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  1. Indeed. In addition to this, Jezrien not only was their leader, but is worshipped as the only god (instead of Honor) in large parts of Roshar, while Kalak is similarly worshipped in others, for some reason. There is nothing comparable for the female Heralds. Oh, and in one of the epigraphs in WoR, I think, it was again Ishar who was looking for the ways to preserve knowledge between the Desolations, so that might go to his credit too. As to the Everstorm, something needs to be done about it either way to gain the 10-year-long respite, so I can only assume that dealing with it will be part of the climax of book 5.
  2. My personal theory is that all the surviving Heralds are going to return to Damnation at the end of book 5 and that's what is going to buy Roshar the 10-year-long breathing room between the 2 SA series. Only, this time the Fused won't hunt them to capture and to torture, but to kill them for good in the same way that Jezrien was. And the hiatus will be over once the last of them is gone. OTOH, I also think it possible that they'd somehow figure out a loophole how to do so while leaving poor heroic Taln behind to recover and Ash to look after him. I'd very much like female Heralds in particular to be of use, as so far they have been very much eclipsed by their male collegues, who seem to have done all the most important things in history of humanity on Roshar.
  3. I very much doubt that, because we know that the Windrunners often had conflicts with the other Orders, whose philiosophies contradicted theirs. That would preclude them from overall leadership. It was the Bondsmiths job to keep all the different Orders together and pointed more or less in the same direction, and judging from the epigraphs it was not easy. From what I understand, the Skybreakers usually remain squires until swearing the Third Ideal or shortly prior to it. And we don't really know yet how squires usually work - Windrunners are an exception there rather than the rule, because their resonance is "strength of the squires" - which means that they have many more of them than the other Orders, but also that the Windrunner squires are "stronger" in some way. Which is why it is entirely possible that all the other squires only have access to _one_ surge of their patron knight, rather than both of them. So, Skybreaker squires would only have Gravitation until they bond a spren of their own, Edgedancer ones only Abrasion, Lightweaver squires only Illumination and so on.
  4. Your question is a good one, but if you have a chance to ask more, here are a couple of questions I have: N°2 connects with your own question in interesting ways, IMHO.
  5. 1. Is Hoid a Ferring? - I am sure that he is, given his goal of connecting to the magical systems of all Shards, but it would be nice to get a confirmation, which would also furnish more basis for speculation about the means by which SouthScad Ferrings came into being, as well as how Kelsier managed to create The Bands of Mourning. It might be necessary to make clear that the question has nothing to do with Hoid's means of accessing Fortune - as Sanderson has already said that he is using a different mechanism for that. 2. Do singers have significantly longer life-spans than humans? - That would explain a lot of things that otherwise seem like world-building omissions, like lack of listener children in Eshonai's chapters in WoR, Sah's mate becoming very valuable due to her fertility after having just one kid, etc. It would also provide one more point of conflict between the species back when the endless wars started, as humans would have seemed particularly fickle and untrustworthy to the ancient singers, as new generations of humans questioned or rejected agreements made by their elders.
  6. I would have loved it if one's characteristics as a person affected which metal abilities one manifested, but this WoB: seems to suggest that this is not the case, alas. A quick search didn't turn up anything about Ferrings, though, so there is still a slim hope there.
  7. I don't think that Paalm with the Steel feruchemy spike would have the same Identity as Paalm with A-Steel spike, since the spikes are derived from different people. It is a different situation from Miles where there would have been an intrinsic connection between him and the natural, in-born ability being spiked out of him. This is supported by the WoB that bearer of the spike can use the metalminds previously made by the spikee. I.e. that the Identity that the storages are keyed to is contained in the spike itself. For that matter, I think that it is fairly likely that if some time passed between F-Gold being spiked out of Miles - supposing a virtuoso surgical spiking that didn't kill him, and his attempt to burn his storages, there would be a threshold beyond which the F-gold stores would become inaccessible to him What would be the point of it, though? It really doesn't matter for her purposes whether Wax and the constabulary understand the exact mechanism of how she is doing her stuff or not.
  8. I strongly suspect that this is not what happened - that there were always supposed to be _10_ Heralds, but one of the generals got cold feet at the last moment and Taln stepped up to replace him. Or maybe somebody (Hoid?) convinced the general in question to recuse himself, ditto.
