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  1. I had no idea, I joined w/ like 5 mins left to save myself
  2. My reasons for choosing lum are not game relevant I assure you. It was a toss up in game, as, like you said, I was voting for self preservation. I figured out of game reasons were better than RNGesus
  3. "No. You human fool." The zombie points at Elandera "Pyramid inevitable. Omnipotent. Humans fear. Humans doomed. Pyramid consumes."
  4. "You, human" The zombie says, pointing at Ventyl "Zombie knows that look. Human hungers, yes? Perhaps Zombie can help?"
  5. Ok, so I'm still not super sure what's going on. I do know that a green dying is bad tho. If someone wants to PM me and get me up to speed now that I survived I would greatly appreciate it Edited for spelling. It's late and I was just drafted
  6. The zombie looks at Ian, then the other 7 zombies "Brains much better. And close brains are easy to hunt"
  7. "Mmmmmm. Peace. If fed. If not ..." The zombie gives you a toothy grin "Brains"
  8. "Pyramid grows. Inevitable. Time"
  9. I'm here now! I don't want to die, so Straw. Sorry mate, but I want to *play* this game
  10. We need to establish communication with the zombies sooner rather than later for sure. I was given milk and it did not help my hunger which is concerning, as my hunger is now at 1 and as such I can only take 2 actions instead of 3. My actions, tentatively, are to assist @I think I am here. in establishing communication, and exploring the barn next to the farmhouse. Mailliw, would you like to explain your "spying"?
  11. "Take someone with you, we don't know how many zeds there are. Plus Getting the leather, meat, and brains, not to mention killing it, may take more time (actions) than you think"
  12. Steven jabs at the zombie "Darn it! Another wound to treat." He looks at HH "No, I'm going to keep this one occupied. The group going for cow brains needs to kill, skin (for leather), and get the brains and meat from the cows." To the group at large "Does anyone have any medical equipment or experience?"
  13. I glare at Butt "I've got this, go get the brains and come back. Or better yet, Figure Out What The Message Means!"