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  1. I also offer the same apology. Especially if Mouse is evil, and co-conspiring with Melon, but I too will switch, as it makes sense to me the reason that Melon provided, and someone else said that they didn't have an elim read on Melon. Mouse Albatross.
  2. I think we have the power to keep the vote on Azure right now or move it to albatross very effectively with just you and me, if you want to move it.
  3. Well, There's 30 minutes left. I'll be back to check in about 15 minutes, but can't guarantee I'll be on after that. This means my vote may most likely stay on Azure. Edit: I reread this and it said 4 minutes when it was supposed to show 40. Now it's down to 30. I also didn't notice the second page. If I'm not mistaken, it's 3 for Azure right now, and one for albatross? Is that right?
  4. Essentially yes. I figured it would be more likely that an Elim would have a role that allows their own vote to be removed or secretly redirected than it would be for a villager to have such a role. It appeared as if Mauve had such a role. I think because at the time, we had a PM open, and I don't believe they had any additional PMs. Alright everyone, at this point, we have 7 players down, and 3 votes. They're all for azure mouse. We've only heard from some of the players this cycle, so it's entirely possible that some of the players we've heard from are eliminators. If that's the case, and Azure is village, then we've let the Elims have a clean Elim Sweep. If Azure is Elim, then we are still at lylo, so I don't really think that the Elims are that worried. @Cream Tuatara You expressed a hesitance to keep your vote on Azure, Who else would you be willing to vote for? @Azure Mouse If you are village, who would you vote for? Just based on chance, there's a 4/7 chance you're village. But since you're one of the characters that everyone who has spoken up has been willing to lynch, I think there's a better than even chance you're eliminator, as so far, no one has had sufficient reason to give you a personal clear.
  5. I'll add my vote onto Azure Mouse for now, though I would still like to hear from Coral Swan as to their suspicions, as they are the other person I'm willing to trust this cycle.
  6. Because it had happened twice on a person Mauve had voted on, I thought it was more likely that Mauve was cancelling his vote in some way or another. It could have been a simple remove, or he may have been able to place a hidden vote. Knowing that we had failed to lynch an Elim so far, I thought that it was a decent possibility that there was vote manipulation on the elim team, and this seemed to be a likely candidate.
  7. I am not a Rememberer! I am a Bloodsealer in the Heritage faction. I am able to make a skeletal each turn. I can sacrifice a skeletal to roleblock a player. I can confirm that the items that I picked up are just for flavor. They have no use to anyone. Elandera was only trying to help a sad, roleless player enjoy themselves. Ok, so at this point, we are likely 4-3. That means that there are likely three people who are willing to vote together, as long as one of the remaining four does not vote on an elim. Also, all of the remaining 4 must vote together to stop an elim hammer. I'm willing to believe Swan's claim, and I have put Tuatara as village as well. If those two trust each other. That leaves me with the options of Mouse, Weasel, Albatross, and Dingo. If I'm right about Tuatara and Swan, then three of those four are Elim. If we can get one person as an elim that most of us agree on, that would be the person to vote for. Until I can perform further analysis, I would be willing to vote for any of those four.
  8. @Elandera, was it intentional that my vote on Mauve Crocodile was removed from the write-up?
  9. I'm sorry. I know you're defending me here, which I appreciate. I just don't follow the logic. I don't know why the elims would want me dead, except for the fact that I've publicly claimed that I might have items. Up to this point, I'm pretty sure everyone I voted for has ended up village. If that were the case, I imagine the elims would want to kill me in order to collect those items. (I don't even know if the items have any use, I'll remind you.) I also don't know any village soother, so I don't know why one would choose to protect me, unless they for some reason trust me.
