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  1. Maybe it’s someone on the less active end… I think there’s probably another tineye- either elim or village doesn’t really make a difference
  2. I think this is an excellent point I was already village-reading Alb for other reasons but this furthers it. By attacking Alb via coinshot (and their subsequent survival), the elims put Alb under suspicion by default, not in a position of trust. They probably aren't E/E, because as we know Rhino never came online during the night turn (nor the day turn, nor this night turn), thus if we speculate e!Mistborn!Rhino, they never got the chance to open their GM PM to even see what metal they rolled that night. So how would Beagle know if they randed pewter or whatever metal (unless the GMs tell them in the doc idk). IDK, doesn't seem all that likely, and I don't think it makes a lot of sense for the elims to have a lurcher because the only attack threat they had was Swan, and you can't rand the same metal in succession etc etc. And yeah, Beagle could've gone with any other target of her choosing technically but since we already suggested Rhino, I imagine it was simpler for her to just agree with our suggestion as it didn't reveal much about her personal preferences, which we could potentially later use against her. Perhaps this was because that would confirm Alb as v!thug? Cuz that would mean toucan, alb, and I confirmed v!thugs and that would've made us raise eyebrows at our coinshot. gah you caught me Okay looking at the remaining playerlist: 1. Amethyst Scorpion 2. Azure Mouse 3. Chartreuse Penguin 4. Fuchsia Ostrich 5. Ivory Dragonfly 6. Magenta Albatross 7. Melon Dingo 8. Mint Heron 9. Onyx Flamingo 10. Plum Rhinoceros 11. Quartz Zebra 12. Salmon Meerkat 13. Sapphire Elephant 14. Violet Axolotl For what it's worth I think there's only a single elim left. Apart from my brain and gut telling me so, I also have this Gorilla post from D1 at the back of my mind: They speculate 6 elims, given they have a coinshot OR mistborn. One sentence later they speculate one coinshot/mistborn with 2 to 3 other roles. Which adds up to 4 max. Except now we know there's both an e!coinshot AND e!mistborn, so I assume the initial 6 was to throw us off, and the later 4 was a slip (I think they had meant to write 3 or 4 non-kill roles instead, which would end us up with a max of 6 which would be consistent with their initial speculation). To me this means there's 5 elims: three non-kill roles, one coinshot, one mistborn. Anyway, Village: Chartreuse Penguin, Salmon Meerkat, Fuchsia Ostrich, Quartz Zebra, Violet Axolotl, Amethyst Scorpion, Onyx Flamingo, Ivory Dragonfly, Magenta Albatross Left with: Azure Mouse, Melon Dingo, Mint Heron, Plum Rhinoceros, Sapphire Elephant Starting with Rhino. Yes, their deliberate filter-dodging and Falcon vote are concerning, but I have a feeling Cham might've convinced them into voting for Falcon. Cham did admit to having PMs with every player in the game (which has got to be true for all villagers because otherwise it's an easily refutable claim). Add to this all that other stuff about Beagle willing to jump on the rhino wagon + coinshot attacking them. Moving on to Elephant - I don't feel great about Elephant. They have been online consistently enough to be sending in action orders, and they post regularly enough to not get nuked by the filter. Yet they've never voted once - which, yeah, could just be because they simply aren't active enough. This literally doesn't tell me anything about Elephant's alignment so...uh idk could go either way really Mouse...weird as their iguana vote was, I think their early vote on Cham was good. Granted, it -omg just got ninja'd by Elephant they finally posted- was worded kinda hedgingly... I'm willing to give Mouse the benefit of the doubt here though, because the pinch hitter probably hadnt caught up with the billion pages of the thread, plus their explanation for the Iguana vote seems okay. Okay, moving