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  1. My mind just keeps coming back to falcon having a vote manipulated off them, saving them from the lynch. The moving a vote to someone else was a heritage specific role. This is removing a vote entirely and i have to wonder if its the elims version of it. Makes me wonder if Falcon was an elim being protected
  2. Uh oh. 9 players left. If we have another cycle of two dead heritage this game could be over very soon. Anyone else scared right now? ---------------------------- Edit to not double post ---------------------------- Cycle 2: Amber Vulture was lynched! They were the Head Arbiter of the Heritage Faction Mint Heron was killed! They were a member of the Heritage Faction Vote Count: Chartreuse Penguin (1) - Cream Tuatara Mint Heron (0) - Mauve Crocodile Azure Mouse (1) - Amber Vulture (1) - Charcoal Hyena Amethyst Scorpion (1) - Coral Swan, Chartreuse Penguin Magenta Albatross (1) - Azure Mouse Cycle 3: Amethyst Scorpion was lynched! They were a Rememberer for the Heritage Faction. Fuchsia Ostrich was killed! They were a Striker for the Heritage Faction. Vote Count: Amethyst Scorpion (4) - Chartreuse Penguin, Coral Swan, Cream Tuatara, Magenta Albatross Chartreuse Penguin (2) - Fuchsia Ostrich, Indigo Weasel Emerald Falcon (2) - Mauve Crocodile, Melon Dingo Cycle 4: Chartreuse Penguin was lynched! They were a member of the Heritage Faction Charcoal Hyena was killed! They were a member of the Heritage Faction Vote Count: Chartreuse Penguin (2) - Emerald Falcon, Melon Dingo Emerald Falcon (1) - Chartreuse Penguin, Mauve Crocodile Mauve Crocodile (1) - Cream Tuatara ---- So we have Vulture, Scorpian and Penguin who died to lynch. My question concerning these are who survived because the lynch went in their favor? Vulture: seems like a big tied lynch there. Could be that they were all heritage in that lynch, we already looked into the vote manip and didn't come up with anything it seems. Scorpian: penguin and falcon were also up- penguin we know now was heritage, could this reflect on falcon at all? Penguin: was up against falcon, who had a vote soothed off. This is making me feel a little sus of falcon right now. And Heron, Ostrich and Hyena who got elim killed. My question for these is why them? Are they just options that we learn very little from? Or did their votes get too close? Curious on anyone elses thoughts on this.
  3. Well. There werent any vote shenanigans this cycle. And we keep losing people with roles. Has to make me wonder if people are pming the wrong people and sharing too much information, or if we're just plain unlucky. Edit: @Melon Dingo This makes me think that the arbiter was a heritage only role, but the other two can be any alignment
  4. Could just be a factor of not having any emotional conections to the person. There's no "oh I don't want to kill that player because I haven't played with them in forever" or "But most games they're a useful and talkative player, they're worth sparing for a cycle!" Well an inactive lynch could give us plenty of information if we happen to hit an emilinator with it, and they get defended or if we hit a hidden role and get to learn interesting things we didnt know. I feel like people may be waiting to see what happens this cycle before going for serious lynches- how many kills, any vote shenanigans, and what roles are revealed, etc
  5. And the game has begun. Best of luck to everyone as this chaos shrouded in mystery progresses. Should be a fun game! The fact that the rules talked about eliminating threats against your faction, rather than just eliminate the other faction, definitely leaves it open for neutrals. And I note that there's an odd number of players. Though you could certainly argue if one faction has more hidden roles than another faction, the numbers don't have to be even. Of course we can't say for sure how everythings balanced, if theres hidden things or not, but it's certainly an interesting thing to consider.
  6. If you're planning to allow Utility Company to win, then the game will almost certainly end tonight. Do you plan to stand in the way of GLaDOS and the other faction that could win tonight? Is it actually possible for your faction to win tonight with the aid of other factions?
  7. I'm fairly sure that your faction is one cycle away from victory, but I'm not at all sure how your faction can be prevented from winning.
  8. If GLaDOS is one of the two factions one cycle away from winning, I'm not sure we can stop them, especially now that players can submit orders for inactive faction members. We don't know all their members, so whoever has Ruin can just pass the Shard to Rhinoceros, or Kangaroo(Note that I'm not sure either of these are in GLaDOS), or some other player unconnected to their faction and submit a kill order on their behalf. Even if all the Returned(except Chameleon) coordinated to suicide-roleblock potential Ruins, they still might not succeed. Even if they did succeed, that blocks one win condition for one cycle, and the other faction could still win. I've been getting a bit concerned that there's a faction with a planet creation wincon, as First of the Sun might be only one turn away from being created. It would need three Shards contributing, so I'd like to publicly ask whether any Shards from factions that don't have a win conditions involving planet creation have Invested in First of the Sun.