  10. I'm afraid that this game is on it's way to fizzling out, before any major secrets get revealed. We're what? Halfway through this cycle. So I'll continue the math from mouse, but with 15 players. We'll assume 3 elims, ignoring the possibility for a neutral or independent third party. My math will be based of the results at the end of the day Worst Case Scenario. Italics already happened. D1 10-3 (Kill, Mislynch) D2 8-3 (K, M) D3 6-3 (K, M) D4 4-3 (l, M)(LyLo) D5 3-2 (K, L) (LyLo At worst, we have one cycle before we are in dire Lylo situations But if we assume we hit an elim this cycle, then miss D4 5-2 (K, L) D5 3-2 (K,M) (LyLo) Either way, with a single mislynch, and a single accurate lynch, we are at lylo by D5 at this point. At this point, we have 9 players left, so we can assume 1/3 are elim. There isn't much to look into as we don't have anything except village lynches so far, but I'll look at voting history. ED1T Azure Mouse-1 vote against him cycle one. Voted on Magenta albatross C1, No vote C2, No Vote C3 Slight Elim read Coral Swan- No final vote against them, Voted C1, and C2. No vote C3. The weekend snuck up on me, so it could have snuck up on them as well, to be the reason for a missed vote. I see someone who is contributing even when they don't need to as slight village. Cream Tuatara- No final vote against them, but voted all three cycles. This could also be slight Village for same reasons as above Emerald Falcon- I know I look elim to quite a some people, because I made a mistake regarding looking closely at what happened D2 before my D3 vote. But the elims know I'm not elim, so they would be trying to use this. Indigo Weasel- This isn't exactly vote analysis, but I've had a PM with them and told them that I have an Item, and nothing has happened. So if they are an elim, then they do not seem to want to be collecting works of art. Ivory Dragonfly- I don't see any votes against them or any final votes that stuck from them. Upon further review, It doesn't look like they've voted at all, despite having close to average (But slightly below) activity. This seems rather suspicious to me. Magenta Albatross- 1 vote D1, which appears to have been a poke vote. They have one vote d2, and no posts after asking a question to the person they voted on. I'm gonna give it slight village. Mauve Crocodile- two of the three times they've voted, it's been silently removed. One was against Mint Heron, who we know was village, and killed the same cycle as the vote. The other was against me. This seems rather elimey to me. Melon Dingo-Asked what happened on a tie. No vote D1, a vote D2 and D3. Most suspicious to me is the question asking what happens in a tie. But that would only be if they had to worry about saving their teammate. The only remaining people from D1 that could be is Azure or Magenta. Both of them I've read as village for now. Anyways In other news, I have two Items that I randomly picked up. (Which I just tried to do because I had no role) Then, last cycle I forgot to submit an action. They both have no use to me, so that make them similar to the piece of art someone had D1. If anyone wants them, please reach out to me through PM. And please, dissect my analysis, so I can answer your questions. There's hopefully plenty of info right now if we work together. Anyway, my vote is for Mauve Crocodile now.
  11. I kindof agree with this. I wanna lynch someone who voted on scorpion, as I feel like it was an attempt by the elims to make it look like they were saving me to make me look like an elim. But I'm not an elim, so that didnt work. Either that or they were trying to save chartreuse penguin.
  12. I attempted to forge myself into a new person. It didn't work, because I didn't have a soulstamp. It could be possible to soulstamp art, but as far as I know, it has no use. There is also supposedly no way for me to obtain soulsamps. I've got something that might be art, that I'd be willing to pass to someone to try to soul stamp if you have a soulstamp. PM me to discuss the matter.
  13. Hmm. It seems we are on our way toward Lylo, or worse, a perfect elim game. If the rememberer can create art, then we know that there must be some use to the art. It has no use, meaning it has no abilities. But perhaps if a person or group collects enough, then they win? This brings up the question if there are more rememberers, or if there's other ways to pick up the art, or if there's a way to activate their uses. I'll try to have time to at least perform a rudimentary analysis at some point in this cycle, but no promises.
  14. The GM is the first to have brought up soulstamps I believe. I will check in just a moment. Edit. Confirmed
  15. Oh, well. There's votes against me. That's interesting. Well. I honestly just removed my vote because I didn't know what to do, and Because I didn't know enough about the mechanics of the game. Anyway, I don't have any role, and I actually attempted to pick up a random item last night, just to see what would happen. This cycle I submitted an action to forge myself into a new person, but I was nearly immediately told that because I didn't have a soulstamp, I couldn't do that. I then asked if there was a way for me to obtain a soulstamp, and the answer was no.