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  1. Guys, these memes are great. Love em all, wish I had anything to contribute besides the ones I did in thread before.
  2. Way to go guys! Sorry I didn't contribute much, but I'm glad we got there in the end!
  3. This is the Day post for the night 1 attack I survived. Penguin had convinced me to switch but I'll stay put just so you can prove then.
  4. Sorry I haven't been active in thread a lot, I just forgot how long an almost 30 player game with 3 day cycles takes and it's been more of a time commitment than I anticipated. Still been keeping up with things but hard to get reads. I'm gonna go with Azure Mouse just on a gut read between them and Dingo.
  5. Farewell Meerkat. Thanks for all the hard work. Mint Heron
  6. Four in a row guys. We're on a roll! Also I totally missed the deadline to vote cause I went to pick up something from my friend's house and got talking and lost track of time. Thankfully it wasn't needed. Also someone either Soothed Beagle or Axolotl, or Axolotl Rioted a Smoked player.
  7. What interactions with Cham make me suspicious to you? On day 5 when Penguin was PMing looking for info on Cham I gladly let them know what had happened in our pm D1, this was(I believe) before any votes had even been put on Cham that day. So what reason would I have for making a teammate look bad? I don't recall anything prior to that, though I could be misremembering, that connected me to Cham. Meerkat even said in one of the their last reads lists before D5 ended that if either Cham or I was elim the other was likely village.
  8. Cham is leading 8-2 I doubt the elims could do anything about it at this point. At least without showing their hands.
  9. Vote Count where things currently are. Gonna put my vote on Pearl Chameleon cause Penguin brought up good points and I had completely forgotten about their PMs to me until Penguin asked me about them. Also their reason for voting me currently seems to be because I survived N1. Pearl Chameleon(6): Amethyst Scorpion, Chartreuse Penguin, Azure Mouse, Quartz Zebra, Onyx Flamingo, Magenta Albatross Magenta Albatross(2): Pearl Chameleon, Salmon Meerkat Mint Heron(1): Violet Axolotl Oxblood Beagle(1): Mint Heron
  10. So Hyena claimed he rolled Seeker N1 and scanned Falcon right? So either Hyena and Falcon lied and he sent the N1 Tineye mistborn claim, there's a second Mistborn out there who made the N1 claim, or an unknown Tineye lied and claimed Mistborn but hasn't messaged since.
  11. So there's been a lot of high tensions and I was avoiding posting to not get dragged into things before now, and I haven't checked the thread for like 8 hours, so, wow that's a lot to take in. I remember people calling for memes earlier so here's two I whipped up. So I guess we'll have gotten two in a row, about 22 hours from now. Edit: I know other people have mentioned the image posting thing but I thought I got it right, guess not.
  12. Well we got one. And we know we have a Rioter and Soother around. Edit: Im tired, is that just one Rioter cancelling their own vote and moving a Falcon vote to Gorilla?
  13. Turquoise Gorilla because everyone's reasons seem sound enough to me and I don't see anyone else likely to be exed here anyway. Also going to try to avoid last minute trying to figure out what's happening this time