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  1. I'm trying to figure this out but the mess of forsaken talk and actual gameplay analysis is making it a bit hard to follow after falling behind. Sorry I haven't posted as much this cycle. I think I'm supporting the logic of @Amethyst Scorpion and putting a vote on Ivory Dragonfly
  2. Well since we're trying to figure out who Lews Therin is a have a suggestion. I am a female Forsaken. All other female channelers should be able to remove themselves from suspicion. We can use Saidar's innate ability to sense itself to build some trust between each other. I don't know if everyone has the same weaves but I have at least one that is safe to use on other players. We can sort through the male Foresaken and gain ourselves some time. I wonder what the Dragon's win con is?
  3. I'm waiting for a lynch and maybe a night kill before jumping on any major theories edit: I remembered this game isn't Long. So I guess I'm just waiting for the next lynch
  4. Mostly due to the nature of WoT. Forsaken, White Tower, Dragon, Black Tower, Seachan. So many factions... I don't know which are being used or not. It appears we have a Forsaken and the Dragon (who may be alone but may have supporters). Also, the specified amount of players cries out a game with specifically designed roles (like has been said earlier) and having multiple factions within those roles could be possible
  5. That'd be crazy! Pretty intriguing though. I don't know if I could see it happening in an already crazy game
  6. This balefire talk is interesting but I don't think we can make any real assumption. I'm going to assume people lynched aren't entirely eliminated. The rest of the information will probably have to come as balefire is used. Also is there a stilling mechanic? Can people who can channel lose their powers? More speculation than actual questions but I wanted to throw them out there.
  7. My knowledge is a little rusty but I remember it doing similar things. In the Age of Legends entire cities would be wiped out and brought back due to balefire
  8. I guess this is another PAFO moment. A lynch will be necessary so we can use the mechanic right later on in the game.
  9. That's what I'm thinking. Maybe lynch votes aren't final? If someone is balefired later could someone end up coming back to life and another person die? 13 is an important number. I believe it has something to do with the Dark One. 14 is the total number of books but if I remember right he wanted it to be 13
  10. Interesting thoughts on balefire. I imagine you have more information than we have. The balefire limit is a bit scary though. The whole world could just vanish and we'd be none the wiser.
  11. ah, the pokes begin! I would throw one in but it looks like we got a couple already that have yet to be answered. Here's a bit of information to get us started. I believe we are all in Amadicia. I'm feeling inclined that there are multiple win conditions
  12. I took Penguin out as nobody attempted vote manipulation to prevent their lynch, but I suppose it's possible that having two votes on Scorpion and one on three other non-Penguins would make manipulation seem unnecessary. If Scorpion is evil, there are presumably vote manipulators backing them up. That would make it not necessary and perhaps actively harmful for elim teammates to mount a public defence when it's so much easier to lynch Falcon. Scorpion apparently had not made PMs with anyone nor received any messages. I'm not sure how Scorpion missed that a vote had been removed when everyone was asking in thread though. The main thing I see against Falcon is that they knew Heron had died where Crocodile and Weasel did not. I will not be voting there. I don't know how I missed it the first several times, but @Azure Mouse, why did you say there was vote manipulation with Chartreuse Penguin? There's no reason Swan's vote couldn't have been the one removed. This could be evil, evidence of Mouse saving Scorpion, or missaying Heron though. I will vote for Penguin, I think. Scorpion - 3 Swan, Penguin, Tuatara Falcon - 2 Crocodile, Dingo Penguin - 2 Weasel, Ostrich
  13. So Scorpion does not have a passive role that removes votes. Someone decided to intervene, though it is possible whoever it was missed the last 35 minutes of the cycle and Penguin's vote. I'm not sure why Elandera would have brought up soulstamps as a requirement for Forgery if Falcon doesn't have a role that would allow for that, but it makes sense that a soulstamp would be required. If roles were not originally designed to be revealed, it makes it less likely that Forgers can recycle dead roles. Perhaps they can resurrect at the cost of another's life.