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  1. Happy birthday, Ink!

    1. Silva


      Happy birthday! ^_^

  2. Just wanna say, I got my mission call last night! August 15th I start home MTC, then am off to the Recife North, Brazil mission!
  3. You may. Thanks for reminding me of this old thing.
  4. YEE! And now both of us less cringe too!
  5. Awesome Bit! I’m still working on dr. Appointments before my papers, but super excited for you! My cousin went there too, and she loved it!
  6. My grandma passed last Thursday after a 13 month battle with brain cancer, and her funeral was today. She was one of the kindest, most upbeat, spiritual, and thoughtful people I’ve ever known, and she’s left a hole in my whole family’s hearts. The In-laws were her children too, she never passed a moment to spend with us grandchildren, and selflessly gave to help neighbors and friends through everything. I was really close (as were my 10 and 7 year old cousins), and I’m going to miss her for a long time… edit: I was looking through her scriptures and found a note dated a few months before her diagnosis saying Things to do before I go: 1: make sure grandchildren know they’re loved 2: help each grandchild to love the gospel 3: love [her husband] more and more each day 4: love my in-laws like my children 5: do things to build the Kingdom of Zion. and that just was what set me off… she was never thinking of herself, always other people and what she could do for them.
  7. Don’t be sorry! Whatever you are, you’re valid. I’m more apathetic towards my gender, and honestly, I don’t think it should matter too much. You be who you feel comfortable being! And I hope you figure out what you are. Shhhh this and The Click is where I get most memes from…
  8. Fixed. And actually all are me. (Mostly chaotic neutral for seating)
  9. hi everyone! Bisexual and… actually idk what I qualify for, but I don’t care what gender I am or people think I am, I usually go with male (he/him) cause that’s what I am biologically, but any pronouns or identities work for me. also Bisexual for me means i feel different about different genders, but still attracted to all. Guys, girls, and anything in between or outside of that. but after realizing I’m Bi I’ve felt a lot better about myself, feeling okay liking all genders. and BISEXUAL MEMES/relatable posts Last one called me out.
  10. For those of you who’ve played the game, what do you think? How about the final twist villain (no spoilers unless in box) and their fight? New forms? Other things? and also if you want you can show off your shiny collection. I have quite a few myself. (no spoilers, just lots of images of my shiny babies.)
  11. Yes! I’m a flex (play most characters) main, but I’ve been liking Hoopa and machamp a lot. I don’t ususally team but duos could be fun.
  12. just delete. I’m switching emails over and maybe changing the name back to Inklingspren
  13. Nevermind, found my old password, so that’s a garbage account! Still, I’m back!!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INK!!!!! You're an awesome friend and I really hope we get to hang out more; hopefully it's a good one!