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  1. When they walked together for a few days after Jasnah returned from Shadesmar. Will we ever know? All I can tell is that Hoid gave her drawings of the heralds.
  2. Aw that's sad Though in real life I could see him being annoying rather than funny.
  3. I like that idea, but what would Lopen have had to do to receive such punishment? He's a real nice guy.
  4. Honors specialisation is the visions he gives Dalinar. This is due to Connection. All shards have this ability. The shard is strongly connected with the others and Adonalsium so it makes sense Harmony can be faintly aware. I think Honor might be able to maybe seek out Connections into the past better than most, considering what you said. Like an opposite to Cultivation, she is supposedly much better with future predictions than Honor, but he could be better at seeking Connection or something. But Connection works both ways past and present, considering the Spiritual Realm is both past and present as well. So I think it could be an unrelated ability (considering the visions are his shardic ability, akin to Ruin/Preservation) that just happens by coincidence due to his intent, but that's stretching it a bit.
  5. Well first I'm fairly sure a Shard doesn't use fortune but rather glimpses into the spirit realm. They are two different things, using fortune is just a way to access the spiritual realm. Also well everything is Connected in some way, albeit strenuous. So maybe a shard would be able to glimpse very far into the past, but why would they need to? Anything that happened prior to the shattering isn't really needed and we can assume the vessels remember everything onward from it. So to sum up I don't get what you're talking about.
  6. It's almost as if people like different things.
  7. I think it's a good idea that he might be a different type of Scadrian pseudo-returned but a lot of people don't understand what happened between him and Harmony in BoM. Harmony didn't do anything to heal/repair Wax, zero, zilch, nil. Marasai was the one who revived Wax, not Harmony, he must've been like extremely near death, maybe just before brain death. Wax says it himself, there's a rumour you come to all those who die (very paraphrased). How could those rumours come to fruition unless there had been other really near death circumstances? Harmony might've put that into the words of founding as well though so who knows.
  8. I would absolutely hate it if that was the case, and I'm glad we know it's not. I read my books for escapism, and if it was linked back into reality that would ruin the entire thing for me. Breaking the fourth wall can work but I don't think it would in this case. I personally think meta stuff like breaking the fourth wall is stupid, even from an objective standpoint I can't see any reason to do it, other than in a less serious comedic sense, such as in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  9. I know that, but why would it be in his eyes? Why not anywhere else? I know the answer is probably just because it's cool but I'm just wondering.
  10. Wow wow wow so much wow what. A little tidbit I saw was that Frost's eyes were supposedly rimmed with a metal far too metallic for a human. I assume this is dragonsteel but I don't know how that fits into the picture.
  11. Yeah while using your determination it could make you less vulnerable to soothing, then maybe while storing the same goes for rioting.
  12. Well determination is very general and wide. So maybe have the character focus on one thing, then apply the determination to that. Like it could be something as boring as office work, or maybe they're a bodyguard of sorts protecting someone to extremes. Maybe think about what they could also do while in a depressed state while storing? Maybe lull people into a false sense of security and such.
  13. There's a million theories floating around about this one right now, mine is that Odium likely had help from another shard to kill Honour, because he couldn't take on both Honour and Cultivation at the same time, probably got help from Autonomy.
  14. By this I mean what do we know exists, but haven't found? For example we know there's a worldhopping Kandra we've seen at least once I think, stuff like that.