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  1. Not necessarily, since an elim Tineye can be a hindrance if the elims want to close down PMs.
  2. My team is something like Hyena/Gorilla/Chameleon/Beagle/Heron/maybe Scorpion? Probably just one of the inactives though; Elephant, Dingo, or Mouse. We had basically no resistance to the Cham train, and the Beagle one ended up going through pretty easily as well. This suggests no elim vote manip and some elims that aren’t confident in their ability to sway the thread. If the elims actually have no (active) vote manip, then Scorpion is more likely to be village, since that D1 vote becomes quite a bit more risky. If I hadn’t Rioted (or Cham hadn’t been Soothed) we could have flipped Gorilla D1 with Scorp’s vote.
  3. Yeah I Rioted Heron's vote onto Beagle, which means that Heron is a Smoker or was smoked by one. Edit: Dyring stared, aghast, at the broken windows facing the approach to his home and business.
  4. A stillness hung in the common room of Dyring's Inn, contrasting the tumult blanketing Tyrian Falls. Dyring himself sat behind the bar, distractedly rubbing at a stain in the counter. The emptiness was his fault, of course. Everyone was either out hunting for evidence of Spiked, or not allowed in because of their unwillingness to do so. Even Vincero was out helping Loenthal with whatever that fellow was up to. Dyring wondered if his inn would ever be the same, even if he lived to see this mess through. Wondered if he could live in a town where he'd helped kill off a third of the inhabitants, and threatened violence against many of the others. He doubted any other survivors would fault him for his actions, but Dyring knew that he was his own worst enemy in that regard. Elly's death, and that of Dyring's own brother, both haunted him well past what should have been normal. Beyond those, Kellerht's near-death the previous night made it seem likely there would be others close to him that died as they hunted the Spiked. The stillness grew oppressive, but still Dyring didn't get up. He didn't have anything new worth saying, and for now, it was just easier to be swallowed up in his own emotions.
  5. Yeah, there should probably be some caveats to that statement. For instance, there appears to be no village Seeker, so two Lurchers actually finding and trusting each other like that isn’t super likely (as seen with Falcon’s death). And yeah, several elim Mistborn would also work as a counterbalance. Unfortunately, we don’t have evidence of that yet. And even having the potential of a mechanically unwinnable game for the elims seems... worrying. I’m still not really interested in a role vote right now, but maybe people should reveal once we clear out all the quiet folks, which is likely in 2-3 cycles. I do feel like, depending on who’s left on the elim team, they might go for some pretty risky plays here. But that might just be my inner elim talking. Giving up a kill hurts, but a soft-clear can be pretty powerful at this stage when we’ve started poking in the corners for the remaining elims.
  6. I guess I want to go after Heron. We’ve still only found 3 elims that voted D1, and two of those were directly opposing Gorilla. Either the elims are so inactive that we’ve basically already won the game, or there were more of them that voted D1. Or their team is really small and the Coinshot is elim. But a small elim team seems a little odd given the two vanillas we’ve already found, even with remaining players having strong roles. It’s also worth noting that the alignment of the Coinshot now seems like it should be related to those of Rhino and Alb, since whichever team doesn’t have a bonus kill presumably would have extra protection to compensate. And I doubt 2 village Lurchers exist in the game, because if the elims had a Coinshot that they lost before killing either Lurcher, the Lurchers could trade protection and be invincible. So that means either an elim Lurcher, and probably either Rhino/Alb is elim, or a couple of Thugs, probably one of which is v/e with the Coinshot. Of course, Hyena could have been responsible for Alb surviving as well. And Rhino is so inactive that an elim Coinshot might have attacked him as a sort of bus, although that is weird unless there are no other inactive elims.
  7. I don't think I know enough about who is behind Gorilla to make a good guess about that, and the only other good data point we have is Hyena, who Gorilla didn't explicitly try to distance from. I think the train on Gorilla sprung up rather quickly D3, so the elims might not have been prepared for distancing. I also rescind what I said about Alb being village irrespective of Cham, mostly because I still want more than 1 elim to have voted on a primary train D1, and if Cham flips village, I think we need to look at Alb closer.
  8. This rule set has plenty of room for powerful elim roles, because it also has plenty of room for powerful villager roles. If the entirely of the elim team’s roles are Thug+Mistborn, I would judge them severely underpowered. I’m going to put my own vote on Chameleon. I also think that, largely independent of Chameleon, Albatross is likely to be village based on the vote interactions that Meerkat pointed out.
  9. Dyring stopped polishing a glass and glared at Scimon. "No more drinks until you start helping us out with this mess. The town's in shambles, our mistborn is dead, and what have you done about it?" He raised his voice, addressing the whole room. "That goes for the rest of you lot as well! No drinks or rooms for anyone that doesn't put some visible effort towards finding the Spiked."
  10. That is a good point, and my apologies to Vulture for discounting you when I made that argument. I do think it’s important to have somewhere in the back of your head the thought, “would player X do this as elim?” It’s not always a helpful line of reasoning, especially because elims can play with it to make IKYKs, but it can turn some actions from elim to NAI at least. Something like “confirmed not helpful isn’t the same as confirmed not village”, which is unfortunate. And yeah, like I said earlier, I’ve basically got no defense for D2 or D3. Family over ISOing and all that.
  11. Going to say that I find Penguin's case against Chameleon pretty convincing. In an attempt to convince Meerkat that I am not in fact Kas doing a poor impersonation of someone, I'm actually going to get some sleep tonight. Probably going to be ~10 hours before I post again. Hopefully Chameleon will have responded by then, so I can make a slightly more informed choice of whether or not to move my vote.
  12. I'm pretty sure if I were doing an Araris impersonation then I'd be RPing a grouchy old man (or woman, in the case of Arenta) that whacks people and I'd be saying "bother" a whole lot. Although apparently Dyring doesn't believe in Koloss, so maybe you're on to something .
  13. Dyring was wiping down the front windows of the inn when Kellerht stopped by and mentioned his concerns about Dyring's actions over the last couple of weeks. Dyring frowned at his friend and asked, "You're kidding, right?" But they both knew that Kellerht wasn't, and the farmer's already stony face hardened further. Dyring turned his gaze back to his unfinished work for a moment before sighing. "All right. I'll see if I can come up with something to convince you. But there are things that need doing around here. So if you want me to take time to defend myself, you better help out with the work." With that, he tossed his rag to Kellehrt, set down his bucket of water, and headed inside to gather his thoughts. Unfortunately I've got a fair amount of work (and scheduled fun things) to do today, so I won't be on to doing my own analysis of other players until possibly later tonight. However, right now, based on the reads list I gave last cycle and the updated colors on the D1 votes, I'll vote for Mint Heron. The main thing I have to say about D1 is: why would elim!Axolotl claim the role/action that I did (aside from the benefit of me being able to ask this now, of course )? I myself was confused by the vote manip D1 and missed that Pearl's vote had been claimed to be Soothed (my lack of knowledge is not confirmable, but true nonetheless). At the very least, anyone entertaining that I am elim should also entertain that I lied about my role and the vote manip came from elsewhere on the elim team. With regards to Days 2 and 3, the main thing I have to say is that these were near the end of my winter holiday break, so I was trying to spend time with family more than work out things, which is why I didn't do a whole lot of looking into, well, anyone. Maybe elim!me would have tried harder? I'd like to think that being with family is more important than being elim though. I feel like I should say something about the person Meerkat believes me to be and who Hyena claimed to be being elims together and losing 2 teammates in 4 cycles, but that's not really a defense either.