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  1. All these carefully constructed plans, tumbling down around me, like house of cards in a highstorm. They didn't have those here in this land of ash and fire, but that didn't matter. I'd found my new home here. A home to serve something greater than myself. Yet I failed. "I am sorry," I whisper to the voice in my mind. I swear I can see her. A shadow in the mists that gather in the dying light. "I have failed you." "That is yet to be determined," she says. Her voice begins to shift. It becomes deeper. The shadow changes. "I am Ruin, and you have brought many to destruction." Yes. I served my purpose. I burn steel once more, delighting in the blue lines that sprout from my chest. Even in death, I can be a tool for Ruin.
  2. I'm my defense, my vote is not sheeping. I have my own reasons to suspect Heron, and my first votes this turn should have held to what I'd been saying in PMs. I don't know why they weren't, honestly. Not my best game. My reasons for not voting Cham and Gorilla we're due to my lack of attention D1. I had been following the thread, but most of the talking happened while I was asleep and I was on mobile only, so I skimmed. From what I caught, it seemed the suspicion mostly came from disagreements on distro and style. After that, the suspicion mostly relied on reverting to D1 arguments. Once I read through it for analysis this turn, I finally see what the suspicion was all about, and am disappointed for not having pursued it sooner. As for the "high value target" thing, who else would I consider to fill that role from your perspective? Certainly not me, and not your other trustee for role reasons. You didn't trust anyone else. I assumed you were being misleading for opsec. Just in case I was wrong, I said my farewells, because it was obvious elims would at least try.
  3. I consider myself fairly chastised. I hadn't intended my vote to appear like an attempted role-exe. It's a gut read, but Meerkat is right. Even if Rhino is elim, we won't learn much from it. And this sudden pile is uncomfortable. Heron
  4. Alright, let's start with an ISO of the elims we know and see who they mentioned, shall we? Of the elims we've captured, Cham was one of the most prolific in content and interactions, so I start there. Cycle One: Chameleon Posts Of all the people mentioned in Cham's posts C1, these players are the ones we don't have confirmed alignments: Meerkat, Penguin*, Axolotl, Zebra. *Per Meerkat's reveal, their alignment is pretty much confirmed, just not via death. Cycle One: Gorilla Posts Seriously uncomfortable with the fact two elims joined my vote on Swan. But that's also an argument in my favor here. In the case I were elim, that would mean three elims jumped on the same train D1 when they could have joined the Iguana, Croc, Octopus, or Axolotl** or Scorpion** trains, several of which had more backing and less debate. **Alignments are undetermined, but they were players with votes at the time Gorilla voted Swan. Cycle One: Hyena Posts Not a whole lot to be learned from Hyena D1. It seemed mostly focused around people who are already dead and Penguin, who I'm certain is village. Scorpion is of note here. The post could have been distancing, but I'd need to look more into Scorpion to say for sure. And this is where I lost my focus. I'll try later tonight to look at more recent cycles. Both Axolotl and Scorpion were recurring themes (of players I haven't developed a solid village read on), so I want to take a closer look at them. I'll end with a brief read list, no reasoning given because I can't be bothered (sorry, lack of focus again). Village Salmon Meerkat Chartreuse Penguin Mild Village Violet Axolotl Fuchsia Ostrich Onyx Flamingo Null (needs further analysis) Amethyst Scorpion Quartz Zebra Null (low activity) Azure Mouse Ivory Dragonfly Melon Dingo Sapphire Elephant Mild Elim Magenta Albatross Mint Heron Elim Plum Rhinoceros
  5. That wasn't greening out a single vote as a result of not being sure which I voted on, but greening out two previous votes. I've never been confused between the two. I had voted Ostrich first, then Octo without officially retracting the first. I couldn't remember how the GMs counted, so I retracted both, just in case. This was very early in the turn, and Ostrich hadn't been very active. Simply put, this was a poke vote. I thought that was clear on the post itself. As for defending Cham, I'm not the only one who pointed out that particular argument. Clearly I was wrong, but just as good=/=right, wrong=/=elim.
  6. Didn't you have some defense posts for Cham? Maybe that was someone else. Sorry if I'm wrong. I'm recovering from feeling like crem yesterday and being incredibly tired today. Tomorrow should give me enough time to verify and pin down my read list, but I'm comfortable with the vote where it is for now.
  7. I suspect the Tineye has either gone mostly inactive, or is a hidden Mistborn. There's a good chance the elims had a second Mistborn, if not the Coinshot, with the survival roles, but I'm more likely to start suspecting all of those who keep surviving. For that reason, Albatross. It's not just your survival, but some of your voting record and interactions with Cham.
  8. The "diverting train" was made well before Gorilla was in danger, and it was based on a perfectly logical reason for D1, which was a vote on someone who was not in Swan's elim read list. I'd seen that tactic used by the former Heron in a different game to distance from teammates, so I try to watch for it. I also wasn't the only on Falcon vote D3, and had good reason at the time to consider them elim. A lot of the same reasons which led to them being suspected alongside Hyena, who was elim. Unfortunately, I'm not up for doing an analysis today (my head hurts and I am so, very tired, on top of being at work), so my vote is going to have to wait. Hopefully tomorrow morning before rollover.
  9. That's unexpected. I'm not entirely sure what this does for my reads, but I'll do what I can to parse out more of Hyena's and Gorilla's interactions. If nothing else, it does tell us Hyena probably did scan Falcon D1, though that decision is still odd. I do want to look closer at the other Lurcher claim Meerkat mentioned, though there is still the possibility that Hyena rolled Thug, and that's how they survived the Coinshot.
  10. Or just a Rioter who was planning to not vote. Edit: Axlotl ninja. Yeah. That math makes more sense.
  11. I'm not sure where this makes sense. The most logical way to step forward is to assume the person we have material evidence against, as well as a desire to execute, is in fact elim. From there, we can use this time to explore avenues of possible connections in order to give us a head start for next turn. It's pretty clear that this exe is going to go unopposed. Everyone (excluding Hyena, of course) seems to understand that whether Village or Elim, this is the best course right now. Please, if you have counter evidence or evidence which can implicate someone else more strongly, present it. If, on the highly unlikely chance that Hyena is Village, we'd all agree that evidence of someone else's guilt would be helpful here.
  12. Hyena, obviously. I'm struggling with a headache atm, but will try to take some time tomorrow to collect thoughts and take a closer look at Hyena's interactions with other players. Give us somewhere to go once this is done.