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  1. Thanks guys.

    44 minutes ago, Bridge_Ojisan said:

    also he looks real handsome.

    The initial stages had him looking very sharp and much younger, more handsome in a modern American superhero fashion. Had to roughen him up a bit, broaden and pummel his nose, add some wrinkles, forehead vein, scars etc. I always imagine him as chiselled and good-looking in a warrior sort of way, but also as a "Oh storms it's Brightlord Kholin! Scatter!" kind of scary...


  2. 5 hours ago, KaylaChristine said:

    (This is the third time I've started writing this comment, I keep getting distracted clicking through the three images you uploaded!)


    5 hours ago, KaylaChristine said:

    This is really beautiful! I really love how the shattered plains have developed. I'm a sucker for the longer hair and how it flows in your original, but I'm sure the latest one is more accurate for the books. You were asking about the spren, and I want to say they feel pretty accurate for what I imagine. I see some other commenters already specified on those. 

    Either way, seriously gorgeous work, and impressive textures and rendering for digital! (or period, just meant it looks like your hand) 

    Thank you very much! Yes, I liked that hair too. And it's nice to hear someone mention the plains -- I thought they looked pretty cool, if a little rough.

    I came on the site just now to upload a new picture I've done of the plains, actually, so it'd be great to see what you think about that..


  3. Thank you both for the kind words :)

    And Carbonationspren, thanks also for the pointers! Yes, I knew the spren weren't quite right but couldn't say why. Actually they were more ribbon-shaped previously, then I went and complicated them..!

    I will work on his face a little more. His eye is visible as light blue up close (full size image), but I will highlight it more so it's clear at smaller res.

    Oh, it's digital. I was given a pack of acrylics for Christmas, I think in the hope that I would create a nice traditional canvas for someone, but I can't drag myself away from the computer long enough....


  4. I'll take artistic critique from a fellow artist ^_^ but my main reason for uploading here, as opposed to an art forum, was to get faithfulness feedback

    Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, the glow is difficult. If we paint skin tones properly, with primary and secondary light sources etc, the glow is a third/fourth light that can be confusing. As you say, mine is a subtle daylight usage, so an Obi Wan-esque outline glow seems to work.. Edit: though I admit that if he's using lashings I'd imagine him to be holding more than he was in the image I first uploaded, so I've redone it and given him a haircut. Hopefully it's more believable now..

    The glow on yours is done well. I'm impressed with your design & rendering of the carapace armour too.

    What of the spren? And Syl? I think Shardblades are supposed to be quite a bit more intricate, but to me 'gracefulness' generally wears a mask of simplicity.. and I do want her to appear graceful..