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  1. Granted, from now on, you smell so bad, nobody else wants to even get close to you, much less hug you. I wish to understand everything and not explode my mind.
  2. Granted. You are invincible, however, you age at twice the rate you otherwise would. I wish for a million dollars.
  3. Granted. Your bane is that the flag is made of tissue paper. I wish to be successful.
  4. The music went from the top of his lungs to the bottom of his heart.
  5. Hello! Welcome to the Shard! Would you like a free Fortune Cookie? I can promise it’s spike free, only using ground chromium for that extra luck you may need!
  6. Awesome
  7. Dear Yule-Tired. Christmas time is a great way for you guys to come over and get some dinner. I’m not sure if you want to put away the boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes (okay siri you can stop) and now you want to do something fun. Yeah I’m going to try to find out if you have a problem with Christmas stuff or something. Sincerely, Siri. Dear Computer people. I seem to have voices in my head that won’t shut up! They just keep telling me to do stuff and I shove them in the back of my head but they always come back! What should I do about the head voices?
  8. Granted. You get Russia. Good luck sorting out all its issues! I wish I could make clones of myself.
  9. Granted. You are now a genie! The bad news is... you’re kinda... trapped inside a bottle... in the heart of the amazon rainforest... guarded by thousands of terrors known and unknown. But hey, you’ve got yourself to talk to! I wish to have lazer-vision.
  10. Granted. You are trapped inside, and slowly asphyxiate to death, as nothing can get in or out. I wish to be the best piano player in the world.
  11. Granted. Your bane is that the cheese seems to be extra moldy. You start seeing things that aren’t there and such. I wish for a printer that prints money.
  12. Ooh sweet that’s almost as good. Granted. However, you are now Cultivation’s puppet and must do everything she wants you to do. I wish for omnipotence.
  13. Granted. Your bane is that everything now tastes like cheesecake. So much so that you get sick of it. I wish to have fox tails.
  14. You.... ship... bumblebee...


    alrighty then.

    1. AonEne


      I regret nothing.

  15. This is getting out of hand, it should not be allowed to continue. Let us stop this at once. Cease all action.