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  1. Wow!! That's around 35000 words of awesomeness so far!! And I haven't included the interludes we have from steel hunt and the readings and youtube videos!! If they post more chapters we are going to end up having over 20% of the book before Mar 4th!!
  2. Is it just me or is the twitter feed down again?
  3. Scary thought! But if you notice there are a lot more swords and armor than spears and leather in the pile of bodies.....I think they are mostly of light-eyed soldiers in that heap......at least I hope so. It would suck if Szeth slaughtered bridge four. Also, did anyone notice the weird sketch in Brown of the creature(?) with the strange hair(?), domed skull, angular face and rather pointy ears? Some kind of new creature or was that an attempt at a hitherto unknown parshendi form??
  4. The book still seems to revolve a lot around Shallan and Kaladin. I know this was expected but still I had hoped to see a lot more of Eshonai and Jasnah. The problem is that a lot of the important characters are all at (or soon will be at) the Shattered plains - Kaladin, Shallan, Jasnah, Dalinar, Adolin, Szeth, Eshonai. This makes me think that unlike tWoK this book is going to be more about advancing the plot line than world-building (world-building is difficult if all characters are in the same place). But of course its possible that worldbuilding all happens in the flashback scenes. I can't wait to get my hands on the book!
  5. Looks like you are looking for something different from the usual fantasy fare........So you want something other than epic fantasy? Try these: 1. Guy Gavriel Kay writes brilliant historical fantasies, almost all his books are superb and different from the usual stuff 2. Watership Down by Richard Adams: Awesome book!!, The description may sound like a childrens book, and it probably is a childrens book but its well worth the read 3. You could also try Neil Gaiman, I have read only American Gods and that was quite good. 4. The Night circus by Erin Morgenstern and The magician by Lev Grossman: Both are good books with a very different setting 5. You could try Dune series if you are interested in a science fiction/fantasy (its more science fiction though) 6. If you want to try some YA: Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus Trilogy is an excellent read ; Garth Nix's Abhorsen trilogy is one of the best fantasies I have read. 7. If you want something similar to Mistborn but in a different setting, you could try Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan.
  6. "Shalig-nar" sounds close to "Yelig-nar" (Unmade)?? Skaa reached the conclusion that the 'name' was an Unmade without listening to the audio (that is my assumption). It might make sense.
  7. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11zLjKT0JSSw0oKZ-nQxEpQLHSVO6v_vZkfOt2gp-LoU/edit You usually find these in the Events, Signings and stakings section of the forum.
  8. I have been luking around on these forums for more almost year now and I did not know about this Alethi handwriting........Great idea, Kurkistan and thank you Morsk for sharing that tidbit with us......
  9. It is possible that the Alethi-looking man is a Herald. The reason why I say this is because the Heralds are not easily identifiable as being from any part of Roshar. For example, in the interlude 7 , Baxil seems to have a difficulty identifying Shalash's race ( I am assuming that Shalash is the one vandalizing property......a reasonably good theory). We also know that more than one herald has already been seen in tWoK. I know this is a WAG, but it sounds plausible??
  10. Maybe there is a gateway in the shattered planes leading to urithiru? I think it is safe to assume that there is one of these mysterious "usual route" to the our annoyingly elusive city in Natanatan, given that it was one of the silver kingdoms??
  11. Undoubtedly his best short novel so far.....The plot pacing was fantastic, on par with Jim Butcher atleast!! Finished the novel in a single sitting. And interesting tidbits on realmatic theory too. The magic system though seemed a mish-mash of other systems.....it had a bit of soulcasting, some awakening(the skeletons), some Elantrian Aon-Dor.
  12. It's so frustrating living in the non English speaking world!! I have to wait for the e-book to read it.....I am going mad waiting for the kindle version to be released!!
  13. Thanks for pointing out the error, my bad. Maybe it has something to do with the element he is keeping safe?
  14. Hoid time travels, which means he has to have the ability to see the future to some extent for him to arrive at important events in different planets. So either he is a sliver with the ability to divine the future (as seeing into the future is a shardic ability), or his magic (lightweaving) has other uses or like Brandon said....."He is something else".
  15. Hi Mr Sanderson! Thanks for doing this!! I am glad you are taking time out to do this... 1. We know that there are 10 orders of Radiants and 10 different powers, with each order having access to 2 of them. Any reason why this "class restriction" exists (they are lot more combinations possible with 10 powers)? 2. How is Harmony balanced when a part of Preservation's power is expended on human sentience? Isn't that what caused all the trouble to begin with? 3. You have told us there are more than 30 magical systems on Roshar. I am assuming there are 10 surgebindings and 10 voidbindings. Do the next 10 belong to another such classification? If yes, can you give us the name for it. 4. If I used a hemalurgic spike charged with allomantic powers on a person on say Nalthis, will the focus of allomancy change because the power is being used on another planet?