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  1. hey Iredomi i want to write my thesis based on brandon sanderson's mistborn trilogy but hope to relate it political philosophy. Since you started a thread about this is there any chance i could see your dissertation but if you arent comfortable with that. could i just ask you for some advice?

    hope youre doing well from Akasha (new here) :)

  2. Hey dropping by to say hi. Been a while, you probably won't remember me but yeahh hope life is going swell and stuff. 

    1. lyssie95


      hey! I miss you and the old chatroom a lot... it pretty much died. Life is alright, school is insane but I am starting to really get into my major and that is good. How are you?


      (Sorry for the late reply, I pretty much only come on 17s nowadays to check for cosmere meetups at BYU)

    2. Iredomi


      if your reply is what we would call late this is even later / i got sucked into a black hole of writing poetry for my Creative Writing Masters this year only came back on to see stuff about the new SA novel coming out / nice to hear from you / that was a good chat / was actually one of the first communities I joined online so I always have fond memories of it / what is the major you're doing?

  3. you probably won't see this for like a while or something nor will you probably remember me but anyways was remembering the cool chats we used to have on the forum chat so yeah stopping by to wish you well and stuff

  4. I haven't read it and will probably wait until more volumes are out but how do people feel about the whole it not going to be a prose novel now we have this?
  5. If we're going to fancast for stormlight I think having any white actor playing anyone other than Szeth is a big no no.
  6. Cult of Luna are freaking awesome!
  7. that's a great album I've been listening the World is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die's new album Harmlessness
  8. I bought an ebook of elantris that was supposed to be the updated version but alas was not... sigh.
  9. poll

    Sixth of the Dusk if you haven't because that is nice and short and pretty interesting. But Well of Ascension for next proper one I would say.
  10. I've decided to approach Sanderson's Cosmere works as a thought experiment on religion, how they form, how they shape world views, what assumptions are made and the power relationship involved. Will start with how real world beliefs (so Platonic ideals etc.) form the foundation for how the reality of the Cosmere works/is constructed. Then go on to see how in-world religions relate to real world religions and what Sanderson's works have to say about them. I am aware this line of investigation is quite broad at the moment. But it is something I see as having real potential.
  11. I think I would have to go with... Elantris... sadly. Because I really really love it but it is just the weakest of a very strong lot... it has some beautiful lines and Hrathen is freaking incredible... *sigh* this was torture haha.
  12. emperors soul is my favourite cover by far.
  13. my favourite part was how only two actors were credited.
  14. Welcome!!! I am a kiwi too There's at least three others around somewhere who hail from Aotearoa.
  15. I voted Elantris sequels I'm really intrigued to find out what the kids from Elantris are like now that they're all grown up haha. I quite enjoyed them in the first book.