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  1. I had gotten an odd vibe from all of thier early on posts, and unfortunatley there has not been too much else to go off of. This game has really decreased in activity as PM's have began opening up. I didn't really know what to make of their abrupt accusation of Amethyst Scorpion, especially so early on in the game. Again it could have been confidence still lingering from a belief that they were the main village faction. Amethyst has been consistently active, and from what I can recall they claimed forsaken early on. The consistency leads me to tentatively trust them. Coral Swan might be a bit too far into the inactivity spectrum for me to believe they're Lews. Especially since they have been pretty inactive the whole game. I'm running out of time, so Emerald Falcon Your playstyle has been throwing me for a bit of a loop this game. You are active nought that I know you are here, but you seem to have been staying under my radar pretty well. So this cycle my vote will be on you.
  2. I feel like this game has turned into a PM game at this point, and it is making any and all analysis really difficult since all I have to work with right now is stuff posted in the earlier cycles. Using the limited information I do have, I'm going to vote on Charcoal Hyena.
  3. I guess my biggest suspicion is Azure Mouse. If they were Lews then they would have reecieved their character in green text, which is normally associated with being the main village faction. Even in a blackout game it would be an automatic assumption. However when players all over began revealing that they were forsaken, Mouse's activity dropped off to next to nothing very quickly.
  4. At this point with a lynch that just roleblocks the player, we are essentially all left to our own devices with finding Lews. Either as single players or small groups, players can just use their weaves on any player they wish. There isn't the same obligation to go to the thread and post arguments to try and pull the lynch the way you want it. One potentially problematic effect from that is the fact that if everyone uses kill actions of some description the player count could decrease more rapidly than normal.
  5. Right, so unfortunately I'm not really too farmiliar with the source material for this game, which makes analysis and such a little bit harder in a game set up like this. I am however not on this list of potential forsaken players, I believe I saw the name somewhere in this thread, I am a forsaken named Lanfear
  6. Woah, hold up here. What happened with the vote count? It went from Azure Mouse (4): Amber Vulture, Coral Swan, Indigo Weasel, Ivory Dragonfly Amber Vulture (2): Emerald Falcon, Azure Mouse Coral Swam (1): Cream Tuatara Ivory Dragonfly (1): Amethyst Scorpion to Mouse (4): Vulture, Swan, Weasel, Dragonfly Vulture (2): Mouse, Falcon Tuatara (1): Swan Dragonfly (1): Scorpion It looks as though the only changes were that the Tuatara/Swan vote got swapped somehow or by someone, and swan got two votes. I am curious to see if anyone might have an explanation for what happened there? It does make me curious to see what is going to happen as the cycles go on. @Coral Swan any thoughts on this turnout?
  7. Coral Swan, Haven't seen you yet! how's it going? Any thoughts on the balefire speculation? This is definitely hard to wrap heads around, its like trying to do a puzzle with only a few pieces that you have to keep hidden from everyone else. We all likely have a bit different information through speculation or GM-PM's. Personally I think that we will have better luck with speculation and analysis after one cycle.
  8. I was in the process of writing a post, got distracted, returned to it, was almost done and then the cycle closed... So a few things, in no particular order: I thought I'd seen that mentioned, but couldn't find it. Right. So someone else removed Gorilla's vote. Unless that was Gorilla doing so, I'm still a bit confused why the vote... Best I could say is that at one stage the votes were: An eliminator wanting some chaos could have put down an action to try and get a random lynch, and then just left it there. But then much later, there were a large number of players with just one vote, except Zebra with 2. It'd have made much more sense to shift the vote at that point, making an 8 way tie, and (at that point) preventing a guaranteed lynch on Zebra. So... I guess I'm just going with I'm still confused... ~ Another random thought - I wouldn't be too surprised if there were 6 sympathisers. While at 25%, it's on the larger side of things, but with highly random available actions each given cycle, there's a fair chance of extra casualties from the village getting lucky with Dustbringers. Even if 6 is too many, certainly 5. I'd be surprised if there were only 4 sympathisers this game. ~ In regards to the lynch just gone, I didn't particularly care for any of the options. Albatross feels more like a villager who's choice of target D1 was misguided, I don't think evil!Iguana would have opted for their actions D1 either, given our suspicions about role distribution, and while I still would like an answer from Toucan, I'm not necessarily suspicious of them? Just want them to actually be active. Obviously that doesn't answer the question of who would I have put a vote on though... Something I'll keep mulling over. ~ I'm going to try and post later with actual suspicions, but for the moment, I figured I'd put together a list of all the votes placed last cycle for future reference: Iguana(2): Scorpion, Rhino Toucan(1): Falcon, Iguana, Albatross Albatross(3): Crocodile, Axolotl, Swan Falcon(0): Octopus Lion(5): Falcon, Gecko, Octopus, Albatross, Vulture Rhino(0): Vulture
  9. Dyfan piped up. "Sorry guys, got lost in my research, and time got away from me. But I have some thoughts." I'm glad you all thought my question to Toucan (and everyone else) was meaningless (less pleased no one answered my question though...). It was meant to seem that way but it really wasn't meaningless. Outside of actual preferences for the Radiant orders (which many people might not have firm opinions on anyway), people's responses are going to be influenced by their role. Even if they purposefully respond something different to their actual role, it's still a piece of data you have that might be able to make use of later if more solid info is gathered (or as people die and their roles are revealed). So yes, certainly doesn't give immediate actionable info, but it would possibly be useful in the long run. Given is seem like the majority of players could be Worldhoppers, that strategy likely won't yield any useful info at all. It seemed worth a shot at least. I was trying to work out how the vote changes made sense during the night cycle and drawing blanks. Honestly, Albatross moving a vote to prove their role claim to someone makes the most sense to me. I'd have either voted on someone else or moved someone else's vote though. I'd buy that as being thoughtless though, rather than any malicious intent. Curious about the removal of Gorilla's vote. Earlier in the cycle, Gorilla's vote had put Penguin in the lead for the lynch. At that point, it would have made sense to remove Gorilla's vote to avoid the lynch. Obviously Gorilla eventually moved their vote anyway making it irrelevant. If Penguin were still alive I'd be very curious about the identity of the Bondsmith. I'd have figured that maybe Penguin had the Bondsmith power maybe? Need to spend a bit more time processing the discussion this cycle, so l'll go do that and vote after I have done so.
