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  1. Before I pass, I’d like to remark how fitting today’s thread title is. Thank you for a fun game, guys. Talk to you in the Spec doc oh, and I’m a truthspren, clearly
  2. I did not scan, I was scanned. By CadCom, as you now know. As for what I did N1, I recharged 2 Stormlight. I’d actually like to thank you, Levitaph, as it’s good to see thorough analysis from you. I understand your qualms, and would likely share them in your place. As Fura notes, I’m not exactly playing my normal game, and likely overextended. As I’ve already stated, the goal of my roleclaiming was to fish out Sja’anat and make it harder for her to hide. I’ve passed on my knowledge to a few people, and hope they can continue my work. I’ve gotten roleclaims from eight people, and believable ones from five or six.
  3. Okay, first: all the votes: -The less active players were also more likely to be Sja’anat herself, not a convert, who I was focusing on. And by my list I posted earlier, I have her on a shortlist of nine, which is narrowing. If most of those players are inactive, so be it. Sja’anat might defy logic and convert less actives regardless, so ignoring them is also unwise. -I could also, you know, be trying to solve for who Sja’anat is, which narrowing people down via roleclaims is very useful for. At the least, we make her claim something obscure or falsifiable. -It is indeed not my true Role, but your willingness to immediately reveal my identity to the thread makes me want to defend myself by claiming my actual race of Truespren go from low to miniscule. You’re likely good, or at least not Sja’anat, but there’s little call to give my role, false or otherwise, to everyone immediately, irrespectively of whether you want to lynch me or not. Keeping it vague would have been better, most likely. -First of all, I am a he. Second, no, I did not craft, as I’m not a Stonespren. There are quite a few not-Stonespren around, actually. All of this has little bearing on my alignment. You bring up my efforts to narrow Sja’anat down as some kind of trick to deceive the thread, but there’s little call, if I was Sja’anat, to go around desperately looking for roles. I could just convert people if I was that intrigued, and clearly role trading draws suspicion, as evidenced by this behemoth of a bandwagon. That’s...not a great reason to back off Ark. And why switch to me? What do you find suspicious? There was again no call to reveal CadCom. You decry me for seeking out roles, but have publicised more private role information than I ever have. This is very vague, and it’s these kinds of statements that make me retain my uneasiness about Rath. I was going to refute his claim that I was phishing in my PM with him, but don’t have time for that anymore. I repeat my question to Dapper: why exactly? I’ve already explained my jump on Lumgol was premature. I have been lying, because my actual role was valuable to the village, and I didn’t want it revealed. I still don’t want it revealed, which is why I’m not disclosing it, even if I’m lynched for it. I will note, however, that your roleclaim is hardly more solid than mine, and is a large part of the reason I suspect you. I hope I’ve given sufficient refutation, Fura. If or when I am mislynched, I would like a thorough look into Lumgol, Rathmaskal, Dr Dapper, and possibly Sart. Trust CadCom, Devotary and Fura for now.
  4. Indeed, a Surge of Productivity is highly coveted by me. If only they weren’t so rare. Wonder what kind of spren could give me one more consistently. I need to bond one ASAP I think I’ll examine my nine suspects for being Sja’anat, in ascending order of suspicion: 9. Snipexe Hasn’t roleclaimed to me, though I’d like him to accept a role-trade at some point, but I don’t think that really affects his status as mostly village in my eyes. His willingness to experiment with the Homolocrum-type things, as well as simply the tone in his PMs, have given me strong village leanings on him. 8/7. xinoehp512/Ark1002 Both inactive for most or all of C1, and therefore very unlikely to be Sja’anat. I trust Xino far more than Ark, though they’re both low on this list because of their activity levels. 6. Levitaph—I’m not really understanding much of the suspicion surrounding them, and am reading them as a confused newer player. 5. Lopen—Had a slightly suspicious roleclaim but has been pushing hard for analysis and activity, though I don’t have much of a read one way or the other 4. Shqueeves 3. Rath 2. Dr. Dapper 1. Lumgol I simply don’t have time to justify the last four, because now four votes got added to me really quickly. I’d urge that if I’m lynched, anyone on this wagon be examined very carefully, as it not-all-that-coincidentally lines up with my suspects. If y’all slow down the posting rate I might be able to actually reply to some of this, hold up.
  5. I am indeed here; was able to get a surge in productivity, and I ought to have an hour or so today. Give me a few minutes to catch up on everything and I’ll start doing some real analysis.
  6. No, sir, away, a papaya war is on!
  7. Alright, I don’t like that tie... Shqueeves if I haven’t done so already and Lumgol. Nothing against you right now, Lum, I just suspect you most out of those five and am using this as a placeholder in case my work leaves me completely incapable of checking the thread tonight.
