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  1. oathbringer

    Taln was _the_ main character of proto-WoK, though, so it is more likely that he'll be one of the mains in the second half, IMHO. There is a WoB that Vedel hadn't been seen on the page so far, though. My money is on Battar, because I am under impression that Pailiah appears older and possibly also has a "Shin" look. I don't remember why I think this, though. Maybe some WoBs? And I don't think that Liss is Chana because Chana's association with distance running and the military leads me to expect a more athletic woman. Concerning Dova, T. lied about her warning him about the imminent Desolation - it had been Gavilar on the night of his death. She may still be a Herald, of course, but if so, I'd tip on Vedel (nice reversal of her attributes) or Pailiah. P.S. My not-so-minor question is where are the Listener children? IIRC there were 30K Listeners before the battle of Narak, yet not a single child appeared in Eshonai's PoV. Corollary to that - how long did Listeners live and how quickly did they reach adulthood?
  2. spoiler

    So, this has been my theory since WoR's Eshonai's prologue and Taravangian's PoV chapter, where we learned that Gavilar convinced him of the imminent Final Desolation on the night of his death, and IIRC I have posted it here at some point too: Gavilar absolutely was using the SoH for his own ends and knew the truth about the Heralds, but he was indeed trying to start a _false_ Desolation. The reason being that he was a recepient of the Stormfather's visions, knew that the Final Desolation was inevitably coming and wanted Rosharan humanity to recognize their danger and become united and prepared whilst dealing with the lesser threat. We have seen that neither Jasnah nor Dalinar have been able to convince people of the impending Desolation and parshmen's connection to the voidbringers until the Everstorm. Well, a false Desolation would have solved all this and allowed humanity to gain experience dealing with Regals and Unmade, motivated the Radiant spren to bond again, yet also wouldn't have forced them to immediately contend with the Fused and Odium's direct interference, as actually happened. Gavilar's False Desolation was supposed to be a general rehearsal before the actual potentially world-ending conflict with Odium and the Fused. I also think that while Gavilar did managed to find a trapped Unmade, it wasn't Bo-Ado-Mishram, because he could have just released her to achieve his goals and wouldn't have needed to bother with the Parshendi otherwise. IMHO, Gavilar hoped that when offered a chance to regain their former glory, the Parshendi would help him locate and release BAM. Which, along with his ignorance of Nale and his Skybreakers' millenia-spanning mission proved his undoing. YMMV.
  3. spoiler

    Gavilar had given Eshonai one sphere and had one on his person when he was killed. IIRC Navani told Dalinar after he captured the Thrill in OB, that Gavilar had posessed several spheres that glowed with similar voidish light. It was an intelligent spren that was able to make itself invisible - which we don't know that Ulim can do that. IMHO, it was Nale's highspren - we at least know that they have this capability. And Nale, who in his unhinged mind, was doing everything to _prevent_ Desolations from ever happening again had excellent reasons to want Gavilar, who tried to _cause_ the same dead. But since Gavilar wasn't likely to write his own death warrant, Nale could only move against him indirectly, so he made sure that the Parshendi had a perfect tool to eliminate Gavilar, once they learned about his sinister intentions. Well, some of the Unmade, like the Thrill and Ashertmarn(?) are huge, so I do think that size of the gems that they can be trapped in reflects that. Yelig-nar, OTOH, is human-sized.
  4. Truthwatcher 74%, Elsecaller 73%, Lightweaver 68%, Willshaper 63% - seems accurate enough, though I'd previously figured I'd be an Elsecaller. With this new information, though, it makes perfect sense. Bondsmith is the lowest at 41%.
  5. Her armor was glowing red and she was moving frictionlessly through the water - definitely a Dustbringer. And a few soldiers with her were glowing with stormlight, therefore squires. I agree that craftsmen, builders, etc. are very reliant on cooperation and apprenticeships, so from this PoV the Willshapers not having squires would be odd. At the same time, I don't see how squires would fit with the freedom focus of the Order as explained in this new description, or, for that matter, why this philosophy would be particularly attractive to craftsmen specifically... And on the gripping hand their spren the Reachers live in conventional top-down hierachies on their ships, as seen in OB, which also doesn't fit. So, color me confused. OTOH, I also don't see for which of the other Orders it would make sense to not have squires. In scholarship mentor - student relationships are very important too, so Truthwatchers should have squires, IMHO. Maybe the Elsecallers, with their focus on individual excellence? Yes, Jasnah did think that Shallan was becoming her squire at first, but did she have accurate sources about Radiant squires at her disposal? She may not have known that she couldn't have them. @Oltux72: Mathematics and art aren't antithetical - on the contrary, iRL visual arts and music talents are adjacent to and overlapping with mathematical ones. Admittedly, less so in the modern arts than in the past, but Roshar is still at the stage where they are fairly tightly interwoven.
