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  1. poll

    I got to say shardspear ( because i'm darkeyes and love kaladin) or shardblade ( who doesn't love a good sword) but I'm very curious to know how a shardbow i mean I know that they require a separate string but does the spren split into 2 parts?
  2. Honor is dead... but i'll see what I can do Kaladin Stormblessed
  3. 83% SkyBreaker 80% Bondsmith 74% Windrunner 41% Stoneward 32% Elsecaller 15% Dustbringer All I'm getting from this id make a sick Knights radiant
  4. that may be true but it seems that they are attached to the oathpact on another level that even though they decided not to follow it they still are a part of it I mean jezrien even said as he was dying that it was different he expected that even though he is crazy and think he abandoned the oathpact that he would return as a cognitive shadow I guess what Im asking is at what level does the oathpact exist (spiritual cognitive or physical) and at what level are the consciously a part of it
  5. If the oathpact is not completely abandoned how come Nale is able to ignore his responsibility to defend roshar against odium even if the parshendi are the dawnsingers shouldn't the ideal given to him by god (honor) be the ultimate form of law superseding original rights of property?
  6. Hey Maelstrom thanks I have a question on oathbringer and am a little confused on where to post it without spoiling something
  7. Hey i'm new is it possible to get a copy of white sand and aether of night,