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  1. This is why bees can violate all known laws of aerodynamics to still fly!
  2. Perpendicularity is a real word
  3. My teacher said if it is alive it is biotic, if it is dead it is abiotic. Meaning hair is abiotic since it is dead cells, but bacteria are not. So the question is do we consider the Stormfather/Spren to be alive.
  4. When in bio class we are discussing Biotic vs Abiotic factors in an ecosystem, and you begin contemplating whether or not the Stormfather (or spren in general) count as biotic or abiotic. If anybody has an answer to this, please let me know, because honestly I could argue either way.
  5. Nice. I first read The Way of Kings as part of a book project for school a few years ago, and we had to present a timeline of major events (using google slides), and my presentation was like 20 slides long while everyone else who didn't read epic fantasy had like 6 slides.
  6. Unless "in the recommended" is your way of saying "after I repeatedly recommend it," I am disappointed that you allowed your teacher to have to find it on their own.
  7. Did you mean to say "Please remain seated, and keep your Stormlight spoilers inside the spoiler box at all times, and enjoy your ride"?
  8. In fairness, societal instability can't exist if there is no society.
  9. I gonna start by saying that I didn't read the entire thread, but I do agree that an oath along the lines of "I will kill to protect" makes sense, especially given that if I remember correctly this was a question Kaladin pondered when his father talked about how there are two types of people, those who kill and those who protect (or something along those lines), and Kaladin asks what if you kill to protect. It just feels like it would be a complete circle. I did though skim some of the rest of this thread, and some of the other theorized 5th oaths look equally supportable.
  10. Minor WoR spoilers
  11. Light, not detailed, OB Spoilers (really not much of a spoiler at all, and nothing to do with overall plot, but I am putting it in a spoiler tag anyway)
  12. I think somehow nobody has mentioned this yet, but Dilaf attempted genocide against the Elantrians. That seems pretty evil. Now the argument that Dilaf's actions were not supported by Wryn doesn't seem right to me. Maybe Wryn wasn't directly for genocide against Elantrians, but I have seen no indication whatsoever that Wryn was against it. I also don't see evidence for the claims that Elantrians have consistently used their power for warfare in the past (I am not saying there isn't any, I just can't find it, so if you have it please supply it) – a lack of an Arlene army is not evidence for that, it is evidence that Arlene didn't need an army, which does suggest Elantrians were capable of defending themselves, but not attacking, or even that they consistently needed to defend themselves. Even if there was evidence, that would be an argument for old Elantrians not being good guys, not Fjordens not being bad guys. Other than that, I think most of the other arguments I would have made have already come up, so again, if there is more evidence for Elantris using their power's for warfare, please let me know.
  13. This is definitely one of the best things on this thread, and there are a lot of great things on this thread.
  14. Can we just have somebody photo edit Bernie Sanders with his mittens on to every cover? I'm not skilled enough in photoshop to do it, but somebody definitely should.