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  1. From the album Crystin Blade

    "Hasta la vista, Smedry." Okay, I'm really not that serious.
  2. From the album Crystin Blade

    My crafting desk. The sword in the foreground is only half of the blade; the other half was yet to be poured. In the background you can see the silicone mold. After pouring the resin for the second half I pressed the first half on top to create the full sword.
  3. Looks awesome! But I think you mean Aon Ata, not Aon Aha:
  4. I'll have to look it up, but I think somewhere in the Prologue or Szeth chapters it mentions stormlight wouldn't block a Shardblade. You may be right about it being an amount of stormlight, though I doubt Kaladin or Szeth would want to test that theory. I'd love this to work - it'd give the Kholins a fighting chance when Taravangian's assassin comes to call.
  5. A bit off-topic, but for clarification: First and second grow food, third is the craftsman, fourth is the warrior. p.859, paperback
  6. Thanks for answering all these questions! I think most of my serious questions have been answered, so I've just got an odd one: Since you don't like "The Book of Endless Pages" for the Stormlight Archive, what are the chances of seeing it pop up in the last Alcatraz?
  7. Might be a bit late for input, but I found the passage where Gaz is confirmed missing- Call me a bit naive, but I think Hashal knows what's going on. We know Gaz was paying Lamaril so he wouldn't be sent to the bridge crews, but we don't know what he could have done to deserve that- or if he did anything at all. Both Lamaril and Hashal seem spiteful enough to get Gaz killed for little or no cause. I agree that the reason he was bribing Lamaril has something to do with it, whether or not there's a reason at all. Given Sanderson's reputation, though, there's probably always another secret.
  8. I think that Reader's theory of axehounds makes sense. The largest contributing factor to me is the antennae- they're exactly the same in both the notebook illustration and cover art. I agree on the six legs and mandibles point, and the tails could be seen as either a stinger-like abdomen or the shrimp-like structure from the notebook, depending on your point of view. However, there are still the wings, claws, and different head structure to explain. To this end I suggest a slight deviation- Could it be that Selay axehounds fly? It's a bit of a stretch, but given the comparison- dependent parshmen to fully intelligent Parshendi- it allows a fair amount of leeway. To be honest, I'd prefer them to be almighty crabdragons/crabwasps. With or without gemheart-fueled firebreathing capabilities. Despite that, my logical half still says flying axehounds.
  9. I'm not used to introductions, so here goes nothing- My sister tempted me into reading Elantris almost three years ago, and I've been in Sanderson's iron grip since. I've read all the published works, plus the short stories in the online library, and am starving for more. Overall The Way of Kings was the most compelling, closely followed by the Mistborn series- Reading Alloy of Law nearly broke my ribs from laughing. Favorite quote? Chull dung. Aside from Sanderson books, I enjoy sci-fi novels like Timothy Zahn's Outbound Flight or Orson Scott Card's Ender's Shadow. I'm an avid SCUBA diver and engineer wannabe. I stumbled on 17th Shard and the Coppermind while looking for insight on the upcoming Stormlight book, and got stuck for a few hours reading random theories. I'm running out of ideas here, so... Questions? Concerns? Rotten vegetables? Throw them in the replies!