on to Heron. First post is just RP with (what I assume to be) a joke vote on Axolotl for having opinions on voting. NAI The second post is indicative of the detail with which Heron is apparently observing the thread; ends with a vote on Flamingo. Surprisingly at odds with their latest post where I get the impression they were in a rush and did not perhaps fully comprehend the thread situation. Third post is RP + a Meerkat vote for the tineye scan claim, after the gambit reveal. Reads slightly village simply because...why. But then, it's worth noting they promptly retracted their vote about 1.5 hours later, notably right after Meerkat gave them a village read for coming up with a theory so tin-foily. I can see this as an elim having done their job of tentatively gaining the trust of a softcleared villager and thus moving on to their actual misexe target (i.e. their vote on Ostrich in the same post). What I didn't notice about this post until now though, was: In light of Beagle's alignment this rings multiple alarm bells. Everything about it. The 'if's, the 'doubtful', the e!coinshot speculation itself, the question which could've easily been asked in GM PM/elim doc instead of the thread. Sus points to this one. Their fifth post occurs shortly after the Gorilla flip, containing reads of a selective list of players. Interestingly enough the list doesnt feature any of our three flipped elims since then. And their sixth post is what made me pause, previously. Because they vote on Beagle seemingly out of nowhere and before Beagle's flip I was not considering beagle/heron e/e because of this. But Meerkat has brought up a good point that due to Beagle believing Meerkat and I had her back, e!Heron going after her with one harmless vote will only make Heron look good at the event of a Beagle flip - in other words it's good, safe distancing. A beagle train at that stage had little chances of taking off due to her being trusted by many. Now we've got Melon Dingo. Man this post took too long and I'm too tired to actually go ISO them rn but off the top of my head I know that despite being online at EoD D1, Dingo did not cast a vote (when they easily could have in order to save Gorilla). From what people have been telling me, elims like waiting till the EoD to defend their teammates from the exe and since Dingo didn't do that despite having the chance to...that makes me lean slight village. There were also a bunch of other times Dingo could've voted but they just...didn't. idrk what's up with that.xD
  3. I’ll respond to the thread soon but I just wanted to drop in real quick and say that while I’ll try my best to contribute as much as I can, expect my activity levels during the next 48 hours to drastically drop (or halt entirely if I don’t have internet access) as imma be CAMPING IN THE DESERT ok end of announcement
  4. Vote count: Mint Heron (2): Violet Axolotl, Oxblood Beagle Plum Rhinoceros (2): Quartz Zebra, Mint Heron Oxblood Beagle (4): Chartreuse Penguin, Fuchsia Ostrich, Ivory Dragonfly, Salmon Meerkat
  5. And also they’ve been under ‘elim’ in literally all my reads lists since then
  6. oops I dont disagree - it's just that we don't gain nearly as much info from lynching an inactive/semi-active as we would from lynching beagle
  7. They had initially voted for me but did not recall exactly whom they voted for so they retracted both Octo/Ostrich. Guess who mentioned killing Octopus was an accident due to confusion between Octo/Ostrich and that they intended to kill me? That's right, it was Hyena. This similarity of confusion between Octopus and Ostrich for both Hyena AND Beagle is the biggest indication so Beagle's evil alignment to me. [Rhinoceros] That- I never even noticed this what- That is an extremely good catch Ostrich I agree with your assessment of Flamingo - all their posts/reads/votes before D3 seem suspicious to me but everything apart from that is very village, so I've decided to give them the benefit of the doubt for now so, leaning vill.
