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  1. I honestly came here to espouse the same theory. I think is very actively trying to get every Shard's investiture so he can become a Vessel for all or most.
  2. For reference, it is Shallan's illustration of Shadesmar Spren on page 1004 of Oathbringer. (I found it, hiding near the spine.)
  3. The Ghostbloods' symbol is described in the books as "three interlocking diamonds", and I have always visualized that as three diamonds in a line, or chain. Imagine my surprise then, when I saw that exact same symbol in the list of Aons on the Coppermind. Specifically Aon Ati: "Hope", is three interlocking diamonds with a few dots added. This seemed like just a coincidence until I thought of the Ire. A group of Elantrians who seemed intent on taking up the power of a Shard. Could the Ghostbloods be the Rosharan arm of this organization? What do y'all think, is this just too far-fetched, or a possibility? (Also, is there a better description of the Ghostbloods' symbol I'm missing? That could support or disprove this.)
  4. Happy Koloss Head-Munching Day! The SotS makes me both happy and sad this year. Happy because Stormlight 4 is around the corner. Sad because Wax and Wayne 4 has been pushed back (I was going to reread Mistborn next year while waiting for Stormlight).
  5. It seems the explanation for why objects get jostled as they enter and leave speed bubbles can be found from this WoB (Emphasis mine): Source The trick, it seems, is that momentum is a vector, not a scalar. This stealing of momentum has a direction to it. If an object is traveling in a different direction than the direction of the stealing, it will be jostled. Sidenote: This stealing of momentum can also explain why light coming out of the speed bubble isn't blueshifted. Since the frequency of light is related to its energy (because of weird quantum stuff), and its energy is related to its momentum (because of weird relativity stuff), stealing momentum from a photon will lower the frequency of the light.
  6. Considering this WoB on the AU "star map": Source I think comparing this to the Shadesmar map is the best way to figure out what the Expanses are. I had independently come to these same conclusions, and with this additional WoB: Source I believe we can now pretty conclusively say: Vapors = Scadrial Vibrance = Nalthis Densities = Sel Broken Sky = Taldain
  7. Khriss's essay on Roshar in AU states that the gas giants are difficult (or impossible. I don't know the exact wording as I'm away from my copy.) to access from the Cognitive Realm as they are uninhabited. I doubt any expanse corresponds to the gas giants.
  8. I agree with you that the Scar might be the stars around Yolen which got messed up by the Shattering. I don't agree on the process. Threnody, which has a red star as FiveLate mentioned, is also difficult to get to according to Khriss in AU. I think it is safe to say that whatever made the stars in the Scar red likely made it difficult to travel there too. Since you've given good evidence that Yolen still exists and is still inhabited yet isn't accessible, I think it's a good candidate for one of the planets in the Scar. Threnody is also where Odium mortally wounded the Shard Ambition (though it was Shattered elsewhere). The Scar could be the remnant of a battle that happened between Adonalsium and the people who helped Shatter it, as in, they had to mortally wound God before the Shattering could take place. I imagine if you hold the power of creation, you don't like the idea of people taking that away from you.
  9. It seems (part of) this theory has been confirmed with a recent WoB: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/314-salt-lake-city-signing/#e8920
  10. Reading through this reminded me of a WoB that seemed relavant. When looking for it I found another one along the same lines. Though not conclusive, these suggest to me that Shards, like Allomantic metals, can be categorized into groups of four, but that isn't something inherent about the Shattering. Instead, these groupings are more what a scholar (like Khriss) would assign afterwards. Commenting on the "opposites" idea. Using the Allomantic metals as an example, metals like iron and steel form a perfectly opposing pair (Pushing and Pulling on the same anchor will have a net zero effect), while its hard to see how tin and pewter are "opposites" (one enhances senses, the other physical strength). So analogously, some Shards, like Ruin and Preservation, are complete opposites, while others may only be "opposites" in the way that tin and pewter are. On that note, I found an interesting tidbit in Arcanum Unbounded. In Khriss's article on the Selish System, she says: Dominion and Devotion are opposites.