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  1. Hey it seems that we had joined Shard around the same time!! Had you decided to join after reading OB??

  2. Currently reading Fool's Errand by Robin Hobb. For some reason I think her books aren't discussed nearly as much as they should be in the fantasy community. Anyone else agree with this?
  3. To be clear, this isn't my original theory. I found it recently while going down a rabbit hole on the Stormlight Archive reddit. I really liked it and saw it wasn't being discussed here so i thought I would put it out there. I apologize that I don't have the link to the original source, I honestly couldn't find it again when I went looking. I also don't have exact quotes from the book but I will do my best. So it chapter 44 of Oathbringer, Shallan as Veil is in a bar with Red, Gaz, and Vathah while Ishnah is training them to become spies and informants. They do an exercise where they are given a short time to memorize details about people in the bar. When its her turn, Veil describes several people in great detail, one of which is a woman at the bar who is wearing a Thaylen style dress but isn't Thaylen herself. She is also wearing bright colors, green and violet I think. Veil says this woman seems to be flirting with the men, but is doing it playfully like she is not completely serious. She keeps looking around the bar like she is looking for someone. Fast forward to chapter 112, we have Kaladin's flashback remembering when Tarah left Amaram's army to go work as a scribe. Kaladin remembers her as liking to wear an older style of Thaylen dress even though she wasn't Thaylen. He also said she liked to dress in bright colors, colors that couldn't usually be afforded by a darkeyes. They talk about how she thinks its funny to outfit the young, new recruits to the army because they get flustered and think she is making a pass at them when she takes their measurements. So we have an Alethi woman who like to dress in Thaylen dresses and bright colors playfully flirting with men and possibly looking for someone in bar frequented by soldiers. I am convinced that this is yet another example of Brandon being incredibly sneaky with some foreshadowing. So if this is in fact Tarah, how much does she know about Kaladin's story since they separated and what will be her role in the the books going forward? I would love to hear your thoughts.
  4. I like the guy who does Aladdin in the new movie. Can't remember his name and haven't actually seen the movie so no idea if he is a good actor or if he could do a depressed Kaladin but I think he looks the part in my mind
  5. I have been away from the Shard for awhile but on returning this was the first thread I checked. Still amazing! Glad to see it is still going. Might I offer a suggestion? We have had the Tournament of Champions, why not try a Redemption Round? Bring back participants with their original characters who were fan favorites but did not win? Just a thought
  6. @Ashspren sign me up as a pinch hitter. Like Zath said above, if you want to start the tournament soon but don't have enough you could probably talk me into being a full participant, but where I was in the last one I want to give others the chance if they want
  7. It is my pleasure to present the first rap of the second tournament. Beware the OB spoilers
  8. Its not much, but here is a WOB that confirms the gemstone is indeed a topaz and has magical properties
  9. I have been a huge fan of this thread so far so I decided to give it a try. @Ashspren Sign me up as Pattern if there is still a spot open
  10. I have to agree with you here, I really am looking forward to the ending of Wax and Wayne, but still can't complain about his writing choices. Brandon is great in regards to putting something out in a timely fashion and giving steady updates to his fans, even if the updates are exactly what I would like to hear. I am just glad to know that progress is being made on something. It is a lot more than I could say about certain other authors that shall remain nameless.
  11. Hello everyone! I have come to you very creative and artistic people on this wonderful website with a proposition and a small contest. Not only am I an avid Sanderson fan, but I am also the team captain for a combat robot team at Utah State University. Our team will be coming to a national competition in September and we want awesome t-shirts! So here is the competetion: design a really cool shirt. I am leaving the rules vague because I know there are some super creative people out there and I want to see what you come up with. I do, however have some guidelines/suggestions. 1. We would like to use the name of the school in some form (USU or Utah State of Utah State University) 2. We would like to use the color scheme of navy blue, gray/silver, and white. However, if you have a super cool idea that uses other colors, go for it. 3. I will soon post pictures of the two robots we will enter into the competition. Use them however you want or not at all. 4. Please use the phrase "combat bots" over "battle bots." Battle bots is copyrighted by the discovery channel TV show. 5. Please do NOT use the school symbol found on our athletic uniforms or the Aggie's mascot, Big Blue, as these are copyrighted by Nike. I'm fact I don't think we can have anything resembling bull horns. Please submit your designs before next Saturday, August 11th. I, along with the rest of my team will choose our favorite design. I will gladly send the winner the shirt they designed. Finally, I did review the rules for the site before posting this and I believe it is ok, but if I have accidentally broken any of them, I sincerely apologize and will accept the swift justice of the moderators. I also believe this is the proper place for this, but if not I again apologize. EDIT: Ok that took longer than I thought but here are the pictures of our robots.(Spoilered for size) First off we have our smaller three pound bot, affectionately called Baba Yaga. And now the larger 30-lb robot. We haven't officially decided on a name here but the front runners are S.T.E.V.E., Bjorn Ironsides, and the Blackthorn. Again all of this information (with the exception of the copyright stuff) doesn't necessarily have to be used. Another quick note, the shirts can have printing on the front and back, but leave some room on the back for us to recognize our sponsors. I am really excited to see what you guys come up with!
  12. Yes olives on pizza. I am not picky at all when it comes to my pizza toppings unless it involves seafood. If not us, who? Approximately 10 diamond chips, but I know I guy who get it for you for three Live 20 years for sure That is an excellent question that I feels deserves a good, thoughtful answer. I am going to go with Innovation but that may or may not change upon personal introspection. I certainly am. You get 11.661903896906 dusky heralds
  13. 1. Which is faster, to New York or by bus? 2. What is the capital of Assyria? 3. What is the difference between a duck? 4. Who is your favorite character from Warbreaker and why is it Lightsong?