  10. So I take it then that Orlok is just a flavour kill, given they're not an animal and don't appear on the player list. And that lynch was way more exciting that I'd have expected it to be. First off, we lynched an Odium Sympathiser, and not only that, a Worldhopper? Curious what that means for the distribution of roles this game, but that's got to be a point in our favour. … Well at this point Rhino beat me to it: We also had two vote removed from Toucan, one of which found its way to Chameleon. I've got to head off again, but Toucan, I'd still like a response.
  11. I did ask you a question that you neglected to answer. I'll add that leaving people open for scans is convenient, but weigh up the value in leaving yourself able to be scan (of which there is no guarantee), versus protecting your vote from vote manipulation. And I'd say that the vote isn't the recruit's most powerful tool - it's being able to make the Odium Sympathiser's life painful without fear of the village losing a powerful role.
  12. From my studies of the radiant orders, I wouldn't expect that we'd end up with any more than one Dustbringer, Skybreaker, and Worldhopper, but we'd have at least two Edgedancers. Beyond that I think there's little point in speculating on the distribution of radiants until we know more powers. We do know for sure that there is at least 1 Edgedancer, so that's something. Because we do have an Edgedancer, just remember to be careful what information you reveal in private, particularly around your role. I know that teamwork and trust building requires some give and take, but keep in mind that even if you are roleless or don't have an important power, that information is incredibly important. For the Odium sympathisers, it allows them to narrow down the options for where the Knights Radiant important roles are. In fact, for those with important abilities, your lack of important ability is valuable as it frees you up to play in a way that draws Odium's ire, pulling attention away from other players and thus prolong the life of the more powerful Radiants we have. Going to put a poke vote on Sunburst Toucan in hopes they get on and post. A question for Toucan (although anyone feel free to answer), which do you think is the most interesting radiant power?
  13. Looking at who has been online, Azure Mouse was online 4 hours ago, Coral Swan was online 2 hours ago, Indigo Weasel was online 9 hours ago, Magenta Albatross was online 21 hours ago, and obviously you, I, and Emerald are all online currently. Don't know if this is useful. Anyways, I'm sitting here really unsure whether or not it's worth shifting to Albatross or not. Does the silence from the other players suggest that they're happy with a Mouse lynch? Are they waiting till late to vote? Or are the only active people eliminators that they're just happy with the state of affairs. But if so, why isn't the rest of the village voting...
  14. So these are all the vote tallies from across the game. Some thoughts: Cycle 1 - Mauve Crocodile originally voted on Indigo Weasel, before moving that vote to Mint Heron. Potentially the reason Crocodile's vote was removed was because it had been on Weasel? That being said, Crocodile did move his vote to Heron 13 hours before the end of cycle, so there should have been time to change actions if necessary. So there's probably nothing significant there. Cycle 2 - This was the only cycle a vote wasn't removed from anyone. Also the only cycle Weasel voted, although they did put down a vote, then shifted it becaue they had voted on a dead player, then removed it again. Probably just a coincidence though. Everyone piled on Scorpion, with a sufficient lead that there wasn't a lot of use for anyone removing a vote. Cycle 3 - There was a tie between Falcon and Penguin, before a vote was removed from the Falcon lynch. It maybe interesting that the lynch that one had two players we don't know the alignment of, and saved one of those players. I've otherwise gotten good vibes from those two players though, so don't know... Cycle 4 - There was a one vote lead on Swan against the Dragonfly lynch that appeared fairly last minute (3 hours and 2 hours prior to the end of cycle). Interestingly, Swan didn't vote at all to save themselves. They were 'saved' by a vote being removed from their lynch, but that still just meant a coinflip. Not sure how I feel about the last minute nature of the Dragonfly lynch. Probably reflects more poorly on Albatross than Mouse. Don't know if it's likely for a Mouse, Albatross, Swan team or not... Maybe Albatross and Swan at least? The other thing I wanted to look at is the suspicions of the players who've died in the last cycle or two: - Crocodile was most suspicious of Swan and Mouse, and didn't think Falcon (or Dragonfly) were the most suspicous last cycle. - Dragonfly tunnelled on Falcon - Penguin was last suspicious of Falcon for their comment that "It seems we are on our way toward Lylo, or worse, a perfect elim game. " at the start of cycle 3. It wasn't until cycle 4 that Falcon actually posted a breakdown of the progression towards lylo. I need to think further. Although at this point it seems unlikely a shift in the lynch would occur... Edit: @Emerald Falcon I'd be willing to vote on Magenta Albatross or maybe Coral Swan. But even if I do think there's a reasonable chance that Swan is an eliminator, I don't think they're the eliminator to be putting in orders, based on what came out last cycle with the Emperor. So attempting to lynch one a different eliminator would be preferable to potentially block the eliminator kill or remove the vote remover (Glory Arbiter?) from the game. But then I guess it'd be better to at least get an eliminator...