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  1. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry if this ends up losing us the gane, but the mouse lynch feels too uncontested to be a wolf mouse albatross
  2. Yeah, seems so. I'm getting really antsy here. If we were right about mouse, I'd have expected more defense now. Unless maybe albatross is evil too and they don't have the votes to tie 3vs3?
  3. This is what really stresses me out. If all villagers don't vote together, and if there's a 3 person wolf team then the wolves could create a tie even without vote manipulation, and could maybe win outright since Swan could block at most one of the vote manipulator or the killer.
  4. Let's see if I can get my thoughts ever so slightly organized. I'm going to go through all the remaining players from the top and just jot down my thoughts. Azure mouse: Mouse didn't really say much during the early cycles. They did vote on albatross which makes it less likely that they're bothwolves. But mouse also said they forgot tot take the vote off, so that could just be an accident.I am mostly suspicious off them because they went after crocodile for an odd reason, and then backed off against saying they didn't really like that lynch after all. But if they are a wolf, then I'd have expected wolves to have done more to protect him. but maybe they just want us to think that's the case... Also, there's something else. @Azure Mouse, are you a striker? You predicted that striker might be a role, and seemed quite certain that there was another striker as well. Coral Swan: Coral swan has also not said all that much of substance, mostly protecting themselves whenever they got voted on, which is a bit suspicious, as villagers should be trying to find wolves, not just stay alive, right? If they are speaking the truth about their role though, the village really needs them. But they only made that claim this cycle, so maybe it's a gambit to ensure swan doesn't get lynched? Either way though, I don't think Swan should be lynched this cycle. If they are speaking the truth, the wolves will probably try to kill them this cycle, and if they aren't, then we could look at them next cycle. Cream Tuatara: They seem to have been looking for wolves since cycle 2 or so, and most of their posts make sense. So I'm just going to trust them, and hope I don't end up in a last three with them. Emerald Falcon: I still think their vote on the first cycle looks off. Or not so much their vote as their retraction. It seemed like they really didn't want to be on the first successful lynch there, which feels like its more of a wolf thing to do? Then they posted a bunch but nothing really to do with finding wolves until they went after penguin. But the reasoning for going after penguin was something along the lines of 'maybe the elims where trying to save someone with vote manip, but it wasn't me because I'm not an elim so it must be penguin'. It's probably stupid of me, but the emphasis on falcon not being a wolf in that post seems oddly specific? Anyway, I have already said stuff about their vote on croc, and it still seems odd, but maybe that's just because I haven't played enough games to see the use in a role that removes your own vote or why that might be especially useful to a wolf. indigo weasel: Weasel was mistaken about mint heron still being alive, and that seems strange if they where a wolf. But then again, maybe they did that on purpose? And then they voted on scorp, and I believe I already said that I didn't really like that lynch. But then alter it seemed like they where trying to go over everyone to find a wolf, and that sounds good, even if they didn't finish it. For the rest they didn't really say much, so I don't really know for certain, but they don't really seem evil? Albatross: I don't really have anything on them? They said very, very little. So if I where to order the remaining players from most to least suspicious, it'd be mouse/falcon(tie), Swan/albatross(tie), weasel and Tuatara. Edit: @Cream Tuatara, of those two you mentioned you wanted to maybe move the lynch too, I'd be open to lynching albatross. I think the wolves will show us whether Swan is evil or not because they kinda have to kill them if they want to win if swan is village.
  5. Aaargh, why is it so quiet! This leaves way too much room for me to second-guess myself and stuff... Could someone just go argue against the lynch of mouse or propose an alternative or anything that means I can stop imagining a shadowy council of wolves sitting around a table smoking whiskey and drinking cigars while grinning about everything going to plan
  6. Tuatara send me a PM with some details on the reasons behind their suspicion, and I think I get it a bit better now. It's enough for me to put my vote on Azure mouse for now when combined with my suspicion that mouse and falcon where trying to get croc lynched to get rid of the emperor without having to risk a kill getting redirected, at any rate.
