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  1. theory

    Just adding fuel in the discussion =) M: Secret History spoiler =)
  2. Ruin and Preservation created Scandrial, Hoid was a bit of Preservation power in him, (the Lerasium bead). So technically he was a part of the god that created the planet and own the place Nay, Hoid are the cognitive shadow of Adonalsium everything is of him =) He had me there too, why he own's Scandrial ?
  3. Yes but his inability to hurt people are something that runs deep, that a simple "I"m a good person so I will refrain hurt others". Hoid, is literally unable to hurt (at least in the physical world ) someone. I remember some word of Brandon where he stated that Hoid, even with all his power, aren't very good fighter because he couldn't attack or some such. Until now I put this was a quirk, but after he little showdown with Kelsier this begun to look super suspect to me. Someone had the trouble to make hoid unable to hurt others, why?. This sounds like some precaution or punishment imposed to avoid him make the hell what he wanted. So all his apparent benevolence could be him, like, let's say Ruin, poising himself to achieve his objectives, but without this limit he would be a good person ? Or we would kill hurt e kick pups to make his goals happen ?
  4. I'm in that the Sovereign are Kelsier train. How he did't we don't know, but by what I remember of Cosmere cure power theory, when someone cures himself (in the most extremes case at least) he are, in true, returning his body to a previous "cognition state" or the be more precise he return his body to the "cognitive image that he had of himself" or some such. This is very peculiar because it can create a situation where one person is able to cure a serious wound but not a little one if that little wound are part of the image that he had of himself. Ex: Kaladin, until now, wasn't able to cure his forehead scar. And Lopen, that in my eyes have a very strong image of himself was a being a complete and functional was able to cure a lost arm in his childhood. AUTO IMAGE are everything here. The scar in the Sovereign arms are, to me, a indicative that Kelsier when hijacked the physical realm did't using a similar method, and the auto image of his arms being scared carried over to new "new body". I suspect that they used hermalurgy in a dead body to connect Kelsier cognitive self with this body, and when this body received Kelsier cognitive and spiritual webs, the body "turned" in the image that Kelsier had of himself minus the spikes he used to bind everything together. Kind a forgery, the new body react to make sense of the new cognitive aspect. Well this is my opinion at least=)
  5. Harmoniun maybe? If so being the ruin preservation alloy could explain the apparent instability, also it worked like Roshar gemheart storing investidure right ?
  6. Ok, So Hoid give a major beat down in Kelsier, and felt good with himself (kicking a defeated foe in the ground for good measure included), and this was grim in my book! .... so the number one cosmere Joker have some spunk in him. The little bit about him being incapable of hurt someone got me thinking, Why someone would go to such lengths to impair this peculiar capacity in Hoid? Plus about, almost anyone cosmere aware like him very much? Hoid could really be some kind of antagonist ?
  7. So could Mraize be Kelsier ?? in his new body ? Unlikely, but both have extensive scars and some similar atitude? Thoughts?!?
  8. And what about the Q&A? Somebody go the audio ? =) He didn't said to put this online to, did he ?
  9. I'm in the "leading ship". Come on, Sanderson said that Kaladin had a gift to make squires (abnormal number that I translate in 1000 squires army ex-bridgeman), so some time he will have to put aside his "I'm not cut for leading thing" and go all the way to "if I don't do it nobody will", Kaladin and his squires are the best defensive force against the Desolation that we have so far, he must face this and accept his place as a "general/leader" of the Radiants. His little trip do Alenthekar will serve him to consolidate in as a leading figure, because he must go from hearthstone to the capital guiding who knows how many people =)
  10. Ok what about Weaponry ? The Two magic systems that have more "technological" fell are the metalic arts and fabrial science so how they could be weaponized to be used in a future war. Gravity spren already confirmed as a thing, so a probably weapon could be "Mass Acceleration Rifle" Gravity spren powered. Just put ammunition, (or soulcast the thing in loco =0 ) and voilá long range weapon =) For spaceship they could use a warp/slip drive, To travel by shadesmare =) So many possibilities =)
  11. Odium right NOW are the big bad, going crazy killing other shards for the Lulz are the most "villainous" thing going on in the Cosmere, (that we know). So until someone come and kick Hoid dog just because he can Odium as the title of Cosmere biggie party crasher =) For know at least =)
  12. Dying is bad but Brandon could do worse than kill his characters like George did the red wedding where someone got a very "cruel head job". That was harsh, the death was ok but what they did after was too much =0 Let say Odium could not only kill Kal and cia but shred their souls in pieces like Hoid said, denying them any respite in the afterlife, or other treatment, after all he is cosmere big bad =)
  13. Exactly the same size!! Given the fact that Tor's maximum book size was topped by Brandon in WOR =) They could new prints. I Almost calling to they to say "Hey guys guess what we gonna need a new print, hope that you doesn't mind " =)
  14. I don't believe in the lack of stomlight theory simply because if the palace are constructed in the plateau of the oathgate, considering that Alenthi nobility use stormlight as lamps, or to ornate body, and such frivolous display of wealthy, and that most likely Alenthekar Treasury are there stormlight wouldn't be a issue =) =)
  15. Pretty much =)