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  1. Woah, did not expect this to happen at all. I didn't know that y'all were suspicious of me. From the looks of things, it seems like today's lynch is very critical, and all eyes are pointed towards me. I should've looked at this sooner, because I feel like it might be a little late to prove my innocence, but I'm villager. If you kill me off then that's one of us down and the Elims and Mistborn are more likely to kill off everyone else. I also do realize that I did post really late last time, as well right now, I'm still trying to figure all of this out. But if you must kill me so be it, I just hope that y'all can win in the end. My vote is on HH. They were one of the first to vote for me, and they’ve been quiet the rest of the day. I feel like they’re hiding something
  2. Sorry, it's been a couple crazy days. I'll try to be more active this next cycle. And reading through the comments I've got to go with Shaneysrus for Mistborn. I haven't seen them comment much especially this cycle (though I know how that can be) and just seem pretty quiet. Everyone else who I believe are villagers seem to be very active and working together. Especially when we're getting later on in the game I feel like the Mistborn will try harder to not draw attention to themselves
  3. From reading over what has recently happened, I will take my vote off of Drake. He truly does to seem to care about the Village and I don't think that he is Eliminator or the Unstable Mistborn. I don't have a new vote yet. I'm still trying to figure everything out. With that said, I do have a question. I get that we're trying to lynch the Eliminators and The Unstable Mistborn, What are some things that you specifically look for to determine who is an Eliminator and who is a Mistborn? What has worked in past games and what hasn't? Like I said I'm just trying to get a feel for everything and any insights that y'all have would be greatly appreciated!
  4. So sorry about my inactivity. I'm still getting used to this. But I'll do my best to stay on top of things. As for the game, I have to agree with @Araris Valerian and put my vote on Drake
  5. It's good so far! I'm excited to see how the game proceeds.
  6. Hey sorry, new to this, just trying to figure everything out, but I'm here!
  7. Singing up as Aspen