isn’t actually straight... This isn’t actually what all these straight people around me are feeling... And I think it would make total sense for Shallan, having had such a sheltered and conservative upbringing, that she wouldn’t have come to this realisation until now. I think this would be a great portrayal of a bisexual woman’s experience in such a heteronormative society, and something I think could play out very naturally in the next book. Now that she has absorbed her Veil personality, perhaps she can come to this realisation that Veil clearly already had. AND since we’re surely going to need a Shallan and Jasnah scene in the next book where Shallan FINALLY talks to Jasnah about what she’s been up to with the Ghostbloods, there could be a great opportunity there for her internal thoughts to recognise her attraction to Jasnah as what it has always been! Edit: gosh I never realised until now how incredibly wonderful Kadolin is!!! THANK YOU! Like omg the most perfect enemies to lovers arc, the cute nicknames, the mutual admiration, all that beautiful, glorious gayness. I’m already seeing scenes like the arena fight so differently. Kaladin coming to Adolin’s rescue, Adolin sending himself to prison alongside Kaladin, Adolin’s awareness and total support for Kaladin in RoW. If that’s not true love then what in damnation is!?
  10. But... but... Kaladin!!!!
  11. Sazed and Axies would have been super cute imo, travelling around collecting knowledge of religions and spren together (Although Sazed/Tindwyl is too beautiful)
  12. I just had a horrifying thought, and I hope it won’t be true, but if Kaladin dies in book 5, maybe Syl will bond Adin. I don’t like it, but it could be a possibility!
  13. For any of those Legend of Korra fans out there, please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t stop picturing Marasi as Asami Sato!? Edit: now I really want a Wax and Wayne anime.
  14. If we find out that Gavilar isn’t fully dead (which I think we’ve found a lot of evidence to suggest that CS Gavilar is very possible, even likely) then what other purpose would there be for bringing him back? I think it would be really lame to find out Gavilar is a CS out there somewhere and there not being an important reason for that... On the other hand, I think the fact that each book begins with us learning more and more about this mysterious Gavilar and the way he is connected to so many of the characters we follow - Dalinar, Navani, Jasnah - and the way he is so interconnected with so many of the plots that have been unfolding - Sons of Honor, Ghostbloods, Unmade stuff, anti-voidlight discovery, Heralds, etc etc... And the fact that book five’s prologue is going to be from Gavilar’s perspective provides the perfect opportunity to reveal his sticking around... And then there’s the fact that Dalinar has decided to be his own champion - I just don’t see any other character being as impactful in the role of Odium’s champion than Gavilar. Like the only other character that I think would have had an interesting dynamic against Dalinar in a battle of champions would have been Taravangian, but then he’s so old and not a warrior, and he’s Odium now and it doesn’t seem that shards can be their own champions. But I can just imagine how much a reveal like this would be crippling to Dalinar - Taravangian showing up and revealing himself as Odium (oh the shock and confusion, already now Dalinar is on the back foot) and then BOOM, Gavilar shows up!?! How will he react?! How does he fight his own brother whom all this time he’s carried so much guilt for failing on that night of the assassination... Any of the other choices opposing Dalinar that I’ve seen just don’t seem that interesting. Gavinor as child champion, I just think that would be weird and I don’t see him turning against his own family to side with Odium just out of the blue. I think his revenge plot against Moash will be a back five plot line. Then there’s El. Like yeah, he’s interesting for sure, but I just don’t feel like he’s been set up to be Odium’s champion. We’ve been gearing up to this battle of champions since book one and we’ve only just barely heard about this El guy, I just don’t see him as champion being anywhere near as epic and emotional as Gavilar as champion would be. Then there’s Szeth, like it is the Skybreaker book and we’ll be getting his flashbacks, and he’s got this weird relationship with Taravangian but again I just don’t see it. The whole Taravangian manipulation thing I feel we’ve been there done that, and I just don’t see him as an epic challenge to Dalinar... This is my opinion, but I’m sure there are going to be some crazy twists in this next book, and whatever they are Brandon is going to make it so freaking awesome!!