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  1. I am not sure if the blind man is the main character... I haven't read the first chapter, but will edit this post with commentary as soon as I do.
  2. With what we have seen of the story so far, I really don't feel qualified to say whether she should show up again, I think it would make sense, but we know so little that it is difficult to say
  3. Absolutely. Perhaps the best idea on this entire thread forum. On the topic of the poll, I am not really sure why you are asking us, and personally I don't feel qualified to have an opinion on that. We have had 5 pages of story so far, and know basically nothing of the overarching plot, and until we do know more, it is really up to you.
  4. Things I thought were good: Things I thought could be improved: (I am a naturally critical person, so I notice bad more than I notice good) On a different note, I am very curious as to where you plan to go with this story, and what the purpose of this piece in particular was, since it felt too detached to be part of the main story (more like a prologue used to introduce pieces of the plot). Thanks for mentioning me, and I am looking forward to more.
  5. Maybe I should finally go and create a signature... Edit: Nah... too much effort.
  6. When on a history final (DBQ portion on Hammurabi’s code) you find yourself quoting wind runner vows. And then become disappointed knowing that your history teacher won’t understand despite you convincing her to read the Way of Kings (which I don’t think she ever finished).
  7. Yes. Yes it is.
  8. No, it is definitely telsin.
  9. You know you're a sanderfan when you write in your history notes on how Medieval Knights didn't follow their code of chivalry "No wonder there aren't any spren anymore" Edit: That is actually really dark now that I think about it...
  10. I hate this question. Always. It really depends on what mood I am in. I think probably Oathbringer right now, but that is also the cosmere book that I most recently read in entirety, which tends to influence my opinions.
  11. I think Kidpen is on to something. Definitely is Telsin.
  12. Hoid (Why not start with the obvious one)
  13. Yemen (I think that was his name, either way, I mean the guy who was leading the rebellion in Mistborn).