  8. No flips is disappointing as I very much would've liked to see Rhino flip without wasting a day turn on it. Am not going to entertain WGG on Meerkat ideas, because I reckon the elims just wanna kill as many villagers as possible right now.:P I would like to believe Alb is village, as I find it hard to believe they'd bus Cham after losing two teammates already. I'm not softclearing Alb on this basis, but I lean slight village nonetheless. There seem to be a couple of votes on Heron - I do agree that their secluded voting style throughout the game has been odd, and the only reason I'm village-reading them is for that one time when they voted on Meerkat after he revealed his tineye scan gambit, which just seemed too much for an elim to do: But moving on, let's talk about Oxblood Beagle today. As evidenced by my D3 vote, I have been suspecting them a little bit for a while. But it wasn't until both the Hyena and Cham flips that I felt the need to bring them up again. During Night 1, Beagle posted their opinions on Gorilla, Iguana, and Cham (bc D1 CWs). What first stands out is Beagle defending Cham: And then, towards the end of the post they conclude that: This statement in and of itself is not that suspicious given that Gorilla was indeed an elim, however Beagle neglected to cast an actual vote on Gorilla because: and they instead voted on Ostrich in the same post, whom they had never before mentioned in their post at all. This entire post reads very odd to me/ Then, on D3, we have this post from Cham where they give their thoughts on the current exe situation and vote on Falcon. Cham also subtly defends Beagle against the two votes on them: Cham's vote on Falcon doesn't look great on Beagle either, because at this stage the vote count was: Salmon Meerkat (4): Magenta Albatross, Fuchsia Ostrich, Melon Dingo, Ivory Dragonfly, Emerald Falcon (2): Salmon Meerkat, Amethyst Scorpion Turquoise Gorilla (2): Coral Swan, Onyx Flamingo, Oxblood Beagle (2): Chartreuse Penguin, Emerald Falcon Cham chose to vote on Falcon over Gorilla and Beagle. Granted, it's possible that Cham was simply indifferent with regards to where his vote went as long as it didnt facilitate the Gorilla lynch. But the choice of having picked Falcon over Beagle is still a fact. If we are looking at v!Beagle, Cham could've chosen to write them off as a secondary suspect to Falcon, just in case the Falcon exe doesn't take off and they need to switch their vote to the Beagle train later in order to save Gorilla. However, Cham did the opposite and defended Beagle instead - didn't even include them in the exe preferences at all. Furthermore, there's this post of Beagle's, also from D3. Nothing so weird about the post overall, except that Beagle's read on Cham seems to change without explanation in different places within the same post. Initially, they say: (bolded mine) And further down in the same post: Contradictory reads, as they had been null earlier. Hyena also posted that turn, giving his thoughts on the current exe candidates: Initially sus because Hyena is subtly defending Beagle. And I can also see this being a mild form of distancing if e!Beagle because while Hyena does say he might vote on them, he never actually does and in fact afaik he barely even mentioned beagle after this. Furthermore Cham posted a reads list on D3 as well, with Beagle as: Again, red flags. Blatant defence. Anyway yea idk
  9. Current village reads (8): Meerkat, Ostrich, Axolotl, Scorp, Zebra, Alb, Heron, Dingo. In that order. By PoE, I am left with (6): Azure Mouse, Ivory Dragonfly, Onyx Flamingo, Oxblood Beagle, Plum Rhinoceros, Sapphire Elephant Given that we’ve caught three elims, there’s likely three or four left. Leaning four, considering that both Cham and Gorilla were vanilla. Three if they’ve got like, secret mistborn in hiding. Inactives maybe.
