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  1. I've been thinking a lot about this and I think there is room for both Szeth and Vasher to become more than their pasts together in the story. Both are in service to others because of perceived evil in their past with a sword that can't percieve that evil being a companion to both. Nale showed Szeth a path out of darkness and it led to Dalinar. Now as Szeth overcomes his past he will bring others with him as we have seen the other radiant leaders do. I thought it could be the remaining Sadeas troops that end up being put under him to learn law and order. However, it could just be Vasher that he saves. I mean if Hoid got a spren, why couldn't Vasher?
  2. So I'm rereading OB and I'm coming across Szeth and his whisperers. Then Dalinar is only aware of his once he knows he should, after the memories come back. And the Singers are hearing their rhythms now that they are allowed the connection. How related are these 2? Is it a Rosharan thing? I know the rhythms "permeate" the cosmere and can be heard anywhere by listeners. What about Szeth? If he left roshar would the voices subside, or is his connection to the Spiritual real going to stick regardless of where he is? Are there any other instances where people are gaining this connection without extreme death dealing? If not, is this then of Odium? Or another shard of equal anti-hero ness?
  3. Well, that may continue until you get the female radiants walking around in storming shard plate. Once that happens and Brandom reveals that whole mechanic I feel like there will be another huge change in perception for women in Vorin ideal positions. Just with the female bridge man flying up in shard plate everywhere, jasnah walking about in her glowing plate, and I feel like it's going to be even more apparent that women can be the same tools of war that men can be. Regardless of religious and social norms. They are also fighting in the last desolation and for a lost Alethkar. There is room for the queen to start ordering forced enlistment or at least enforce training for women. I mean, Jasnah will do her own data supported thing and fighting Alethi women may be the easiest. Or at least filling out the support staff with women to free up the maximum amount of fighting men.
  4. I guess, what would the likelyhood be for Jasnah to come in and publish an argument that makes room for any woman to start learning the spear at least. To make war a feminine art as well maybe. Once it starts to fail, Jasnah would turn to the only society that we have seen do it so completely right, the parshendi and Rlain could have that huge opportunity to grow as humans rely on him for guidance.
  5. The widows and women of the Alethi camp are going to end up fight, loving, and standing alongside the bridge crews. I was trying to think of the ramifications of Jasnah being queen would mean for Alethkar and I fell into this thought. One proclamation stating that if any woman wishes to learn how to fight then seek out x. I made x the bridge crews because I feel like as a whole they could be more open and accepting. Imagine all the men learning to read from the woman and the bridge crews becoming this modern army that is the best as fighting, saving, protecting, and fostering hope among the world. Does anybody see an all women spear squad? I also thought about Rlain taking more of a leadership role and teaching the men and women how to fight as war pairs when lines break or as an invading force that gets separated with common soldiers backing them up.
  6. From the conversation with syl, when she said that there were some spren with 4 genders, the parsh/listener/singers ability to bond and morph predated Honor and Cultivation. That's not the only evidence, there was A WoB too.. but I cant find it. It would have been Adonalsium at that point though, preshattering.
  7. I just believe in experiencing everything for the One, not everybody can eat cookies so I must when i can. Also, what is an Ookla, why are there so many and your choice... are you secretly Verin? Everyone on the shard is Verin until proven otherwise to me. How do I put spoilers in? When are spoilers going to be an issue here?
  8. I would also like to add that while Kaladin took great strides to becoming a "light eyes" in Oasthbringer he still seems to only enter into the large meetings as a foil. To show the higher ups how the enemy and low class feel.that and protecting Heralds. Moving on to what could cause him to heal himself.. Maybe he is morphing into a protector of the land position and will be fully healed when he is chosen as the champion of the light and he accepts that he is more than what he sees himself as. Like, he does something huge in saving a large group of people and then he starts gathering a following that takes care of him and his mens needs. A cult? Off topic. I just get lost thinking about what could happen to make kaladin see that he is becoming more than just what he sees in himself. Maybe that involves everyone knowing th at the hero that everyone knows and loves has a slave brand. The continual upheaval of Alethi societal norms, especially now that slave work is everybody work.
