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  1. Alright, I don't have the energy to do my own in-depth analysis of all the past terms, but based on the last few terms, and analysis of other players, it seems a safe bet to vote on Karnage, partially so as to not place the exact same vote anyway 10 minutes before rollover, and partially because of their reads on Straw and Xino last cycle (I agree with their read on Burnt and from an outsider's perspective on me as well), which though they hadn't read the whole Bard fiasco, I think they should've at least pegged Xino as neutral. I'm not placing two votes on Karnage because I'm not 100% sure of my read, so I'll use my other vote on Straw to cover bases if Karnage's gut read was right last cycle anyway . If I leaped too quickly to conclusions, or there's something crazy I need to be part of when the cycle ends, could someone use @GreenRover tomorrow? If nothing else crazy happens (as the last three cycles have gone), I'll be off the Shard until Monday. Good luck with the expelling tomorrow, everyone.
  2. I’ll just be spewing out my random thoughts, so feel free to tell me if they don’t make sense. Hm. Glad to see we’re making progress, but it looks like it came at a heavy cost. I’ll be looking at Walin’s old posts to figure out who he had been talking with more than others (which may have easier to figure out if elevations happened before kills, but oh well). Also, the group of expelled students is growing rapidly (as of this turn at least). The general consensus is that Bard is a skindancer, but is there an easy way to know if one or two of the other three are as well? Anybody have a plum bob or two to spare (to use on the expelled students specifically)?
  3. Without doing any further analysis into stats, I’m going to guess we’ll have another master in 2 or 3 terms, and in 4 to 5 terms we’ll have masters in half of the fields. I’m okay with trying to expel, or at least complain, against some el’the on the off-chance that the elims can gain a majority of the fields in just a few terms.
  4. My apologies for being really inactive these past few terms. I’ll try to get some analysis in throughout the day. I medium trust Karnage because of their explanation behind the reasons the rooms went for DeTess. I don’t think they’d do that as an elim themselves. More analysis later
  5. My apologies for being really inactive these past few terms. I’ll try to get some analysis in throughout the day. I medium trust Karnage because of their explanation behind the reasons the rooms went for DeTess. I don’t think they’d do that as an elim themselves. More analysis later
  6. By the end of the third month at the University, I have memorized all my uncle's notes, and understood the basics and complicateds (sic) of the Skinwalker attacks these past few decades, Knighter thought. He figured that with his notes and the combined arcane might of the university, they could avoid what happened the last time skinwalkers were at the school. However, not if people expelled Knighter or fellow students out of pettiness. He decided to lodge a complain against Karnage to, which hopefully would remind him to not look for the easy targets, such as Knighter (as the last person to be with Sagaer, he knew it looked suspicious. But he doubted the whispers came from people who knew Knighter admired Sagaer--even if he was a skinwalker, he wouldn't take him out. Well, Knighter guessed he didn't know that, because he had never been a sadistic skinwalker on an insanity rampage. Hm. His reasoning skills could use some improvement.), but instead to look deeper, at the motivations of the skinwalker and what they would want from the university. Then find those who suspiciously act on line with the agenda of the skinwalkers. The complaint lodged, Knighter returned to his studies, sucking on the mint he had joyously found at his doorstep earlier. He didn't really like peppermint, but it kept his mind focused, so it was a net positive.
  7. Two fortnights into the term found Knighter taking a contemplative walk through campus past dusk. Knighter had seen more drama and terror than a lifetime at his parents' estate. He was still unsure what field to study, and his uncle Cotte's notes on the arcane arts were conflicting at best. His relatives hadn't yet responded to his letters. He studied from sunrise til after sunset every day, but still had no concrete plan for a subject to study. He came here on a bet with a friend, after all. When he wasn't in class, eating beets (he had bought some when he didn't recognize any other noblemen around--and begrudgingly admitted they tasted superb), or sleeping, he read his uncle Cotte's textbooks and old class material. Among other things, they contained pages of scatter-brained notes on the Skinwalkers, and Knighter got the impression that Naming wasn't the only reason for Cotte's slight insanity. Knighter knew a little about Fae before coming to the University, but those small tidbits gave way before mad ravings and overwhelming implications. His uncle's notes indicated that Skinwalkers had decimated these very halls two times in recent historical memory, and he guessed there were more times before this, forgotten (or erased) from history. And the chaos was starting again in his time here, with a fellow nobleman. Knighter wasn't cut out for studying in this environment. Then again, he supposed no one was. Earlier that night, he had realized something. I'm a nobleman, he thought, and noblemen lead when all else fails. Within his mind, he had backed up to his firmest resolve, and found it had been chipped away. This thought reinvigorated his resolve. If we defeat the Skinwalkers and cleanse the University, it won't happen without the students doing their part. His resolve had now been fully renewed. He went off to find some other students and encourage them, only to overhear discussion about how to stop the Skinwalkers and avenge Onur. Knighter was three steps behind his fellow classmates. This dealt a blow to his ego, which made him feel like another contemplative walk. It was a night for walking, he figured. This time however, he acknowledged a lone student did not have sufficient resources to undertake the task of defeating Fae. He met Sagaer walking down the main hallway. He seemed like one of the most level-headed students--one would have to be to be a father, Knighter reasoned. Especially a commoner, who would also have a different perspective on the Skinwalkers than Knighter. As Knighter approached, so did Lasko, another (seemingly) level-headed noble. But then they all started buying beets, so he just continued walking alone until it looked they were done--he had just eaten dinner before his first walk, after all. ---- I don't have a lot of analysis here--although it looks like in previous versions of this game, the vast majority of people simply died on the streets to mercenaries. Almost none of those were Skinwalkers, so maybe as the nobles (or just villagers with lots of Names) we could set up a long-term protection for commoners or Edema Ruh who have been on the streets for more than 3 turns, allowing them to stay active and alive. To me, three turns is long enough to be cleared reasonably villager (barring the aid of fellow Skinwalkers). Other than that, I'd suggest that a couple villagers staying in The Windy Towers try with all 6 EP for the fields of study that would most help the Skinwalkers, then become the masters of those fields and get protection so the Skinwalkers can't use the field as well--or, barring that, go for the fields of study most useful for the Villagers to protect the field from being destroyed early-game.
