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  1. I put OB in the title because a specific scene in OB is what ticked off this post. The Shattering. This is the common name for when Adonalsium was shattered. All we really know about it is that there were a bunch of people who did it, they took the shards of Adonalsium for their own power, and Hoid was there. In Oathbringer, Odium was frightened when Dalinar combined the three realms. "We killed you!" This has been theorised to mean honour, but I don't think Odium would be as frightened as he seems in that scene if it was. It has also been theorised to be Adonalsium which also doesn't seem quite right. However, it occurs to me that a bondsmith combines things that were shattered, and remember being one. Perhaps the three realms were not three realms at all, but were part of the "Shattering" that split Adonalsium. Perhaps prior to this, there was only one realm?
  2. Wow must've skipped over that the first time. Thanks buddy!
  3. I am signed up. What now?
  4. poll

    Why is Ialai not on there? I liked her less than Sadeas. That said, I'm selecting Sadeas. I liked him and his wife VERY little. Goddamn pair of traitors.
  5. I might be misremembering but weren't the voices at one point telling him to kill and stuff?
  6. My question then is - what IS, as you put it, Odium's True Power?
  7. I've seen this sentiment a few times - why do people think Moash is now Odium's champion? Doesn't Taravangian's final chapter pretty much explicitly state that that ship has sailed? Odium has already selected his champion, he cannot now unselect his champion because suddenly he believes he might have a better option.
  8. I'm glad you brought this up, because that's exactly what I was thinking of. This "defence" of "I was only following orders" is known as a "Superior Orders Defense" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superior_orders In perhaps the most famous of this legal concept was in an international trial known as the nuremburg trials, in which this exact question was asked. Thankfully (and correctly, I'd say), it was found - like your comments suggest - that the nazis who carried out the Holocaust were found guilty despite "only following superior orders". However, the point I'm making is that this was deemed a question worth asking, and a trial worth carrying out. It was not assumed to be the case automatically. That is justice: the fact that an arbitrary judgement wasn't made, despite such a judgement being seemingly self evident on the face or it. And as the Skybreakers are all about justice, it's worth asking the question here, too. The nazis were undoubtedly the extreme in the case of "superior orders" not being a defense. But it is possible to see situations where "superior orders" COULD be seen as a defence. Disclaimer: I know I touch upon a topic that will likely be quite sensitive for some. I hope I didn't offend, as that was not, and is not my intention. - however, I am aware that sometimes one can be rather insensitive and cause offence when none is intended. Therefore, if I upset or offended anyone, please accept my apologies.
  9. I find it curious that Nightblood ended up with the Nightwatcher (and was offered to Dalinar) before getting to Szeth.
  10. No way! That's awesome.
  11. Is it the fault of law enforcement is the law is lacking? Can a soldier be guilty of war crimes if he is just following orders?
  12. theory

    I was using your head running analogy as an analogy. You can replace "rub head" with "give a bowl of hot soup" or "a roof to rest under" or even just "a kind word".
  13. theory

    Unless there were already rumours that they bring bad luck. Which would cause people to treat them badly. Which would perpetuate the rumour. What you're doing is almost exactly how I see this going in-world. "But there's no evidence they give us good luck! Surely there'd be rumours about rubbing their heads or something for luck. Let's kick him out onto the street so we don't get unlucky!" I mean, it's not like the people of Roshar have a good track record here. See their treatment of Parshmen. They seem to consider Aimians to be sub-human.
  14. I think it's pertinent because if, as you suspect, it's gemstones that are used, it's very telling that the blade Moash used had a gemstone which started glowing slightly after the stabbing.