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  1. MATH MATH MATH MATH and bacon.
  2. Granted, however, you forget surgebinding. I wish to be able to change into any creature I want
  3. A more funny, lighthearted mashup of most generes:
  4. How do Sweden and Norway get their ships registered? they...
  6. Oh man, that’s surprisingly accurate. I’m probably the 2nd on T-bone, but most of the others are the first edit: to this one beneath me. It got moved
  7. *hugs* Also, the reason you want to hug things you like a lot is because your brain doesn’t know how to deal with it so it wants to kill it by squeezing it to death. yeah...
  8. Nah, you’re wrong there
  9. Okay... me again. So last night my parents severely limited my shard time, and now they’re getting after me for bad grades. It’s the beginning of the term, one teacher lost an assignment, won’t let me redo it, and is marking it “missing” so I’ve got a C in that class, and I flunked 2/3 band quizzes, which was stupid, because I worked my tail off practicing, and so there’s and F in that class... and my parents are threatening to take away reading and shard over the weekend if I can’t correct both, which is stupid, because the missing assignment thing, and my band teacher is going somewhere tomorrow and friday, so... yeah... edit: I also have a math test on parobolas tomorrow, which I suck at. Also, why do I need to know this? And don’t say i’m not going to have a calculator because if I ever need to do something like this I AM going to have one, math teacher.
  10. Theyr’es a snek in me boot
  11. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be (and don’t say more wishes. Be creative) On a scale from 1 to 10, what would you rate Wayne, Lift, and Nightblood? If I have two apples and my friend has a pencil, that means, how many pancakes are on the roof? Who is the person you most look up to? Real and/or fictional? What’s your single favorite book? Comic? Movie? TV show? Animal? Flavor of Ice Cream? Sport?
  12. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  13. False. It’s a towel. It shows you’re prepared, so if you aren’t, you can ask for stuff and not look like you forgot it. also, the mold that grows on it provides sustenance at times.
  14. Watermelon or cantaloupe? if you could chose one flavor of ice cream to eat for the rest of your life, what flavor would it be? You have 3 wishes, and cannot gain anymore. What are those wishes?
  15. Brandon Sanderson is the pseudonym of a group of authors who all collaborate to write a mega-series. I’m semi-joking. Seriously. He’s insanely fast.