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  1. You would probably stillt be able to store some of it, though with highly diminished returns. Much as burning a slightly impure metal, I doubt the effect would be lost completely.
  2. Hi guys, I was re-hearing the Words of Radiance and I noticed something odd that made me think. I only have the audiobook, so I cannot produce the quotes, but Pattern said he was attracted to Shallan's lies. At first I assumed those were the lies she told herself about her mother, but that cannot be possible: Her mother wanted to kill her precisely because of Shallan's abilities and she was killed by Shallan using Pattern in shardblade-form. Now I am wondering, what lies Shallan could possibly have been making that were so "powerful" that they attracted one of very few, if not even the only, Cryptic that has come to bond with a human? The way Shallan spoke to Hoid implies her childhood was fairly uneventful until Pattern came and her mother tried to kill her. Or is that maybe another lie she has told herself? Perhaps something traumatic happened even before that? She had to have been broken at some point, or else she would not have been able to form a bond with pattern and she must have been bonded to him for some time, since she progressed at least far enough to use him as a shardblade. I think there is even more crazy stuff in Shallan's childhood. What do you think?
  3. Well he had to train under someone, otherwise I doubt he would have been as good a surgeon as we have seen in the books. And since we do not have any proof to the contrary, I am going to assume that was in Kharbranth, just not the expensive tutelage in the hospitals but under some surgeon.
  4. Do we actually know where Lirin trained? I think the only thing we know is he didn't have a formal training but learned from another surgeon, perhaps in Kharbranth. We also know, that Mr. T's wife is an ardent and those are treated as neither lighteyed nor dark. So if she were a darkeyed ardent, she very well might have darkeyed children with Taravangian, like Hesina. Plus, we need something to bind Taravangian's plotline to that of the others
  5. I just wanted to chime in on the " [...] for the choice of honor is life." quote: this phrase has two possible meanings. 1. Honor, or whatever substitute, chose life. 2. The honorable choice is life. The first one is pretty straight forward, but the second one is less so, since we do not know WHO was choosing. Was it Honor? Was it his Champion? There is far more variability in the second.
  6. There isn't really any evidence to the contrary, but I think it is highly unlikely. We know, that the Ghostbloods want to kill Jasnah and that alone is very un-Hoid. Also we see him actively working with Jasnah, going completely against the Ghostbloods. I do think he is a worldhopper though and someone very important.
  7. There is also "Dry nets" by Shallan, though I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with any religion.
  8. This is something I thought about posting myself a couple times, it's just that I always had a problem with that theory. We know, that "better" or stronger the aspect, the more spren are attracted to it. In this instance it would create a feedback loop: fire attracts spren, spren make fire hotter, fire attracts more spren and so forth. If that were true, I am fairly certain Axies or the two ardents that study spren would have noticed something like that. Something that speaks in favor of the theory however is Syl's behavior during Kaladin's extended sickness: what reason would Syl have to fight the deathspren, if they DIDN'T make him worse? Perhaps there is a threshold of some kind stopping the loops from forming.
  9. I don't exactly know why, but I always took Adolin's brutality as a good sign. Before this one, duels were a game to him, a contest, something done for the fun of it. He now connects these duels with his father's efforts for unity and the war on the shattered plain. He doesn't duel for frivolous reasons, he fights for an important cause. As such, he is more driven in battle, leading to the "war"-Thrill. He drew a distinct line between the duels he fought before and the battles he is fighting now.
  10. From the sound of it, it seems they incase it in crystal. Perhaps they soulcast it for purification? or maybe something similar to creating spheres?
  11. I don't think they particularly want dead ones, it's just near impossible to find any living larkin. They are apparently, for all practical purposes, considered extinct. Also I think it's more as a kind of trophy than anything else.
  12. Something I don't understand about Amaram's decision is why exactly he thinks his choice will save lives. What is that the shards enable him to do, that he could not do without? Shards are essentially mass slaughter machines that come with a bandwagon of honor, prestige and the like. That he uses the shards to physically protect a thousand people is absurd (at least in my opinion, though I am not quite as sure as I make myself out to be. Blame it on the assuredness movement). So that leaves the reputation. However we know, that Amaram is already a very high-standing military general, is well regarded among his own army and has connections to the royal family. That begs the question: was the advice he got given honestly? Or did they simply want someone they have connections to to have the shards? Or perhaps he saw it as a convenient opportunity. I just honestly and completely doubt his ability to "save thousands of people" could only be accomplished with these shards. Plus, these "thousands" are a number he simply pulled out of his a*s
  13. Actually, the contents of the latrines ARE soulcast away into smoke, we can hear Dalinar thinking about it in his POV, when he is digging a latrine ditch I guess they soulcast it to smoke, because the idea of eating something that was once poop, fermenting for a couple months, is pretty gross.
  14. Something I find far more interesting than the fabrial itself, are its implications: We already know of diminishing fabrials and their opposite (the term has slipped my mind). So perhaps it is possible to create fabrials that soothe or riot certain emotions, and that would certainly be a powerful tool, since Rosharans don't know it might be possible. Imagine Navani, one of the most brilliant political schemers in all of the cosmere with the powers of a soother and nobody even knows such powers exist. Alas, I don't think we will see such a fabrial, since the idea was used up on mistborn, but one can hope
  15. I was rereading the Way of Kings (again) and stumbled upon something that piqued my interest. Szeth mentions in the first interlude, that death wishes are sacred to his people (the Shin). I read nothing further into that at first, however that's when I noticed the next quote: So the only one of Taravangian's "patients" to apparently know what's up is a Shin. These two quotes together leads me to the conclusion, that the Shin know more about the death-visions than the other Rosharans. What are your thoughts on the subject?