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  1. 100% Sad to know we are killing this earth, it's inhabitants, resources and each other and we're not gonna stop.
  2. Totally agree with point 3. The whole time they were traveling thru shadesmar I kept waiting for Adolin to approach his swords spren and try to connect and ask for forgiveness. I mean he always spoke to his sword before battle and duels now that he has an opportunity to speak to her in her real if dead form he just ignores her?
  3. NO i need closure nowwwww!
  4. Are we ok with Shallan's family supposedly being brought to the shattered plains safe and sound by the goastbloods not mentioned? Are we ok with the promise of 4th dahn lighteyes Kaldin getting land and moving his Mom & Dad to it just not happening? Are we ok with the fact that they repackaged crunch and munch in a bag instead of a box?
  5. You got serious feels if you felt bad for the enslaved of Fred & Wilma! Nice moves. At least they peddeled their own cars.
  6. Scarecrow & Mrs. King!?! Wow just wow. You're amazing!
  7. Help me out here, this whole part 3 reaction thread keeps bringing up Vivenna. Did I miss something or is this a blatant "other book" spoiler that is totally messing with me? Not ok...well it's kinda ok because now it's got my interest peaked.
  8. Done, end of thread, no opinions, no debating.
  9. So just a quick thought about fabrials. In OB we see Navani create or at least commission a watch for Dalinar. The gauntlet has a watch, a high storm watch and a pain fabrial which will reduce or remove pain from the wearer. Later near the end of the book as Thaylen City comes under attack Navani reflects on the possible creation of a fabrial that will repel exhaustion. It has been implied; possibly confirmed, that fabrials are created by imprisoning a spren in a gemstone and powering it with stormlight. Sounds familar to me... dunt dunt duuuunnnnn The Infinity Gauntlet!! Powered by Soul Gems this is the ultimate BA fabrial. What combination of spren could be trapped to make the ultimate fabrial in the cosmere? Could glory spren combat exhaustion or depression? Is there growth spren for healing? So many possibilities. Last note concerning fabrials and this is actually a topic for a separate thread but what total dicks men are. Not only are we the void bringers but we enslave spren to make appliances!?
  10. Hi

    You're right they are all great and if I've learned anything from my intro into this mans mind Sanderson will not disappoint. Thanks
  11. Hi

    Thanks! Yes stormlight is the only series so far. I can't wait for the rest of the books but it appears there's plenty of cosmere to keep me occupied until they drop. Beyond Edgedancer any must read suggestions? Dalinar!! What a complex mess of a man. Vicious killer, drunk, bastard, noble, good man, crazy, weak, strong, tortured, afraid, leader, genius. Love that guy. I understand the next couple books may focus on Szeth & Eshonai. I hope they hold my attention, I like them but I'm just so invested in the Kolins, Kaladin & Shallan that when we sidebar into their stories I'm just waiting for the book to turn back to the crew. Do you know what I mean?
  12. Hi

    Hi all, So a few months ago I needed to burn a few audible credits and I stumbled upon WoK. I can't remember if it was a freebie or it just seemed free because the length of play was only 1 credit. I pulled it down half expecting to not have the patience for such an epic tome. Almighty above, what an amazing find. I burned thru WoK and then WoR and I've only got a few hours left of OB which upon finishing I will probably start them all over again. Love the Cosmere, this Sanderson fella can really spin a tale. Anyway, great site, Thanks for all the content, I've been poking around on here for a while and thought I would say Hi.
  13. Taln's Palms! this is good work