  9. Mouse(5): Albatross, Toucan, Tuatara, Elephant, Scorpion Weasel(5): Zebra, Mouse, Heron, Ostrich, Dragonfly Tuatara(2): Falcon, Weasel Weasel, to prevent Mouse from needing Devotion's protection. Toucan and Tuatara's votes for Mouse were in self-preservation, while Albatross and Elephant are looking to advance their win condition, but why are you voting for Mouse @Amethyst Scorpion? Your faction member Crocodile seemed very concerned about GLaDOS's win condition, while you are actively helping them achieve it. Tuatara is not going to be lynched at this point, so that shouldn't be a factor.
  10. Tuatara(3): Falcon, Zebra, Weasel Mouse(3): Albatross, Toucan, Tuatara Toucan(1): Mouse If we're not lynching Tuatara, there's a lot of people who would have to remove their votes. While there's no reason to lynch Toucan, I can say that lynching Mouse would be bad for almost everyone. Last night, Mouse was protected by Devotion, which means that an attempted lynch will bring GLaDOS one giant step closer to victory, assuming we're right about their win condition. If they're willing to expose their membership by actively pursuing a Mouse lynch, it would mean that GLaDOS is uncomfortably close to winning. I don't really have any great lynch alternatives, though. Would anybody like to suggest one?
  11. Why would Lion being lynched have been something Hidden Garden agreed to? If Hidden Garden wanted to send Odium to your faction, it would have been so much easier and less fatal for Lion to have just passed the Shard to a representative from Joe Cloud. It's a bit of a risk for Dominion as well, but I can't see any particular reason for you to murder Dominion with a Mistborn; that doesn't seem to gain you anything. Can a Shattered Shard be Fused with a whole Shard to create one whole Shard? If either Hidden Garden or Joe Cloud has a Feruchemist, they could provide protection for Odium's Vessel. Supposedly, Albatross's faction has already done whatever they need to do with Joe Cloud, but it still might not be a good idea to let them provide protection.
  12. Feruchemists can protect people, and Tuatara claimed that their survival was due to being given an extra life by a Feruchemist. If they've saved a member of GLaDOS, Joe Cloud, and Hidden Garden, they need to get a member of Utility Company, and a member of our faction for full victory. If Toucan was attacked, that means that they can likely pick which factions they want to protect, rather than all the living factions, as Heron could easily have been attacked and saved this past night. I believe they also protected Axolotl at some point, as Weasel was very sure that Axolotl would survive the lynch D4. What doesn't make sense is that Ruin then attacked Axolotl on Roshar, where Feruchemical protection is hard to come by. Additionally, if they get notified when their win condition i advanced, I would have expected them to murder someone from N2 onwards. Tuatara on N2, ??? N3, Axolotl N4, ??? N5, Toucan N6. Was anyone attacked night 3 or 5?
  13. Since Chameleon wasn't Devotion after all, it appears that was just another lie Axolotl told to gain Joe Cloud's support. Since Joe Cloud didn't start with Odium, and almost certainly does not have a win condition that involves Shattering Shards, I'm a bit concerned about why it appears they're targeting Shard holders. This is interesting, and unexpected. What kind of ability allowed you to gain this information?
  14. The thread identified and tried to lynch members of both factions that attempted to help Axolotl. Neither Joe Cloud nor us wanted to have one of our members be lynched, and since the *only* viable alternative was from the other faction, neither side was willing to back down. Now that everyone knows who we are, we can likely avoid future conflict, joining everyone else as proud members of the "People Axolotl lied to" club. Or maybe we want to tear each other apart while every other faction looks on in morbid fascination, that's also a possibility. We were told that Hoid's could use a day action to target a player. If that player passed a Shard during that cycle, either day or night, the Shard would be rerouted to Hoid. We are not sure how this would work with Shade!Axolotl, if indeed Axolotl was turned into a Shade. Is this action just illegal? Can a dead player hold Shards? Would any Shards stolen in this manner be immediately rerouted as if Axolotl had died holding that Shard? Opinion is split.