  9. IMHO, Hoid doesn't really care, as all he needs is a connection to a given shard via their magic system. But it does explain why he chose to make himself an allomancer, but not a Mistborn - he is saving the bulk of the bead for attaching himself to inimical or very locality-oriented shards (like the Dor). It also tells me that it must be possible to obtain Feruchemy via a particular kind of atium-lerasium alloy, since this is the only way to form a lasting connection to Ruin without hemalurgy - and there is a WoB that Hoid would never contemplate getting a spike. So, IMHO, he must be a Ferring too. This WoB tells us that Hoid is now forging Connections to Shards legitimately when he can, but, say, Autonomy isn't going to give him such a chance: Which means that he now has Connection to at least 5 of the original Shards.
  10. Hm... But memories do degrade with each retrieval - wouldn't this also apply to investiture stored in Nicrosil, so that the medallions do eventually "run out", just in a different way? And become gradually weaker all the while? Also, it seems that anybody can access the abilities stored in Nicrosil, because it would be the only way for a Nicrosil Ferring to get their own ability back if they stored and consequently lost it? Or not, since in this case anybody should be able to retrieve Nicrosil Feruchemy itself from the medallions and become a Ferring in truth... That would also mean that you can't enhance your allomancy and bi-pass continuous flaring/savantism by using Nicrosil Feruchemy, sigh. We are back to in-born limitations on allomantic strength - whether of a natural Misting or of a medallion-maker. Also, as far as I can see, the only way that a group of Mistings and Ferrings could make medallions without hemalurgy would be if they used lerasium metalminds, where anybody can store in and tap from. Which, by itself is a bit odd - if Feruchemy is equally of Ruin and Preservation, why would Preservation's godmetal be a universal metalmind, rather than an alloy of both? Anyway, I have long thought that "excissors" are lerasium metalminds and if their ability storage works like that of F-Nicrosil, then that explains the name and also explains why these tools left to SoScads by the Sovereign couldn't be replicated. If so, I predict that there are just 3 of them at most - I suspect that of the 5 remaining lerasium beads, 2 were used by Kelsier to make himself a Fullborn and to create enough respective So-Scad Mistings and Ferrings to establish heat medallion production. Or maybe there are just 2... we are led to believe that "The Lost Metal" in the title of the upcoming volume is atium, but of course Sanderson likes his twists and the term could equally apply to lerasium. The book very well might deal with Our Heroes obtaining what they need to jump-start Metallic Arts technology in the North.
  11. Well, it helped that Paalm didn't really want to hurt him... we don't know how the things would have gone if she had been serious. And also, Wayne was forewarned that he was dealing with a Steel Ferring. But bodyguards trying to protect somebody from a hired assassin wouldn't necessarily have such luxury. Which is why F-Steel needs to be limited, lest it become unstoppable as compounding becomes easier due to the medallions. IMHO, increased likelihood of severe injury, even death, when operating at higher speeds, as well as the rising difficulty of timely thinking and reactions should prevent human compounders from replicating Paalm's stunts. Insanely? I prefer to believe that Paalm used her victim's metalminds, filled over the years, rather than managed to store so much speed during the 2 weeks that she had the spike before the massacre, but criminals can prep for months between heists. If humans can replicate Paalm's performance, then the opportunity to have months of leisure between jobs would be all it would require for a Steel Ferring to become an unstoppable thief or assassin reliably pulling off big scores. Train a couple of hours a day, store speed at the highest rate possible for the rest of it while reading or planning or whatever, since your mind is not affected.
  12. Well, a kandra did it. Whether a human would have been able to as well is still an open question. I hope that Sanderson does limit F-Steel somewhat, because otherwise it is really OP and can't be defended against. But F-Pewter only stores strength, not agility, grace and healing of A-Pewter. As far as we know only F-Nicrosil could do that. So, IMHO double Pewter is a bit of an underwhelming combination, even if, as you claim, tapping strength stored from an allomantic pewter burn wouldn't produce the awkward huge muscles. Double Tin, OTOH, is probably the most broadly useful compounding combination. Heightened senses and particularly the ability to dial down and up specific senses as needed is very helpful whatever you do. A-Tin mainly helps to fill the metalminds quickly and without the hassle of unaided Feruchemy. You have to deal with people a lot? Tin would allow you to accurately gauge their emotional states and eventually to become a living lie-detector. From a businessperson to a detective, a plethora of professions would profit very much from something like that. If you are a medical doctor, heightened senses would help you diagnose better - noticing and hearing things that normal person wouldn't or would need to use equipment for. If you are a surgeon, the ability to selectively enhance the senses of vision and touch would be godsend. Ditto being able to shut down your sense of smell. You are a mechanic? You'd be able to detect the slightest changes in the sounds and vibrations of machinery and catch on to developing defects before they become a problem, as well as perform what we call non-invasive material science checks, with practice. You are a chef or a perfumer? Well, the heightened senses of taste and smell would allow you to reverse-engineer any dish or scent that you come across, as well as help you with your own creations. You are a hunter or an explorer? The benefit of super-sharp senses is self-explanatory. You are a criminal or a covert operative? Your ability to see in very low light conditions (you can go full Spook, without the drawbacks of being a savant, using F-Tin), superb hearing, huge advantage in opening locks of all kinds, etc. would make you exceptionally successful if you are not a complete fool. Etc, etc. Also, just think how storing senses could be used to avoid distractions or unpleasant sensations! You need to study for an exam? Store hearing and it doesn't matter how loud your environment is. You have to eat something you don't like? Store taste. You have to deal with stinks? Store scent! Heh, now I kinda wish for a main or at least an important character with a PoV who is either a Tin compounder or even just a Tin Ferring in the future Cosmere books by Sanderson. It is my favorite kind of ability - you can achieve so many different kinds of things with it, but you have to be practiced and clever.
