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  1. Hello! While I was doing scripture study, (I'm LDS) something huge hit me! I realized that in Doctrine and Covenants 130, it has a lot of things that are extremely reminiscent of things seen in Oathbringer. For example, it mentions in verse seven a "sea of glass and fire." This sounds exactly like the cognitive realm, where the sea was made of glass beads (objects) and fire (souls). This was very peculiar to me, but connections go even deeper. Take verse eight for instance "The place where God resides is a great Urim and Thummim" In Hebrew, Urim and Thummim means "light and perfections." This blew my mind, because the spiritual realm is where stormlight comes from and where everything is the perfect version of itself. These are the only connections I've made so far, but I think there might be more. I really like this stuff and it gets me really excited! Does anyone else have any ideas about other connections to LDS or thoughts?
  2. I think my favorite character might be Lift from Stormlight. Oh yeah, and could I have a muffin instead? I like blueberry, but lemon poppy seed is good too. Annnnnd pretty much any other kind of muffin.
  3. Thanks! I was just about to give my breath away and take a cookie! I kinda like cookies... Btw, thanks for the feedback! I hope it helps and, if you want it, I could post the recipe here or something.
  4. I've done quite a bit of reseach on this, as I am an aspiring cook. I have lavis grain narrowed down a bit, and have some loose ends that I should tie up, but I don't know how. First off, worming actually gives us a hint. The worms like sugar, and the sugar content in grapes makes them an ideal fruit for wine. But, lavis cannot be grapes, because it is a grain, not a fruit. However, perhaps the reason the worms like sugar is more of an addiction. The fermentation process of grapes consists of yeast consuming the sugar and turning it into alcohol. So, I thought that this made sense, because Roshar's atmosphere has a high oxygen content, it must have less CO2, which plants need. Fermentation, as a byproduct, produces CO2, so I thought that this would help the plant grow. Worms would like sugar because it produces alcohol for them to get drunk on, and lavis polyps would have developed it to survive. I was so confident in this theory, I actually made a recipe out of it. But then, oathbringer came out. SPOILER ALERT from here on out. Sapphire wine is made from fermented lavis grain, and it tastes like, and I quote, "Nutty taste with hints of honey." The only alchohol that I could find with this description is a fermented rye based drink. So, I think lavis could be a real-world equivilant of rye. Could I get some feedback?