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  1. I took Penguin out as nobody attempted vote manipulation to prevent their lynch, but I suppose it's possible that having two votes on Scorpion and one on three other non-Penguins would make manipulation seem unnecessary. If Scorpion is evil, there are presumably vote manipulators backing them up. That would make it not necessary and perhaps actively harmful for elim teammates to mount a public defence when it's so much easier to lynch Falcon. Scorpion apparently had not made PMs with anyone nor received any messages. I'm not sure how Scorpion missed that a vote had been removed when everyone was asking in thread though. The main thing I see against Falcon is that they knew Heron had died where Crocodile and Weasel did not. I will not be voting there. I don't know how I missed it the first several times, but @Azure Mouse, why did you say there was vote manipulation with Chartreuse Penguin? There's no reason Swan's vote couldn't have been the one removed. This could be evil, evidence of Mouse saving Scorpion, or missaying Heron though. I will vote for Penguin, I think. Scorpion - 3 Swan, Penguin, Tuatara Falcon - 2 Crocodile, Dingo Penguin - 2 Weasel, Ostrich
  2. So Scorpion does not have a passive role that removes votes. Someone decided to intervene, though it is possible whoever it was missed the last 35 minutes of the cycle and Penguin's vote. I'm not sure why Elandera would have brought up soulstamps as a requirement for Forgery if Falcon doesn't have a role that would allow for that, but it makes sense that a soulstamp would be required. If roles were not originally designed to be revealed, it makes it less likely that Forgers can recycle dead roles. Perhaps they can resurrect at the cost of another's life.
  3. Evil Soothers can mess with the lynch purely to throw suspicion on people, so long as there aren't any elims up for the lynch. I don't see any great reason for an elim to remove a vote from Heron while simultaneously killing them though. Penguin, Vulture, and Albatross are less likely to be evil if the any vote manipulator belongs to the Glory faction. It's possible that there was only one vote manipulator; if Crocodile, Swan, or Penguin is a rioter variant they could have cancelled their own vote in exchange for moving a vote from either Scorpion or Heron to Mouse.
  4. If the two public factions need to eliminate one or more players in order to win, those players are automatically a third faction regardless of quantity. True neutrals should be able to win with a public faction. Secret lose conditions(e.g. three Arbiters have died, so the Anarchist(s) win and everybody else loses, tend to at least have some forewarning, e.g. the arbiters know somebody is after them.
  5. '...In related news, the Pope hast sated that the Vatican's thoughts and prayers are with the inhabitants of NYC during this latest crisis'. Nellik listened to the newscaster as he made his way down the street. The recent activities where starting to make a big splash on the news. It was only a matter of time untill teh humnasn brought in the big stuff now, adn then the game would be over. Anyway, I've taken a quick look over the accounts. Of the surviving accounts, only Swan has voted all 4 preceding cycles. Iguana has voted the preceding 3, and Tuatara, weasel, penguin, beagle and falcon have voted in the preceding 2. So I'm going to vote on Swan for now, on the off chance that that's the collection point for their team's stuff. goy, jbu zry iuu vq ugvrxwy? wjlz yfeygljf ok akwpqaw dljuh rgdaukgj.
  6. Uh oh. The tie is a tie no longer. I know I voted for Gecko to be against excess killing, but maybe that's the proper way to go about this--send more people into a panic, making sure a lot of turnover between vessels is happening and end up with fewer players rather than killing time. What the heck--I'll preserve the tie. Taupe Gecko.
  7. Sounds good to me; I'll be switching to this. Salmon Meerkat Taupe Gecko; let's get some extra bandwagoning happen. There's only half an hour before the round ends; vote now!
  8. I'm not sure we should lynch Salmon Meerkat, because if they'd just switched into this body then we're trying to kill the player as quickly as possible. If anyone has any knowledge/hunches on which player this is (i.e. their original body) and has evidence against them for collusion/killing/having-more-items-than-the-average I'll keep my vote at the end of the cycle. I'll also keep my vote if I don't get any of that information; bandwagons are fun. If someone else becomes suspicious I'll vote on them, though. That should help.