  8. Knighter was in a sour mood when he checked into his apartment. The first reason in his mind was that this university, so highly esteemed and filled with all range of talents, had farm vendors in front. He looked kind of funny at the one he saw, not to be rude, but to give that subtle but well-known expression of the eyes that meant I might have bought some of your beets if you sold them in the marketplace and not at the school for the smartest minds of the generation. He hoped they understood the meaning. The second reason was he realized he had no friends here, but he was always used to working quietly anyway, so he felt better pretty quick. The third reason was that once he unpacked, he decided to get reading all the books his Uncle Cotte, his father's twin, had given him from his time at the University. Knighter was excited, because he looked up to his uncle, nutcase as he was. But before he started the books, he read his first letter from home. It was from his father, and it was short. Be careful, my son, it read. There are reasons you never heard much of the Arcane Arts growing up. Have you ever wondered why Uncle Cotte acts a little off? He studied Naming here, he went a bit nuts, and was never the same since. Same thing happened to your great-grandfather Tratoff, and I think we've inherited that part of his genes that went nuts. Watch yourself, have fun, and don't do anything your uncle did. Love you son --Dad So that was a bit of a rip. It rendered most of his uncle's notes untrustworthy, and to top it off, Knighter came to the University at a time Skinwalkers lurked the halls. He would simply study well and do the Nune family name proud. His other uncle, the non-crazy one, used to be a detective. He figured after he read all Uncle Cotte's textbooks, first thing he would do is ask for advice. Then it was time to fight the Skinwalkers. --- Tomorrow I'll try and do more analysis. And a poke vote on Shard to get @Experience on the voting bandwagon train of funness.
  9. Knighter Nune applied to KKC University on a bet from a friend that he couldn't get in. When he read the acceptance letter, he was pleasantly surprised. " suppose I will try my hand at the 'Arcane Arts,' he mused. He didn't know what those were. Cracking open some older Nune relatives' textbooks, he learned enough to realize this would be a rich and rewarding university. Probably, at least. Though reports of Skindancers made his skin crawl, he'd prove himself worthy to be called Master of the least in his own head. He said his goodbyes to family and friends with head hung high, mostly to look at the ginormous sign in front of the school saying "UNIVERSITY--HONOR AND KNOWLEDGE FORTHCOMING" He was fairly sure he was the only one who could see the sign. Hrm. Insanity can't happen that fast at this school. He hoped. -- I'll sign up as Knighter Nune. I know this will be my second game I've really played in, but these rules look ludicrously fun to play with.
  10. Alright. I’ll switch my vote so we can get a lynch. Itiah IV, Glieven. My idea was that there have to be at least two Mordor agents left because of the rule that assassination orders will block each other, which implies there are two or more Mordor assassins as well as the Hand of Sauron. There have to be at least two Gondor Spies for the rule that is their win condition, which is that they have to outnumber the other two factions, and the wording in the rules implies to me that outnumber means more than 1 to 0. That’s not just outnumbering, that’s eliminating. Two elims plus two spies makes four, and also there are only two companions. I will be greatly surprised if I am proved wrong, and there is still a third or fourth Companion. Edit: Looking back at the amount of people originally playing, I find it hard to believe there were 5 non-Companions in a group of 16. Perhaps you’re right, I think I am here. Everybody drink your antidotes. It’s the endgame.
  11. Halve looked around. Where there were once over a dozen, the party had shrunk to six. He knew from the rules somehow that everyone else, or almost everyone else, planned to kill the Companions. ”Um,” he yelled to the group, “I’m pretty sure most of you are traitors. Itiah IV, I believe you are one. I will name no more at this time. Should there be any among you still on the side of Middle Earth, let us sharpen our weapons and watch ourselves. And die bravely.” —————————————————— The offer from last night is over, by the way. Edit: Activity has been pretty low the past couple days. I’d encourage the elims and Gondor spies to start posting (I say “elims and spies” instead of “everyone but me and Walin” because they mean the same thing).
  12. This is going off of Walin’s idea to PM the Gondors. This is probably stupid, but I think the village is running out of options. I have a vial of poison. If you’re a Gondor spy or an elim, confess your role in the thread and I’ll give you half a vial. Confess a compatriot as well and I’ll give you the second half when they are confirmed to be your compatriot (ie by lynch).
  13. Unless I don’t know something, there are three options. Dalinar scanned an elim N1 and N2. He had nobody to tell his scans to with the utmost confidence. Walin is lying, and is elim. Dalinar scanned a Companion and confided in him/her, and it was Walin. Walin is telling the truth. Dalinar scanned and confided in a Companion who still has not spilled the beans. If this is the case, please post. The third option is extremely unlikely. Rath . Edit: Fourth option: Dalinar could have scanned a Companion but still not confide, but I don’t know why this would be the case. Even more unlikely than option three. Fifth option: Dalinar scanned a Gondor, and did not confide. Just as unlikely as option three, in my opinion.