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  1. The shardpool that he used is a Splinter, I believed.
  2. I actually think Nahel Bonds with singers were always possible, they just didn't do them for some reason. Maybe something to do with why Venli's spren can only speak thru the rhythms.
  3. I think Aluminum is an investiture sink because of something in its spiritweb.
  4. Spren never truly die, they just kind of of forget themselves.
  5. Do we have evidence that he was human
  6. Perfect Gems are more than just certain proportions. There is something special about them
  7. I'm pretty sure any shard beside Preservation, can use the spikes and holes fro communicating.
  8. The Listerner's sense to hear the rhythms.
  9. Question: If we somehow gave Nightblood allomantic powers, once he started burning could he keep draining even after runnig out of metal because of his other properties.
  10. I think bronze can't sense Feruchemy because it's "quieter" like how lightweaving is "quieter" then windrunning
  11. I have a fan theory that Highspren choose radiants that can reach the third oath but don't understand enough about what the oaths are trying to teach to reach the fourth oath.
  12. I would prefer is another Windrunner passes Kaladin on screen
  13. Awaken things can fly the example was in Oathbringer
  14. Such a cool map