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  1. I mean, my motivation in voting on you is not dependent on you PMing me... Though I will admit I tend to be reluctant to potentially kill off my PM contacts. xD
  2. I'd like to point out I'm not even confirmed on you're guy's side. For all you know, I could be Lews. We know not all the Forsaken are in this game, and the only guesses we have are based on people's public claims. This is hardly a reliable source of information. We also all started out with the info that Lews exists. From my understanding, we share the same pool of abilities though we all have different combinations of them. All the forsaken are rather powerful. If Lews is in this game, how is he supposed to compete? Well, clearly he has got to be even more powerful. Now, here is my question: What is the most powerful thing you could have in this game? I would answer, information. If Lews knows what characters are in this game, knows the state of the game, knows who is taking what actions, knows whatever... He is way better off than us, even without our flashy abilities. (Though he likely has at least some of those too). For all you know, I'm Lews, claimed Balthamel as I knew he isn't in this game, and wanted to make sure I had no suspicion on me being alone. Everyone would trust me. I'm basically confirmed not Lews right? I'm still voting on Hyena for what it's worth.
  3. I don't know how much/little Ivory is planning on sharing with the thread, but this would be correct. Also, I don't think it unlikely that a majority lynch would outright kill someone, so I want to be careful if we are going down that path. Magenta might be the best target right now as I have seen her getting online without posting. However, I am a little reluctant to vote her after her post C1... And Magenta Ninja'd me. Awesome. Now I feel justified in keeping my vote where it is.
  4. I'm not fond of this, I threw out Magenta's name as a poke/threat. I wasn't going to create that wagon yet. My evil planning doc dictates the people I should be the most cautious of are Penguin, Hyena, and Tuatara. Due to this, I'm going to vote on Charcoal Hyena due to reasons only I will know as I received no PMs. :'(
  5. Btw I'm still opposed to an Ivory lynch. Perhaps @Magenta Albatross has something to say now that it is D2, we have lynched, and have a round of actions under our belts?
  6. Or PMing you/me if they have an action open. If your theory is correct, the other 4/5 people are likely at least somewhat opposed to us in some way shape or form. Edit, now that we know the lynch doesn't kill people, I would like to intentionally tie the vote to see if it does something different.
  7. So uuhhhhhh, If you tried to kill someone unsuccessfully last night, want to come forwards and let us know? :)
  8. I'd like to point out that the only kill this past cycle was that of one (claimed) Forsaken attacking Crocodile. I find this rather strange. Perhaps someone protected themselves successfully from an attack. @Fifth Scholar @StrikerEZ If someone successfully defends from an attack, are they told they did? Is it announced in the thread?
  9. Can you share why you thought he was Lews Therin? Also, shame on you for attacking a servant of The Great Lord. You deserve your punishment. Thank you so much. Now that Shaidar is gone, I can actually do stuff without fear of repercussions from The Great Lord!!!!! You're trying to figure that out? Well... Fifth is very Troll-y... xD
  10. @Azure Mouse with (I'm prett sure) 25 minutes left in the cycle, I dont think you are gaining any info by waiting, unless you are analysing something/someone. Also... if more people could vote... in general... I'd appreciate it. We dont know what happens on a tie either, so I wouldnt be opposed to one. I just want to gain info on *something* for next cycle.
  11. I'm fairly certain Swan voted in self defense, which I'd say is NAI (at least so far) this game, particularly before I claimed Forsaken. I had no votes on me at the time... Or ever this game. I'm not so sure how swan not voting on me means anything. Emphasis mine. There may or may not be additional vote manip abilities out there, and I certainly won't be implying that I either do or don't have those powers. I assume this phrase refers to Ivory. Yes, my wincon also does have to do with Lews Therin Telamon. I too am a female Forsaken... But for some reason I feel like this doesn't apply to me.
  12. Ok, so as we get closer and closer to the end of this first cycle, I think it is time to re-evaluate the current lynch votes. Everyone has the ability to manipulate the lynch, so It's at least somewhat important we pay attention... And honestly I'd prefer to not waste my action on vote shenanigans to make sure the lynch isn't tampered with. Based on Swan's last count, this is what I got: Mouse(2):Dragonfly,Swan, Weasel Swan(1):Dingo,Tuatara, Weasel Dingo(1):Mouse, Dragonfly Dragonfly(1):Mouse, Scorpion Vulture(1):Falcon Penguin(0):Scorpion Falcon(0):Hyena, Crocodile Hyena(0):Weasel Of these people, I'm going to have to take my vote off of Coral Swan And I'm still not sure who to vote on yet, but with all the uncertainty, I'm going to have to vote on Azure Mouse. You have posted a lot, but most of the post have been filler/fluff. Some people have already given me village vibes this game, and similarly that gives me a elim vibe.
  13. If that's your wincon, I don't share a wincon with you. Edit (I had some more time, and was bored, so decided to pick at some things said earlier): I mean, I claimed because I was bored. Half of me thought I was going to get lynched. Lol. I wouldn't encourage anyone else to claim publicly, but to instead PM me... I would be careful about using the survival of the lynch as a way to find Lews. There is a decent chance some others might have that ability. Assuming the lynch even kills someone. Hmm