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  1. Odium’s smile was so ugly that it permanantly scarred the pancake god’s mind.
  2. “you must mean my twin brother, Evel.” He says, confused
  3. Grenadine
  4. They held a funeral. Nightblood gave the eulogy.
  5. Granted. You can see, smell, hear, taste, and touch in the future. In fact, it seems like you live in the future, however, your body is in present time. You keep bumping into people after they bump into you once, you constantly feel like people say things twice, and bad tastes last twice as long. I wish to be able to change anything’s taste.
  6. He made a paper airplane, threw it out the window with the shoelace attached, and held on for dear life.
  7. Flying cars sound cool, but think of the fuel costs! and accidents in the air! Elon Musk is great though.
  8. For Hoid's Sake! and the kindle idea I did too. SO MUCH BETTER than carrying around a book the size of the dictionary. But then people don't ask why you're reading a book that big.
  9. EEEEEYYYYY But Somebody started trying, after all, Sombody was always there to help Everybody along.
  10. Granted. Your bane is that you now live in a world where logic doesn't work quite the same way. I wish to be able to disobey the laws of physics and stay alive.
  11. Oh no, I'm negatively surprised. A terrible thing has caused me to feel bad. It's not good, and it is detrimental to my health.
  12. Awesome! I’ll be watching anyways, but it’ll be cool. Of course, i dont know what face is yours, but I’ll hear you!
  13. Dementia
  14. Increase
  15. Consuming the ghanderflaffle’s favorite food...