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  1. Welp, another day, another limitation on the shard... <_<

    So my parents aren't huge fans of me being on the shard during school (and I can see why...) and so now I probably won't be on weekdays from 8-3 (MST). 

    Also, my parents want me to spend more time writing my own thing and not "something that just gets lost in the cloud" so I may be doing that more instead of the shard. My dad doesn't like the shard at all, but my mom is okay with it cause you guys are all so great and it's my version of social media. So my mom offered me an idea. convince my dad to let me be on the shard and I can be on it more often. He's an analytical-minded person, and likes to have reasons why, evidence, proposals and counter-proposals.

    So, if you guys could help, give me reasons why the shard is good for me and why I should be allowed on it, I would appreciate it. So far I have "creative writing" (Shut down because I can write my own thing that could be published, which I should do too...) "good group of people" (viable, but not the strongest argument)

    My dad's are "it's addicting" "you spend too much time" "you focus too much on the furry stuff (THERE'S ONLY ONE MAYBE TWO ROLEPLAYS LIKE THAT AND MOST OF THE PEOPLE AREN'T AND IT'S A BETTER OUTLET FOR THAT STUFF THAN OTHER PLACES) and "You need to spend time with actual friends" (we usually only hang out on the weekends but my parents want weekdays, which usually doesn't work too well...)

    So if you have any ideas on why I should be allowed on the shard more,or a proposal for like "this much time on the shard, and I do (X)" or "after (X) I can have time on the shard"

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    2. Tesh


      Social interaction is overrated.

      But not only is this an amazing community, it's a community of readers. And readers are generally fairly intelligent people, (and generally very socially awkward, which makes this such a great place, where we can write down our responses and re-read then and stuff.... *cough* anyways...) and taking with intelligent people who all have a common interest can be a good way to pass time, instead of playing video games with real people. (I don't know what you would do with your friends).

      That wasn't a good argument, and i didn't write it well.


    3. Ashspren


      I mean, I’ve helped people with Spanish homework here...

    4. Vogelsang


      So is your dad just intimidated by a bunch of book nerds? What are we gonna do? Weaponize books?



      Storms, I think that's already been done before.

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