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  1. The shardpool that he used is a Splinter, I believed.
  2. I think Aluminum is an investiture sink because of something in its spiritweb.
  3. Do we have evidence that he was human
  4. The Listerner's sense to hear the rhythms.
  5. Question: If we somehow gave Nightblood allomantic powers, once he started burning could he keep draining even after runnig out of metal because of his other properties.
  6. I think bronze can't sense Feruchemy because it's "quieter" like how lightweaving is "quieter" then windrunning
  7. I have a fan theory that Highspren choose radiants that can reach the third oath but don't understand enough about what the oaths are trying to teach to reach the fourth oath.
  8. I would prefer is another Windrunner passes Kaladin on screen
  9. Awaken things can fly the example was in Oathbringer
  10. Because it's close to future sight. Imagine if you could see and hear everything anywhere, and then you used that to create super predictions.
  11. It's a mix between the WoB and hemalurgy table. The WoB that says that you could spike anywhere, but if you don't get a bindpoint it would just be junk spiritweb that you couldn't use, and the table tells us spikeing someone with aluminum destroys all of their powers.
  12. Illumination allows you to control any type of wave and anything that can behaves like a wave sometimes, waves follow some transformation of a sign graph so an Lightweaver could create actually waves out of water Transportation is the surge of transportation and motion. They can give water motion and make waves.
  13. Illumination can create waves and Transportation can just add motion to the water.
  14. I'm predicting sometime between era 3 and era 4 there will be a mass hunting of mistings and ferrings purging scadrial of the bloodlines. I think the more important question is if you don't hit a bindpoint do you still kill the persom and remove their powers.
  15. They're not related. First both events happened across at least one ocean away. And there is only 10 years or less between the two stories.
  16. When you shatter a shard, you got to do it at the focus of the shard, the mind of the shard. Also Dominion and Devotion were only forced into the Cog. Realm after they were shattered.
  17. I kind of feel like a shard of Divine Intervention would be a double shard of Cultivation and Endowment or just one of them by themselves.
  18. AonDor depends on Connection. You can't become an Elantrian if you don't have a Connection to Arelon, Teod, and the other country that Galladon's from. Elantrian can make a stamp, that's what Elantris, the city, is one giant huge stamp. They can't normally create a soulstamp but someone from Maipon and also has the scepter could create soulstamps in Arelon.