  13. You are confusing Brass with Zinc, but yes, indeed. Some other fun combos: Double Duralumin could also provide some interesting benefits - you'd be able to insinuate yourself in any group through massive Connection, have an in-built "universal translator", and there might be some other interesting applications, like a sort of "animal empathy", etc. From what we have seen with the medallions, F-Duralumin Connection likely works like F-Tin, in that you create different metalminds for different aspects of it. And, of course, with A-Duralumin filling said metalminds should be a snap. A really good combo for worldhoppers, IMHO, but also great for a plethora of different occupations on Scadrial itself. A-Electrum should be good for any kind of activities where split-second decisions are important - however, since it only lets you see your _own_ future seconds in advance it is not a trivial task to figure out in time what it will be caused by and how to best deal with it. F-Zinc for extra quick thinking would help there, as would F-Tin for additional clues. A-Tin, F-Zinc - the Sherlock Holmes combo, but very useful in lots of other fields as well. A-Pewter, F-Iron - the ultimate Ninja, parkour runner, etc. As a bonus can also use muscle-powered wings to fly! Finally, as far as I currently understand the mechanism of F-Nicrosil, pairing it with Allomantic abilities which are useful by themselves can, with proper preparation, allow for sustained use via compounding at and above the "flaring" level without the risk of savantism - very useful by itself, and might even let one reach the strength of Elend + Duralumin in that one metal for a short time. A-Pewter, A-Tin or A-Bronze would likely profit most from such pairing, but I am also very curious about how it would affect A-Electrum. Would it greatly extend the precognition window, for instance? As an aside, between F-Chromium, A-Electrum and A/F Tin games of chance really shouldn't be popular in northern Scadrial in Era 2.
  14. But how and why would an Emotional allomancer worldhopper have found himself on the bridge duty? Particularly since there was no way to know in advance that they'll find themselves close to Dalinar in the end. Those who survived. Or do you suggest that he insinuated himself into Bridge 13 afterwards and somehow made everybody believe that he had been there the whole time? That would require some mad Connection-compunding, I imagine... I mean, all the things that you pointed out do hint at something like that, and it was a great find on your part, I am just unsure as to how this might have come about. Because the bridges were a meat-grinder where a normal human allomancer was very unlikely to survive unless he was a steel-pusher. And the whole "Kholin bodyguard" stuff would have been impossible to predict, methinks. Unless the dude is a kandra with a relevant hemalurgic spike, that is, and was just using the whole thing for research at no personal risk? That would also nicely explain why Rial isn't noticeably short for an Alethi, and doesn't have "Shin eyes". Spook could have kept himself alive in a bridge crew, of course, but would he have let his bridge-mates die like flies in order to keep his cover? Not IMHO. And wouldn't he require Hoid's level of access to Fortune to know that he needed to be in the crews so that he could become Dalinar's bodyguard via an unlikely sequence of events?
  15. I used to think that Kelsier found his purpose in learning more about the Cosmere and became a worldhopper. This would have agreed with both Harmony's and Marsh's hints that they haven't talked to him for a long time - and it isn't like spiked Kelsier could have shut out Harmony. Now that we know from a WoB that this is not the case, I think that he is sitting in a Duralumin-enhanced Cadmium bubble for some reason. That would explain his being incommunicado to the resident deity and completely passive during the "Alloy" sequence so far. And the bubble is about to come down, because another WoB mentions a small role for him in "The Last Metal".