  9. Ok, I will. Thanks. However, at far as new friendships we might see, I'd like gawx to get more growth. Plus, the evening radiant hangouts are getting larger and may turn into some form of the nobilities parties. All the power and prestige with all the peoples worship. Who wouldn't want to attend these gallahs of might and self journeying.
  10. As long as everyone else is doing it, I'm all in coach. However, my favorite book is Oathbringer because I love the journey. Still love adolin. Where is an appropriate thread to ship gawx and adolin as a teacher of commanding the courts and adolin just being a bro while training with Lift. Just the dynamic and likelihood. It would be funny. Especially if its established off screen and we kind of come in and Gawx is seriously taking pointers from adolin and shallow with Lift coming in with a bad one. Sometimes kaladin would be a part of it. Lift just bringing Gawx out to radiant meetings. Adolin training fighting an edge dancer savant fused. I don't think him becoming edge dancer could happen offscreen if it ever happens. Could it? Anyways, the Gawx and adolin ship, where would that go?
  11. *ate the cookie 4 replies ago. Where is it supposed to hurt? My ring finger toe on the left part of my soul hurts when it rains; or is it just more forebodeing added on to my already natural state of foreboding?
  12. Kaladin and Renarin are my favorite characters. Kaladin is just the best, with his achy breaky heart and a supporting crew that could take over the world.. Renarin is the most intriguing. I'm a diet, sorry but I must not, upon advice.
  13. Hello, I'm a long time consumer of theories and content on this 17th shard. I got started with WoT and Theoryland but was a high school senior when RJ passed and never felt like I had enough to offer the internet. I'm starting to just jump in on a lot of storm light topics. Then while waiting for a memory of light I read mistborn, elantris, war breaker and way of kings. I am all caught up on cosmere works with SA being my favorite, because of how he has nailed my personal battles with Mental illness. It was like a piece of me had been awakened and I have been forcing these books into as many people as possible since then. Where do I ask for dragon steel, aether, and all other unreleased material? Where can I learn the subtleness of the scadrial magic system? I have read all 6.5 mistborn books and cant talk about it as fluently as I have seen some. Thank you all, I genuinely love this online community and just want to be a part of it.
  14. Oh, nice! I guess I didn't search thoroughly. I was looking for religions and I got a lot of Dark One to sort through. I still get nervous posting here. But for me to put together a clean theory that could be accepted (in general, not just about this) what does that need to look like. We know Roshar predated the shattering and I want to theorize that outside of a parshendi/listener/singer religion then The One is the oldest religion on Roshar. The biggest piece of evidence would be two pieces of text, Evi explaining how to petition the one for change by using the Old Magic, but not through the Cultivation spren Nightwatcher. A He, which is likened to Adonalsium. Then the text about Old Magic not fitting the other magic systems on Roshar that is used for Renarin. Why its important? What is going to happen to Vorinism in a year, when book 4 takes place? The countries that follow this "pagan" religion are almost all following Odium, while all the vorin kingdoms are banded together fighting Odium. Will Odium strengthen their resolve and belief in their church to make them a much stronger/ passionate army? Will the Vorin church keep trying to hold on to their old ways after Dalinars Oathbringer comes out as the condemnation on Vorinism that it truly is. That there is no morality, no meat, and no meaning to the religion. What happens if Radiants pop up in the Ardentia? What if there is a small revolution and the information Jasnah and the radiants need about the Recreance comes out of the Vorin church, who destroyed it in the first place? Will the Heralds usher the end of the church or will they try to fix it. I just feel like we keep treating religion the way the books tell us to treat religion instead of the larger player that it really is/could be.
  15. I don't even know of a better name than following The One. But we know that Ash says refers to Adonalsium when she passes out at the end of OB. The way she talks while pregnant with Adolin made me feel certain that her pagan religion was referring to Adonalsium and Dalinar had his answer about god kind of right there in his flashbacks. I mean we are given such hard Vorin viewpoints and we know it's fake but still view the pagans as weird and crazy because our viewpoint does. At least I do. With the desolations it could be the oldest lasting religion alongside the passions.