  6. Now that we have the new and more comprehensive Radiant Orders descriptions, which of them are likely not to have squires? Here is the new info for reference: From the books we know that Windrunners, Skybreakers, Lightweavers and Dustbringers (Dalinar's Purelake vision shows a Dustbringer with her squires) all have them and now, to my great surprise, the Bondsmiths were also confirmed. But personally, none of the new details about the Orders offer a clue about which of them lack squires. Well, the Willshapers, perhaps, with their focus on freedom? Though that would mean that Venli will have it even harder than I expected. And speaking about the Willshapers focus, isn't it very odd that their spren, the Reachers have a very conventional, hierarchical ship's crew with a captain as seen in OB? This does clash a bit with the Order's image, IMHO.
  7. Indeed. I was sure that they were the ones that didn't have them. But the wording also suggests that it was something that only happened occasionally, so I suspect that it requires more intentionality than with some other Orders, like Windrunners and Lightweavers, were squiring just happens as a matter of course. I also find the information about the "retinue" super-interesting, although it is difficult for me to imagine how non-powered people could have protected a Bondsmith against the supernatural threats, like the Fused, the thunderclasts, the Unmade, etc., when we have seen that even the best warriors with access to dead shards are overmatched by them. I always thought that the Windrunners were the ones who protected the Bondsmiths. Hm... I also disagree about Kadash - Sanderson pointing out that religious leaders tend to become Edgedancers is oddly specific (not to mention debatable from iRL point of view) and IMHO points at him. Also, it was Teleb who had been forced into the elites and he never had a problem with the Blackthorn and is now dead. We don't know the circumstances of Kadash joining the elites.
  8. I really doubt it because Rosharans are, among other things, significantly taller than cosmere-average because of their lighter gravity. And Alethi are the tallest among them, so they would look like veritable giants to people from the other worlds, or at least like professional basketball players do to us. It is no coincidence that most suspected worldhoppers are described as noticeably short by the PoV characters. Felt only reaches Dalinar's chest, for instance, and both Adolin and Kaladin are taller than Dalinar. Vasher and Vivenna don't look short to the Alethi, but both of them can change their body shape and size within limits - I doubt that either had proper Alethi eye-shape back in Warbreaker either and Vivenna's eyes certainly weren't orange! I suspect that Hoid can do something similar, because in none of his appearances on several planets is his size noted as remarkable in either direction. As has already been mentioned, Breaths were just the easiest investiture for a Rosharan to get, until the return of surgebindings. Also, it seems like Riino was getting a steady enough traffic of clients to survive in his lighthouse, so Rosharans worldhopping may not have been as rare as one would assume. Either the Horneaters are accomodating, or there is another way to get into CR, catching Honor's Perpendicularity somehow - probably more feasible in the west, where storms are not so deadly, though.
  9. But unlike how it normally is with US and British covers, Sanderson had the final word in selecting this cover, no? So, it is less likely to seriously mispresent things. Like, I don't think that he would have picked one with Adolin on it, if Adolin wasn't present in Shadesmar with Shallan in the storm scene.
  10. I don't see why there has to be any more to it than the Fused attempting to track down, collect and use all the deadplate and deadeyes from the Recreance. We didn't see the Fused use shardblades yet, but do we have any reason to think that they possessed more than a couple of them in OB? They got 2 complete shardsets from Graves and Moash and might have also obtained Teleb's plate, which was lost during the battle for Narak, IIRC, and never recovered. That's not a lot, there is a certain learning curve to becoming proficient with a shardblade and Odium expected the battle for Thaylenah to be a slumdunk, so it is no wonder that the shardblades weren't transported there. Also, certain types of Fused might not be hindered by the dead shardplate in their surge-binding, as long as they left one hand bare - those with Division, Soulcasting, Tension and Cohesion, even Illumination, as long as they didn't try to disguise themselves. Even if for some reason the Fused can't use the shardplate, giving it to the new singers in appropriate combat-oriented forms would greatly enhance their military capability. And I am pretty sure that we'll see hundreds of Fused armed with deadeyes, which is going to be a massive paradigm shift from all the previous Desolations, where they had to make do with inferior weapons. They have already looted some soulcasters too, so they now have a number of tools that were previously restricted to their opponents. And, as @Dreamer pointed out, there is an odiuminium dagger as a new development, with either other 9 like it or swappable trap-gems, which is their "final solution" to the Oathpact problem. Also, the Everstorm. They might also try for the rest of the Honorblades. That's their side of the arms race, IMHO, while the new Radiants and their allies are going to be inventing new fabrials, with the goal of giving non-invested people a chance to fend off the Fused and the thunderclasts, because with them respawning via Everstorm the new Radiants won't be able to delude themselves into believing that they could win without greatly enhancing military capabilities of normal soldiers, as their predecessors disastrously did. Possibly the anti-Odium side will get some magi-tech input from a certain outworlder, because of this WoB: BTW, do we know that the Stonewards had fewer _knights_ than the Windrunners before the Recreance? I always thought that the Windrunners were the most numerous because of their many squires. But in any case, there used to be thousands of Radiants back then, so the knights in the Feverstone vision likely don't even represent the majorities of their respective Orders...