  7. Could you share what you asked them? Because this kinda reads like 'I send them a thing, but they didn't send a thing back, and that'd have been a simple and important thing, so I'm suspicious', and that's not very helpful @Emerald Falcon, So are you saying that you thought that Mauve had an ability that allowed them to only remove their own vote, and that was somehow a role an elim would likely have? Because I'm still failing at following your reasoning here.
  8. Oof, if this is true, then I apologize for almost lynching you. Even if we make a mistake now, a couple of lucky roleblocks could mean we still pull through. Regarding the wolves, I'm really not sure. I don't think I want to lynch swan because if they have the role they claim, they might be really important if we don't lynch a wolf today, or the wolves have some form of vote manipulation, but they didn't really seem to be hunting for wolves in the thread. On the other hand, just about everyone else has done work to find the wolves, or at least pretended to do so, so that's not really a helpful metric. I think I'm most suspicious of Falcon, mouse and Albatross? Albatross hasn't really said much, while falcon and mouse where both voting for crocodile with really strange reasoning. @Emerald Falcon, you still haven't explained why crocodile getting their votes removed made him look evil.
  9. Awwww, I'd been hoping for a Shai-like forger role.
  10. Ehm yes, it was. I don't know if they told anyone else, but they did say they where going to PM Coral swan as well to see if they could get them to own up about their role (though they later PM'd me that Swan hadn't responded yet). I don't know if they claimed their role to swan or anyone else though. edit: waitwaitwaitwaitwait @Elandera. Penguin is alive according to the current player list. Does that mean there is a role that can restore people back to life and functionality? That'd be awesome, and also helpful because we know that penguin is heritage.
  11. So, I think the votes are something like: Dragonfly(2): Mouse, albatross swan(2): croc, tuatara falcon(1): dragonfly croc(1): falcon I looked over dragonfly and swan's posts. I agree with Tuatara on swan's posts, I think. I doubt I've said much of value here, but most of swan's responses in this cycle and the previous one where because of people(well, me) voting on them. They did have a reasonable response every time, but I'd think a villager would be more proactive in trying to find the wolves? While dragonfly only has a couple of posts, but they seemed to be trying to figure out who is evil at least, so I think they might be village? So I'm putting my vote back on Coral Swan.
  12. ...that feels like it makes way too much sense. Why couldn't you just be evil or some have some secret or something so that we could have our big break? Coral Swan I'm not really suspicious of Mauve. He's one of only a couple of people that PM'd me and he seemed quite helpful in our conversation. I don't really get how his vote getting soothed is indicative of him being an elim, @Emerald Falcon?
  13. Ehm, I just learned something interesting. Through PM's I came into contact with someone claiming to be the emperor himself, a role that allows them to change the target of someone's actions. They provided enough details that I'm fairly sure I can trust their claim, and they shared that @Coral Swan has something weird going on, as their actions cannot be redirected. This might fit for a wolf-only role, as the glory faction wouldn't obey the emperor after all. Or maybe they are some sort of Anti-imperial Neutral role. Etiher way, this might be something to take a closer look at. I'm going to vote on Coral Swan because of this.
  14. Well I wasn't. And then everyone became really quiet for the first quarter of the cycle, and now I am Heron hadn't posted at all, and charcoal Hyena had only posted once. So unless they where really talkative in PM's, they might have been chosen because they wouldn't share much info? But then again, if both where still alive, and still inactive, there would be two less villagers actively voting which means the wolves might be in a position to win already. Neither of them sent me a message though, so I have no clue whether they where doing something behind the scenes that would explain why they got killed. Ostrich did post a couple of times, and had an important role as well. If the wolves figured out about Ostrich's role then I could see them killing ostrich just for that reason. Maybe they have a role that allows them to discover the roles of others? Apart from that, the only time Ostrich mentioned some suspicions was against falcon (or maybe that was a 'I don't see much reason beyond this so I'm not really suspicious?') and against mouse in relation to them saying something about vote manipulation against penguin? @Azure Mouse, you never explained why you thought there was vote manipulation on Chartreuse penguin D1.
  15. Hmmm, okay. That I do get. Thanks for the patience and explanation XD Coral Swan That means I'm not moving my vote to penguin instead, for much the same reason.