  9. Finally. He had done his research as thoroughly as possible; tailing, stalking, and reading the person's info online and in person was all he could do for now. If he was in a hurry, he could transfer to this vessel and make a quick escape. On the other hand, though, he should leave it as a backup--so he'd have to endure the music for now. He couldn't see any suspicious looks around him, either at the station or on his way to the vessel's apartment, which was rather unfortunate. He was hoping for some action, forcing him to transfer vessels fairly soon. Maybe he should check out the center of all this commotion; no sane person stays in the action and risks death, so the only ones there would be temporary. They'd be a little less hostile, and more investigative. It'd give him a better chance of escape, that's for sure. Nellik called an Uber.
  10. Making my way downtown walking fastFaces pass and I'm home boundStaring blankly ahead just making my wayMaking a way through the crowd Why am I so uptight today?Paranoia's all I got leftI don't know what stressed me firstOr how the pressure was fedBut I know just what it feels likeTo have a voice in the back of my head It's more than a feeling-- Grgg. Listening to so many songs made Nellik feel like there was a radio constantly playing by him. He liked to do his research on vessels, so he could hide in them without disrupting too much around them. However, he was in a bit of a hurry with this one--only had a week to learn the daily routine, and it turned out the person did nothing but listen to music all day. All. Day. The vessel worked at a radio station--Nellik's bane. He hated music, especially songs with lyrics. It grated on his ears so much, and worse, it reminded him of several close calls. For some reason, every time he lost a vessel to an assailant was when popular music was playing--or that one time, during a concert. Call it confirmation bias, but this vessel was bad luck. Expecting a confrontation at any moment, he checked the clock and headed out. Time to finalize some research for a new vessel.
  11. Huh. I missed people voting on me. What a shame. I don't see how it matters whether you know my alignment or not (I'll grant that I am part of one of the 5-6 player factions and am not a single person faction). Most inter-faction alliances are fixed. I do not intend to act as an indpendent agent and I will be aligning with my own factions intents. You just don't know what I'll specifically be doing, but knowing my faction does not tell you any more about what my faction itself is doing. When does the night end? The timing looks off. (This post was made in a rush. I'll make a better post, if at all later. )
  12. Did Sapphire volunteer to be targeted? I find it hard to believe a vessel would ask odium to target them for this plan given that something could very easily go wrong with it. Did you have knowledge beforehand that Sapphire was a vessel?
  13. I don't know why we're ignoring this. Forget GLaDOS' wincon. My problem with this is that this results in another failed lynch. I think we've had enough of those for now. So, why are we lynching mouse? @Azure Mouse Is Dragonfly correct? Has Devotion Protected you? If all of this is true, I don't see much sense in the mouse lynch now. This, to me, sounds like classic misdirection. Slight denial followed by highlighting someone else. I don't know about the wincon of this fifth faction, but if the Devotion wincon is correct (as indicated by the protects and failed lynches this game, which essentially had to have been forced as there's not much of a chance to predict the lynch in SE) I'd rather not take a chance on Mouse. Given that the Weasel lynch is gaining momentum, I'd like to lynch them. (Heh. My second vote this game is also on Weasel. I hadn't expected that.) Edit: Ninja'd by Mint Heron
  14. 1. It is still a faction war, I think. There'd be far more votes on you if this were a typical elim vs village game, I think. The "inquisition" as you put it, is simply a convenient reason to vote for you, I think. Especially considering certain faction relationships that I suspect. 2. Then what is your bargaining chip? You needn't have the same chip twice though. I'm right? Well, that'd be a first.
  15. 1. That doesn't mean lying can't be frowned upon. 2. Maybe the factions are all hoping the other factions think like that and so no one's leaving. Withdrawing support guarantees a lack of odium. Maintaining support enables a chance at odium. or at the very least, escaping your crosshairs, if you do indeed possess Odium. I don't know whom to vote for, because I'd like to see Ax dead, if only for confirmation. But, I think they'd be more forthcoming with info and stuff if they were alive rather than dead (in PMs if not in the thread). I'd agree with Zebra about Axolotl's lies, especially regarding the "Hoid" secret role and such (if it is even called that). That combined with the sudden support Axolotl seems to have this turn in the lynch is rather telling of a bargaining chip (which may or may not be Odium. Funny how things seem to be fitting, eh?) That's all I think?