  11. Concerning Odium's power, I am not sure if Hoid would want connection to him at this time. But he can convince Sja-Anath to corrupt his Cryptic in a pinch, I guess? Thus getting access to powers of all 3 Shards in Rosharan system through one tidy Nahel bond package. Odium doesn't need Nightblood to quash Hoid like a bug, BTW. Didn't Hoid tell as much to somebody in SA at some point? Maybe Dalinar?
  12. Personally, I hope that some of the existing Heralds are going to redeem themselves by returning to Braize for the break between the 2 pentologies and buying Rosharans time to come up with a different solution. They are going to be hunted down one by one and instead of capture & torture killed once and for all with respective Raysium daggers. When the last of them is gone, the second series will start. Taln and Ash will remain on Roshar for reasons and keep the leadership informed about the attrition among their fellows. Jezrien's death demonstrated that a new Oathpact, no matter how carefully constructed, can no longer provide anything more than a short-term relief, because human participants can be simply eliminated. Regarding the working title of SA, the "Oathshards" would have most likely been another term for the honorblades, IMHO, since Taln's original arc in proto-WoK revolved around locating them and piecing together the defection of his fellow Heralds.
  13. I wish there was an "alright" option in the poll. Kaladin is the most stereotypical "fantasy protagonist" of the PoVs, even though done well, and as such was a little boring to me. He hogged too much limelight in WoR, IMHO, and his "saving the day in the nick of time" schtick was a bit overdone there. I liked his story arc and page-count in OB more (even though his fight with Amaram was silly and fan-servicy, YMMV) and I would have preferred it if he didn't become more prominent again. He had his book and a big chunk of WoR - let the other characters get their time in the sun now. Alas, it is not to be...
  14. Wouldn't all the differences between the planets of Roshar and Earth throw the most sensitive technology off? Like, fuel and propellants catching fire and exploding much more easily on Roshar, friction at high speeds being more dangerous ditto, lower gravity and different size of the world would affect targeting, submerging mechanism of submarines, etc. Highstorms would make airfields and air carriers impractical. IMHO, just plopping earth military on Roshar without extensive prior study and significant adjustments would be a recipe for disaster. Portable firearms would be the only weapons to reliably work and soldiers would need to lug all their supplies themselves. Pretty sure that primitive firearms and cannon would be more dangerous to their users on Roshar than to their opponents, due to increased tendency to explode. I'd say that even a modern military would have a hard time on Roshar, due to all our technology being optimized for Earth conditions. WWII-period military would almost certainly lose.
  15. IMHO, the problem with this discussion is that the arguments in favor of the earth military pre-suppose cosmere knowledge on the part of the Earthlings and ignore local conditions that would play havoc with our technology - like greater gravity on Elantris, lesser gravity and higher oxygen content on Roschar, ash in the air on pre-Catacendre Scadrial, different magnetospheres on the cosmere worlds coupled with the lack of satellite guidance, etc. Unlimited supply and reinforcements from Earth also seem to be a feature for some reason, which is not how conquests ever worked and would indeed make any resistance futile eventually. Now, if we were playing the old game of an army being unexpectedly sucked into a dimensional rift and stuck on one of the cosmere worlds, this could provide a better frame for debate. Even so: Taldain and the First, probably yes. Roshar would present a number of problems, depending on the initial bridgehead (east or west) and on whether the Radiants are around or not. Gravity/oxygen content, etc. should throw a significant monkey wrench into the more complex earth technologies as well. Threnody, absolutely not, given that literally anything that an army would need to do would infuriate the shades and the Evil is supposed to be even worse. Nalthis should be fairly susceptible, IMHO, since the Lifeless and even the Phantoms aren't anything that modern firearms and explosives can't easily deal with. Unless Vasher manages to throw Nightblood into any and all earth army encampements, Nalthians would be pretty SOL. Scadrial during TLR's tenure would be a hard nut to crack, between the ash, the killing heat on most of the globe, the kandra, the Inquisitors, the Mistborn, not to mention TLR himself and atium. The Second Era would be much easier and the planetary population is very low, to boot. In fact, there should be a lot of uninhabited, but very inhabitable land estate between the 2 poles, so it would be trivial for earthlings to establish bases with nobody the wiser. And Scadrial being very metal-rich, including the rare metals, would make it a very desirable target for conquest. Elantrians have a teleportation Aon that can potentially transport things to another planet, according to a WoB. They can also create things, IIRC. So, they would be able to potentially strike back at Earth and certainly to attack army encampements in a way that can't be countered, as long as they know their locations. Also, higher gravity would affect both sophisticated technology and soldiers. Etc.