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  1. I really like Rlainarin! It isn't too hard to say for me at least haha
  2. Hi! I heard we are having an Adolin trash meeting, so I had to come. but really I’m just here to say that that announcement was great and it made me very happy and it means a lot to me personally.
  3. If you want to bring some crazy world hopping into it Mistborn and Seeker mistings may be able to hear the Rhythms
  4. It might be a good option, but I think Brandon is pretty focused on live action for now...
  5. I do think this is true, but I think there is also danger to even those who go along with their shards. I've always gotten the impression that Tanavast was very Honor-y but he was still influenced by the shard enough to think that the Heralds would never break their pact, so I think even if you don't fight it the shard will change your personality with time.
  6. I LIVE for this! This is my headcanon now!
  7. It is difficult, but we know they have ways of doing it because one of the Hoed in Elantris made it out and through to join the Ire
  8. The best part about Brandon plot holes is the way he uses unreliable narrators to do lore dumps. Like if the Stormfather ever says something wrong he can just chalk it up to the character being wrong haha
  9. And he's also like kinda innocent and I love him? I think he's funny and terrifying at the same time which just shows Brandon's Genius!
  10. This is probably off base, but it could have been caused by like some inadvertant mixing when D and D were splintered.
  11. True... in that case I would call it a draw. TLR can't destory Hoid, but I really doubt Hoid could kill TLR unless he got really lucky like Vin.
  12. Nightblood. He's crazy intense and dangerous and i'm always anxious when he is in a scene because you never know if someone is going to be accidentally vaporized
  13. I don't know... If TLR like incapacitated Hoid and was able to spike some of his spiritual powers out of him he might be able to kill him or at least cause very serious permanent damage
  14. Very interesting theory! My gut feeling is that they aren't related, but you never know with Brandon. Good catch!