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About Me

Hello! I’m Ink/Inksune/Inklingspren. I’m a jack of all trades, master of few. I love reading (duh). Video Games, LEGOs, some comics, hanging out with friends, and big fluffy hugs.

I REALLY like roleplaying. I'm in 12 (this is getting ridiculous.) different RPs and have 15 16 19 20 21 24 characters total on the shard alone. If you would like to join any, check out Knights of the Cosmere, Alleyverse (Proud member of TUBA. JOIN US!) Gotta Read em All (Pokemon). Fanwings, Writers Radiant, Game of Guilds, Volume One (RWBY) New World RP and a few others. (this has no observable effect on my mental health. yet.)

I ramble about things that I feel passionately about (lots of stuff) so don’t get me started unless you want an essay. (Totally joking. I do ramble sometimes though...)

I tend to be bad at theories, so don't expect any.

I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka Mormons or LDS church.

I roleplay a lot and you should join these if you’re interested.

RP characters:


Knights of the Cosmere


Quell is a Lerasium Mistborn of the Third heightening. He died attacking the Fulfilment. Location: the Beyond.

Feonna Reyna Sebrial is a Bestrian Aether with a wolf paw in place of her left hand. She pretends to be Vorin to hide this fact. Has a Nicrosil compounding medallion. Locaton: Quell's old lab.

Volume One: The Beginning.


Lucas Tarrian is a Panther faunus with a tail and claws. His semblance is Kinetic absorbtion. Location: Atlas airfield.

Writers Radiant: 


Cade is a Bookbinder of the second Ideal. He is broken mentally. Location: somewhere.



Elkanah is a nimbleform Singer, also an edgedancer of the 5th Ideal. He currently runs DIDGERIDOO

Tomek is a Rithmatist. He is currently in the Boundless worlds.

Ferrilus Wombert, aka Rilu is a Willshaper of the first ideal. He is somewhere.

Gotta Read em all (Pokémon)


Mazer is a human-turned eevee by a failed Team Nova experiment. He is in Lumiose city, along with the rest.

Coo is Mazer's starter, a Rowlet. 

Dusty is the first pokemon Mazer caught, a Mudbray

Cirrus inadvertantly, indirectly caused Mazer to become an Eevee, and has stayed with him since. She is an Alolan Vulpix.

Zoe is another human-turned-pokemon. She is a Goomy, and was found by Mazer.

Bubbles is Zoe's Froakie. He is currently held by Team Nova

Azura is Zoe's Riolu. She was captured by Team Nova with Bubbles.

Ash is Zoe's Flechender, she was captured by team Nova with the other two.



Ethan Grey, formerly Frostbite, was a high epic, before he gave up his powers. He still has motivators that mimic his powers, but they hurt him to use. Location: Connor's house.



Porpoise is an Animus seawing, though he doesn't like that. He is in Jade Mountain.

Julia is a wingless silkwing. She is being held by Inferno

Viceroy: Same as above.

Cliche Rebellion Rising.


Iso is a 13-year old farmboy. He thinks he is the Chosen One.

Borio Singaldi


Borio Singlaldi is a mysterious man, known for being aristocratic, and having a very fine mustache and cane

Game of Guilds


Wister, an Ent, designed as long range/scout.

Mission flight (Skyward):


Phadra, Callsign Phantom: poco pilot. Cocky and very good at manuvering in the sky. Socially awkward and quiet outside of her Poco. Has one leg slightly longer than the other.

Myths and Magi:


Name: Marvin Gustavson.

Age: 15 (5th year)

Personality: My irl personality (sarcastic, nerdy, likes to plan and be in-the-know, etc.)

Wand: 11 1/2 inches, Holly, Dragon Heartstring.

powers: Wizard, great in mostareas, but can’t aim well (~60% hit rate) Weak in herbology and history, Close to becoming a fox animagus (in secret)

house: Ravenclaw

Backstory: Muggle-born from London. Parents are a bit weirded out by the wizard thing, but are okay with it. Nothing tragic. 2 younger siblings, one possible being illegitimate (looks different than Marvin and the other, and has ADHD when none of the rest have it, *wink wink nudge nudge hint hint*) Marvin thinks she may be another wizard.

New world/Furry RP:


Name: Inksune(new) Brock (human)

Species: Anthro kitsune (5 tailed). Formerly human.

age: 15

gender: Male

Magic: elemental (fire water earth air and energy(similar to the Regrowth Surge) but has a limited amount he can use.

backstory: average furry teenager irl and avid roleplayer (me)

Personality: Mine/Marvins from M&M (I’m not very creative okay? Marvin is my ideal, Brock is me 100%)

Quirks/flaws: likes puns and bad jokes. Really likes hugs and snuggles. Jumpy and not always sure what to say. Bad at taking/giving compliments. Unsure of himself. easially stressed, likes to have his needs met, doesnt like to give his full effort.


Favorite things:


Color: Orange.

Shape: ~

emoji: <_<


Video game character: LUCAS (Mother 3), Sans (undertale).

Book character: DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE

Book: Same as above

Author: Brandon Sanderson (duh)

video game franchise: splatoon or pokemon. Smash bros is fun too

animal: fox. If we’re counting mythical, kitsune.

Movie: Avengers: Infinity War or The Empire Strikes Back.

Meme: now that’s a lotta damage (Flex Seal)

Song: Hopes and Dreams/SAVE the World, Minor Circut (Punch Out), Bomb Rush Blush smash bros remix, anything from Interstella 5555, The Dark World (smash)

Roleplay: ALL OF THEM.

Comic: Houspets! (

I’m also a proud furry, a person who is interested in the concept of anthropomorphic (human-like) animals, such as those in Lion King, Zootopia, etc.

My fursona (furry persona. A character that represents me): (V1 thanks to @(Shadow)Lord_Ookla