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  1. "I wish I could call that thing the least of our problems right now, but who knows what kind of damage interfering with the flow of time could do." Ivory looked around, but there was no clear trace of the rogue fabrial as far as he could tell. "If you see the fabrial again, inform Jasnah. She should be able to dispose of it. And more importantly, no one will be allowed to stop her when she does that."
  2. Ivory shivered as he tore his gaze away from the area that seemed to hold klade's attention. "Pick what up, klade?"
  3. Even though the one that tried to attack you has been killed, while the one that attacked the Kholins is still out there? Is there a reason you suspect that you're not safe yet?
  4. This is actually what makes me suspect that there might be a non-player effect killing people. It'd be nice to confirm things one way or another though (either by everyone getting solid alibi's, or the person involved in the killings finally slipping up or getting scanned). Btw, does anyone know if any of the dead Kholins had items that would particularly stand out?
  5. Regarding Ash, she hasn't logged in for the last week, so I think we can safely rule out her involvement.
  6. Orlok, next time I earn one of those, could you turn it into one of those nice RAFO cards, please . Anyway,a s a consequence of this, I'd really like to ask everyone that doesn't currently have a plan to action-spy on someone? That way we should be able to figure out the killers, or rule out the presence of a killer pretty quickly.
  7. It seems odd for him to accuse Adolin blindly, when there where several other candidates that could have been trying to kill him (Jasnah, you), so it seems reasonable to me that he did indeed submit an action spy. I really do wish that @SE_Klade would drop by to share some of his recent activities with us, though.
  8. That was the cycle she claimed she failed to submit an action at all, so that would explain that outcome. I actually checked the information I stated in that quote with the GM's when I started to suspect Ialai. @SE_Adolin_Kholin, have you considered the possibility yet that killing all the Parshendi will actually trigger the desolation? As for other ways to deal with and confirm threats, roleblocking has better base odds than attacking, so why didn't you try to roleblock Klade for a cycle to see if that stopped the kill? After all, you seem to think he's working alone, so that could have proven it with less risk to yourself than a kill would pose.
  9. Jasnah suggested killing him last cycle and Ialai suggested he might have been responsible for killing the Kholins, so I really don't see how he'd figure you would have been the one to attack him without an action spy. However, @SE_Klade, it might be a good idea if you explained why you decided to action-spy on Adolin in the first place.
  10. You haven't explained how Klade killed Navani while action-spying on you, though. I understand the argument you're making, but if you can't explain how the one remaining person in your POE committed on of the murders, your POE is faulty. As for other people, Tearim can't be ruled out, and Ialai only has a solid alibi for cycle 9 (on which only Eshonai died), as participants in a combined action still get told they succeeded, even if the person submitting the action decided to do something else, but if the main action-submitter is roleblocked, everyone gets told their action has failed. Given that Adolin backing out would explain why Ialai's goal kept failing, I'm not certain on Ialai one way or another. @Orlok Tsubodai (and/or other GM's) do effects exist in this game that could kill without player intervention?
  11. And because you brought up what happened 'historically', I do not think I have to remind you that the Parshendi started the Desolation only after your people had given them the choice between extinction and Desolation, just as you are trying to do now? Anyway, if your only proof for Klade's misdemeanour is what you think might have happened historically, I think you're very far down the wrong path. If you have more proof, share it. If you don't, then why did you go for a kill instead of an action to confirm what he was doing? Edit: You also seem to be implying that he's behind the Kholin murders, but if he managed to action-spy on you, he obviously didn't kill Navani. So, since it isn't Klade, who would be responsible?
  12. @SE_Adolin_Kholin, you state that you did not kill Venli. Did you kill Eshonai?
  13. Losing Navani is going to hurt the anti-desolation fight, as I was fairly sure she was onto something important. It's good to see I wasn't the only one to guess that someone would be coming after Klade (I wasn't part of the cooperation, but I did submit an action of my own to protect him). Between the kill on Navani and Klade, I feel quite comfortable saying that there's 2 killers out there, and at least one of them is working against the overall goal of stopping the desolation. @SE_Ialai_Sadeas, just for the record, your attempts to perform the 4-person coop results where as follows, right? 8.5 - Someone pulled out9.0 - Roleblocked9.5 - Roleblocked
  14. The one thing I'm worrying about is that killing the parshendi will trigger the desolation, and we're supposed to protect them. Edit: but I'll have to agree that tearim seems to be the most likely person to be up to no good. Still, if the person that roleblocked Ialai could either claim in thread, or shoot me a PM, it'd help clear up a little paranoid theory of mine that I'd love to get rid of.
  15. Venli was the last one on my list of possible desolation causers (and before you ask, no, I didn't kill her). It might be that to stop the desolation certain win-cons need to be completed before a certain point in the game. For that to be true, the kill on Elhokar would probably have had to have come from Venli. @SE_Adolin_Kholin, @SE_Liss, could it have been possible for Venli to have attacked Elhokar while she was outside of the palace?