  10. I have to say this feels like hedging xD it’s almost like you wanna keep the Alb train as a backup vote option in case you wanna quickly switch votes i understand being uncertain as a villager but,,,
  11. alright kids I've been rereading the thread and I've now stopped at page 20 out of 40 It is 4:30 am. I have a migraine, my eyeballs ache, my back hurts, and I'm dehydrated but I have come to the conclusion that Pearl Chameleon needs to die. Note that I have not read this turn's thread yet, at least not past the last time I posted. But I will get around to this I promise, tomorrow morning. Now you might be asking penguin why are you voting on someone when you've only reread half the game. Well the answer is a) because I need to vote before going to bed tonight in order to feel a sense of accomplishment and b)i doubt the events of cycles 3 to 4 have much to do with cham i think they were on the sidelines most of the time and we pretty much acted unanimously as a thread for the better part of those cycles but do not worry I fully intend to finish my reread of the game and if I feel like my suspicions are ill-founded then I shall retract my vote. Anyway. It all starts D1 >:) Cham first post is a vote on iguana - fine, doesn't imply much. Hyena's first post (the reads list) had Cham down as: Note that he subtly defends Cham while hedging on providing a definitive read. Cham never chooses to address this part of hyena's post. Next, After meerkat moves his vote to gorilla, pearl and gorilla sit at a tie (2 votes on each), and cham chooses to vote on Swan instead of Gorilla because Hedgy, no? Extremely non-committal. Notably, Axolotl calls cham out for this: This whole guilty-until-proven-innocent convo between Axolotl and Cham does not read e-e to me, for future reference. (Something's up with the quote boxes up there but idk too tired to bother fixing it lol) Furthermore, shortly after, in this post cham says: If that was so, it would've made more sense for Cham to vote for Gorilla instead of Swan. That would've brought the exe to 3/2 split between the two of them instead of bringing it to a tie. As of then, the vote situation was: (2) Pearl Chameleon: Scarlet Octopus, Mauve Crocodile, (2) Torquoise Gorilla: Violet Axlotlt, Salmon Meerkat, (1) Charcoal Hyena: Chartreuse Penguin, (1) Amethyst Scorpion: Charcoal Hyena, (1) Scarlet Octopus: Amber Vulture, (1) Melon Dingo: Coral Swan, (1) Coral Swan: Oxblood Beagle, (1) Violet Axlotl: Onyx Flamingo, (1) Mauve Crocodile: Fuchsia Ostrich, (At some point in D2, Cham says something about how they might change their vote in a certain direction in order to solidify a lynch and prevent the tie, so Im confused as to why they were seemingly okay with it here. An explanation could be that e!Cham just wanted to save Gorilla.) Back to d1: later on in the cycle, at the point where the votes were Gorilla decided to vote Swan instead of Cham, despite the fact that voting Cham would've further protected gorilla from the exe. Unprompted, Gorilla claimed that this was because Cham seemed village to them in PMs: I noticed that was never addressed to by Cham in-thread, so I PM'd Cham today asking whether they had a PM with Gorilla, and what they discussed. Interestingly enough, Cham said that they never had any game-related conversations D1 (all OOG stuff) and that Gorilla mainly talked RP-style. Which begs the question, how exactly had Gorilla gotten village vibes from Cham in their PM? More importantly, why didn't Cham feel the need to point out the fact that they never really even talked game-related events? Back to d1, Cham later switches their vote back to iguana from swan, breaking the 3-3 tie between cham and swan. One possible explanation i can see for e!cham doing this is that a tie would've meant that either gorilla (an elim) or swan (villager) would've gotten exe’d at random. If swan got exe’d and cham was seen on the counter wagon, it would’ve incriminated cham to some degree if gorilla flipped. Or at least, this is what I was thinking before it came to my knowledge that the entire Iguana wagon was coordinated by Cham via PMs (I mean that logic still holds true in this case too but). Was this common knowledge? If it was, why haven't more people been talking about it? Anyway I PM'd Alb today asking if their sudden vote on Iguana had anything to do with Cham's PMs with them and Alb explained that yes, Cham had coordinated it. Sus? At least a little? Also, of lesser significance but I think it's worth mentioning that Alb has claimed that Gorilla spoke to them not in RP-style, but OOC in their PM (recall that Cham claimed the opposite and idk, I'd expect consistency from Gorilla I think) I mean it's a tiny thing but hey. Okay, moving on to N1. Again, hedging around Gorilla, neglecting to provide personal opinion on them. Sigh ok that's all for now I do have other fragmented thoughts from my reread that I've written down but since they do not pertain to Cham I'll talk about those later. Also Im sure there's a billion things in this post that probably dont make sense just @ me ill explain when I have regained s t r e n g t h