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  1. Well I wasn't. And then everyone became really quiet for the first quarter of the cycle, and now I am Heron hadn't posted at all, and charcoal Hyena had only posted once. So unless they where really talkative in PM's, they might have been chosen because they wouldn't share much info? But then again, if both where still alive, and still inactive, there would be two less villagers actively voting which means the wolves might be in a position to win already. Neither of them sent me a message though, so I have no clue whether they where doing something behind the scenes that would explain why they got killed. Ostrich did post a couple of times, and had an important role as well. If the wolves figured out about Ostrich's role then I could see them killing ostrich just for that reason. Maybe they have a role that allows them to discover the roles of others? Apart from that, the only time Ostrich mentioned some suspicions was against falcon (or maybe that was a 'I don't see much reason beyond this so I'm not really suspicious?') and against mouse in relation to them saying something about vote manipulation against penguin? @Azure Mouse, you never explained why you thought there was vote manipulation on Chartreuse penguin D1.
  2. Hmmm, okay. That I do get. Thanks for the patience and explanation XD Coral Swan That means I'm not moving my vote to penguin instead, for much the same reason.
  3. Right, but its the voting on an inactive part that I'm having some trouble with. An inactive isn't really a threat to anyone until they become active, right? And they don't generally defend themselves either, so I could see a wolf going after an inactive just because its a fairly safe lynch.
  4. Can you explain to me how a poke-vote is different from any other kind of vote then? You even said later that you thought they where the best lynch candidate, so I assume you thought that because they where inactive they made a good lynch candidate, yes?
  5. I've done some reading back of the last cycle. The first person to try to vote for an inactive was Weasel, but they voted for mint heron first. Since the wolves probably killed heron, I don't think a wolf would make that mistake? Coral swan voted for scorpion after that with no reason given, and penguin stated that they believed that scorpion needed to be lynched 'because it must be done'. Cream tuatara was the last vote, because they wanted to prevent vote manipulation. I think of these 4, penguin and swan are the most suspicious given how little they explained their vote, and I'll put a vote on coral swan for now.
  6. Awwww I guess that makes sense. Though the head arbiter role also specifically calls out their faction. Maybe every faction has a head arbiter? I'm not certain who to vote for right now, but I'm considering lynching someone that voted on scorpion. I feel like the Scorpion lynch last cycle didn't make too much sense. I can get that having an inactive person can be annoying, but they aren't really doing anything one way or another, so they aren't really a threat either. Am I missing something here?
  7. @Elandera, is there a reason that the head arbiter role is listed as green, and the other two are given in black?
  8. I mean, I suppose it kinda is? but that was about all I could figure out from looking at day 1, apart from 'penguin doesn't wan to be lynched' and 'people like lynching inactives for some reason' XD
  9. But Mint Heron got killed and revealed as a member of the village, didn't he? So if Emerald falcon and mint heron where a team, that would make both of them village XD But maybe something like the opposite was going on? Falcon was a wolf voting on mint heron who was village, but he didn't want to risk the attention from being on the lynch of a villager? If that is so, then it would mean that the others up for the vote probably weren't wolves, as Falcon would have wanted to protect those, I think? I guess I'll vote on Emerald falcon for now, as this feels like it makes a bit of sense.
  10. So, I'm not following the reasons for all the votes currently being thrown around? They seem almost random to me. Since it seems like the 'blackout' format means there are some secrets, so based on the book maybe there's an independent MaiPon faction? Though I can't imagine what they would need to do to win in game-terms. Maybe have one or the other faction win with their support somehow so thatt hey are in a position to increase the independence of their home, maybe?
  11. Heya people, my account works now! Also, I'm already confused. I read scanned through (these games rack up page-counts!) a couple of previous games while waiting for this one to start, and it seemed like there's a group of wolves, a village group and sometimes some neutrals, but the dragonfly suggests the numbers might even be even? How would that work out? Wouldn't the wolves basically win automatically in that case?