  8. My apologies all, I’ve had a very busy day and likely an even busier night. I’ll try catching up on PMs now and I’ll get a post up later tonight, hopefully. Does anyone have a vote count?
  9. Hmm. Thank you for checking in, Shqueeves. I agree that there’s currently an outsized focus on Sart, and also Lumgol to some extent, but the focus is somewhat justified considering how narrow D1 discussion was. Hopefully we’ll break out of that box soon enough. One of those two lynches may end up being the most informative for this cycle, though, and of the two I’m leaning still towards Lum as a suspect (though I’m trying to avoid tunnelling). Some people I believe simply aren’t Sja’anat, and others have a very low likelihood of being her, so a current list of immediately suspicious people would be Lopen, Ark, Lumgol, Dr Dapper, Rath, Snip, Levitaph, Shqueeves and perhaps Xino. A lot of people are on here because they simply haven’t roleclaimed to me, though some of these I find a bit more unlikely (such as the newer players, and Snip, who I’ve gotten a good read on from PMs). Others have roleclaimed, but I find their roleclaim hard to verify, suspect them even if the roleclaim is believable, or want more content from them in-thread before making a judgement.
  10. @Shqueeves, @Snipexe, @Rathmaskal and @Dr. Dapper have read my PMs, each three or four hours ago, but not replied. @Levitaph has simply not read it yet; please do. For now, to elicit a response, Shqueeves. Although your mouth may still hurt, I’d like your thoughts on a few players now, or at least a response to my PM. You’ve said little beyond an RNG vote at this point. Edit: Is there anybody I forgot to send a PM to?
  11. Happy Easter to you as well, Sart. That’s fair enough, though I’d appreciate more justification later, if possible. My last post was wishy-washy, but so are my feelings on Lumgol. Looking back over Elandera’s posts, we see a moderate amount of suspicion for Sart, a defence of Lumgol, and a declaration of lowered activity. Depending on the type of Elim we have, she could have been killed for any of the three, but I doubt Sart is the type of Eliminator to kill those suspecting him just because of that. That doesn’t disclude him from being evil, obviously, but I think a more likely reason for the Elandera kill is simply removing a lower-active player (even though Elan is typically more active than the normal “active” player when she’s lower-activity, but I digress ). Such a move would probably be performed by a team which had at least one veteran player on it, which includes...quite a few people, unfortunately for the purposes of narrowing our list down. Still, it’s worth noting. The final possibility is that the Elims intend to mislynch Lumgol, and want to remove one of her defenders. I find this as implausible as the Sart case.
  12. Thank you for the ping; I’ve been struggling with trying to post something, as Easter has left me a bit busy. I think it does, though only marginally; there were certainly good reasons for votes to be drawn away from Lumgol, as I myself was swayed by the logic, but Coop’s lynch for what seemed like a fairly minor tell was a bit...sudden, though that could have been the result of people wanting somewhere to place their vote for Nahel bonds. Nevertheless, the Coop voters, and Lum, should certainly be re-analysed later. Elandera’s death is unfortunate, especially if she’s our only Cryptic. I like PMs With this being potentially our last turn with them, I’d recommend that people use them. I’ll hopefully shoot a few people PMs throughout the day.
  13. mafia championship

    Unto Furamirionind, I bequeath Olaf’s box of matches. Use it to set a thread alight with speculation, to roast those with whom you disagree, or to burn the records of any suspicious-looking older posts.
  14. @Coop772 I don’t believe you have reason to panic, at least not yet. There’s two or so hours left in the cycle, and plenty of people are on to explain change their votes. Would you mind further elaborating on what you found suspicious enough about Lumgol to vote on her? I think that’s where most of the suspicion is coming from.
  15. Hmm. I’m a little surprised how fast that lynch swung away from Lumgol—while it was arguably a good thing, the speed with which the Coop counterwagon arose is fairly alarming. The vote is certainly suspicious, but it seems almost as minor as what I accused Lum for. I’ve done a reread of the whole thread. Nothing new particularly jumps out at me, except Fura’s slightly odd vote on me, and a reminder that my suspicion of Lum isn’t entirely abated. However, I can agree for now to not vote on any of these players. Instead, Sart. Not only does his recent vote on CadCom cast him in a poor light, but a lack of focus on inactives, which he seems to advocate, can be potentially deadly to the village; allowing Sja’anat to lurk in the shadows of the game does little good. I won’t pretend this is a terribly justified vote; the most justification I could offer would probably be a re-addition of my vote to Lum, but I’ve found her recent posts village enough that I don’t particularly want to do that. I’d be happy with seeing either of Sart or Coop flip for information, but as a more personal decision I’d rather see Sart’s flip, most notably to see if Lumgol was perhaps being set up from the beginning of the cycle. During the Night cycle, and after lynch results, I’ll add my thoughts on each of the current players.