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  1. The fixing the shattered plains thing reminds me of: So maybe? Especially since all the major cities seemed to be made with cymatics (spelling?) At least from what Kabsal shows
  2. speculation

    I guess that makes the first Parsh to bring Stormlight over the Car'a'carn! Lol
  3. I just figured removing the cohesion would return it to it's original structure, tension would actually force it into the perfect form instead. I also wonder if it would be possible to just soften it, shape it instead of cutting it, then solidify it...
  4. No problem.
  5. So, I was reading some other posts regarding the different types of surges, and came up with a much simpler solution from my understanding of cohesion and tension. Cohesion allows a person to break down the weak bonds and essentially melt an object, that's what caused the ground to become liquid like and Kal to sink in. Tension allows one to make it rigid, to realign the molecules into a stronger crystalline structure. This is what then caused the ground to become solid and Kal's feet to be stuck. So, unless you're unable to use any surges on gems directly, couldn't you use the first to break the bonds and tension to realign them perfectly? I know it's not possible to soulcast gemstones, but not sure if they resist surges completely.... Just more idle thoughts. Lol
  6. So, have my book in front of me now. "The storms are too strong on this side of the city. " "Storms? Nonsense. No storms here." Mother paused. "I wonder where we'll be taking your sister for her transformation." So it sounds way more like a matter of them not happening there at all, not a matter of when. Also, her mother thought she was talking to Venli about Eshonai, so that's my mistake there
  7. OrangeJedi Could a Parshendi form a bond with an intoxicationspren? Brandon Sanderson Theoretically possible, yes. OrangeJedi Would it look ugly? Brandon Sanderson It may not be the best idea they ever had.
  8. I guess that makes sense, I always just assumed that they could sense when they were coming because of their connection to Roshar.
  9. Currently re-reading WoR and just got to the conversation between Eshonai and her mom. Her mom (while suffering from alzheimers apparently) wonders about where they're gonna get a Highstorm for Venli's first transformation because they dont happen where she thinks they are. So where did her generation live? Everything I've read implies that the highstorms cover all of Roshar in varying strengths....
  10. “My research into the Unmade has convinced me that these things were not simply "spirits of the void" or "nine shadows who moved in the night." They were each a specific kind of spren, endowed with vast powers. ” —Hessi's Mythica, page 3 “It will not take a careful reader to ascertain that I have only mention eight of the Unmade here. Lore is confident there were nine, an unholy number, asymmetrical and often associated with the enemy. ” —Hessi's Mythica, page 266 “I am certain there are nine Unmade. There are many legends and names I could have misinterpreted, conflating two Unmade into one. In the next section, I will discuss my theories on this. ” —Hessi's Mythica, page 266
  11. Undmades there definitely 9. XS-Terrain Also, does each of the Unmade have a corresponding order of the Knights Radiant? Brandon Sanderson Eh... Kind of. XS-Terrain Ok. So there are nine Unmade right, so which one is left out? Brandon Sanderson Bondsmith. But it's not as one to one, there's some fuzziness in there. We dont know the number of Dawnshards though, just that one is different from the rest. :/
  12. My main issue is that you keep going back to passion, odium is 100% confirmed to be "divine hatred," not "passion." It's been a bit since I read OB (about a quarter of the way through WoR atm) so I don't recall exactly what kind of Voidspren Yixli is, but i dont feel passion is what Odium would be attracted to. That being said, Kaladin has shown to have plenty of hatred for those that harm the ones he cares about, so he could still easily attract one from that alone. Hating those that do dishonorable things... maybe that could lead to him ascending to both shards eventually?
  13. This article was insightful. My idea doesn't seem very plausible after skimming through it. I like the idea of using fabrials to replicate the natural Rosharan gemhearts though