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  1. Since we are going to put poke votes out, I'm going to put a vote onto Amber Vulture. Will more than likely change it if they respond. @Amber Vulture
  2. It would seem that way indeed. I’d like to encourage more people to claim their roles, like whether you have any specific actions available to you. And to start with my own claim I’d like to say I have a vote manip action available to me, but I haven’t used it. And in case any of you are thinking of stealing my body to get that role, I’m a Strong Spirit, so ha! Edit: My first attempt at Roleplay To the spirit before her’s credit, this spirit had no idea how to take cadence of the child that was now crying. She’d tried everything, food, water, more food, more water, and finally more food, but this baby was not giving up. Being a parent sucked, she realised. Oh well, she could always find a more suitable husk, even though the perks of having a child, an extra person she could use to act out her votes were useful... Hum, whatever. She would think of something.
  3. I was Indigo Weasel at the beginning of the game, so my team can identify me throw. Does that sound cool enough. I thinks. I’m a bit curious on the Salmon lynch, why are we doing that again? I guess lynches in this game are sort of random votes on one player, I don’t really think they give us any information. Well, the play stype of this game is something different in of itself, maybe that’s why it’s taking a bit long to get used to it. But I will eventual ally. And commas and full stops don’t count, by the way.
  4. The body walked through the streets, squinting at people. Do you have any items? Do you? I need someone who's useful if I'm going to win this thing. Ahead of him, a pizza deliveryman pulled up on a bike, and didn't bother to chain the bike before rushing with a delivery into a nearby building. Perfect. I'll cover more ground this way. The body hopped on the bike and began pedalling. This was a mistake. It had only been a couple blocks, but the body was already winded, and he'd fallen over and scraped himself twice. This body was not used to biking at all. Sighing, they hopped off the bike. Well, worth a try, at least. He took off, and continued to search for any sign of someone with items. Well, by my count, nine of the sixteen active accounts have posted, which is worrying. For a couple people, that could be a strategic move (making it harder for people to assemble the line of where everyone's been), but I find it difficult to believe that it is for all seven of those players. For now, I'll vote Cream Tuatara, for much the same reasons as everyone else in the thread. Part poke-vote ( @Cream Tuatara ), and partly for the chance of getting a free item.
  5. The baby was crying. What does it want? Does it want its nappy changed? Does it want to be fed? How do you change nappies, anyway? Maybe it wanted a hug. Slowly, the figure lifted up the thing into his arms, and wrapped his arms around the tiny creature. He got rewarded with a wail into his ear, and a vulgar smelling assault on his nose from the direction of the creatures diapers. ...I have more things I need to get done anyway - the game's on. I don't have time to deal with the thing anyway. Gently, he put the baby back into its pram. He wheeled the pram up next to a tree, and leant against it for a moment, watching the thoroughfare go by. When no-one was watching, he joined the pathway and began to walk away, leaving the crying behind. Part of him seized up - the instincts of his previous owner. He forced those instincts down, and retook control. Almost immediately, he felt more relaxed, without any of that noisy, irritating screaming in his ear. Finally. Now I can get on with the game.
  6. Why hello former citizen of the great Cognitive realm! Remember the good old days when it was nice and peaceful up there? You probably hated it, but it's not much better with a lot of noise, mostly people just complaining and congratulating you. Also, Khriss told me that Nash isn't real. Oh! And another point to keep me alive. I will now be a medium (If you will) between those that have died and those that are alive, so if a dead teammate wants to tell people something, I will now gladly do so! And if an RPer wants to finish their RP, I will copy and paste their story and say who it was from. Watching out for you Gecko. From Hoid, " I want to make it very clear that there was never a bidding war over Odium." And yes he chose purple, hilarious. He is also worried that what I'm doing is ruining his chances to get revived, a fair point, which directly affects my faction's chances of winning, another fair point.
  7. We have the option of lynching Weasel. I already started that vote and will not be changing it. I still think that Weasel is the most evil person right now, the Great Manipulator if you will. They have been able to convince people to lynch and kill everyone else. And since the cat is out of the bag, the dead doc hasn't been super useful, it tends to be quiet with a lot of, "Ambition, why did you team up with Hoid? and Ambition, can you tell Endowment to bring me back to life?" Honestly, teaming with Hoid has caused more trouble than its worth. Also, sorry Joe, but I have to save my own skin. Indigo, Azure.
  8. Uh, ok. Can you tell me a little more, that was super vague. Like, how is my faction your biggest threat? How can you be sure we got Odium? And how can you be so sure I'm in that faction? Ok . . . first of all I have to agree with Mauve. You are just as dangerous as Odium is, even if I did have it. Second, that kind of information is a little sketchy. Not only is it second hand for you, but it's from someone that would obviously turn against them at any time. Not sure why you would trust that kind of information, its basically gossip. (This is where I post a meme about gossiping and how dangerous it is.)
  9. All the votes on me are amazing! I can't believe i've gotten so famous. I will admit that I was working with Axolotl, however, I am not in his faction. Now that he's dead, i'd be willing to help out one of the other factions that could use another pair of hands. I never received Odium and I don't know who did, but just going around lynching anyone who could've been helping Axolotl isn't especially helpful to anyone. Didn't you notice how the GM said that after Hoid's death was revealed he stated that, "After hoid enters the spiritual realm information will be revealed" There was no mention of a faction, unlike with Khriss. The whole "the new owners of Odium are on a rampage" is a shot in the dark at best. There are several known roles that can kill people. Do we know for sure that it was Odium? How do we know it wasn't Indigo and his faction that aren't the killers and are just blaming it on people? Ruin, Mistborn, and Voidbringers are also all likely antagonists. What information have you revealed? Other than to your faction mates, what are you hiding? You seem pretty intent on hunting down something, but I can only guess. Maybe there are other members of the Ancients and I was just wrong, or you have an in with the other factions and just need to get rid of the competition. That last guess would be fair, this being a faction game and all, but could you at least tell us your true intentions? P.S. Some of this sounded a little aggressive and I realized that as I was rereading it, please don't take this the wrong way and I hope we can still be friends, kind of.
  10. Ok, I had an argument for my vote change, but it has halfway deleted the first time when I clicked to see the new posts. It was deleted a second time when I added a winky face. So, whatever. Iguana, Chameleon.
  11. Rainbow theory secured! I think, I mean, it could just be weird luck. A fact is better than a guess and we know that Iguana has been in contact with the "Khriss" and have no ideas about his intentions. We can spend all day trying to find out who Hoid is, but even if it is Axolotl there's no point in attempting to lynch them. At this point in time, we can assume that Hoid has allies and has a backup plan if people try to lynch him, same as Weasel. So let's try to get the most info we can for a majority of the factions, since this isn't normal mafia SE.
  12. You know, it's possible that the GMs are giving the factions a color depending on when they are revealed. Like a rainbow, Red, then orange, then yellow, green, blue, purple. It fits the pattern so far, I think we're just reading a little to much into it.
  13. "I don't like how you didn't waste any time joining in. You say something about adding pressure but this seems almost defensive to me." I could use the very argument you used against Weasel against you, Opal Lion. What you say is hypocritical and at least he is trying to add to the discussion. I mean I haven't been very helpful with that either, but don't try and kill one of the more discussion driving people. What do you mean IF you were Devotion you wouldn't target Weasel? That's not an argument, that's a what-if scenario. How do you know Devotion wouldn't want to target him? If you know, is Devotion in your faction or are you at least in contact with them? If not, then there is no use talking about what you would do if you were Devotion, that's Devotion's business.