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  1. Happy Birthday, Mori!

    (Wait you are the same person as on Discord, right?)

  2. So idk if this will mean anything to anyone's models, but I was rereading spanreed scenes and hit upon a thing that I think completely changed how we think of spanreeds. (This is basically all copy pasted from messages I sent in Discord) Shallan finds Tyn's spanreed blinking, and after setting it up and flipping the dial to indicate she's ready to receive... It just hangs there immobile not moving, and Shallan assumes the person attempting to contact her stepped away Which could mean a couple things. When set to the right setting a spanreed just, refuses to move unless moved by its pair, but that comes with complications. Is the partner reed hanging in a rack? Then wont moving it move Shallan's out of position? Or is it able to move independently still while Shallan's is locked in place until the partner reed is set to the right setting? (Perhaps the partner reed already is in correct position but is also hanging immobile, and will only move if the person moves it? I doubt this one) --WoR Ch 42 btw Aside from this, I went and broke back down how the settings if the spanreeds work. So there's about 4 settings that we see from the perspective of someone receiving a message Off, Request/Accept, Receiving, Sending I assume that setting you switch to time accept someone's request is the same one they set their spanreed to to send said request, so that's why I have it labeled as I do. It blinks in Off mode when someone is trying to contact you Turns ruby one notch to acknowledge request, then after setting up board and putting reed in place, turns another notch After the sender writing is finished, turn a notch to write a response, place back at the start location, then turn back to the previous notch --WoK Ch 28 the WoR scene only mentions Shallan turning the dial to indicate she had set up, and then the reed hangs there I think it basically works like this: You want to contact someone Switch to what I call Request/Accept When the person on the other end also switches to Request/Accept, I assume you get an indication. Then, once theyve set up, they set themselves to Receive, and you get an indication. Then you place your reed in the same spot, and switch to Send Then you tradeoff back and forth to have a conversation If conjoiners can be made to transmit in only one direction then that solves a couple problems with the ship and accidentally pulling and moving things
  3. So there is a line in the Ars Arcanum, regarding there being limitations with paired fabrials. Maybe they each have a partially fixed reference frame? Like, maybe they both have a fixed reference for vertical and how they're angled relative to it? So that when they sync themselves they do so relative to their angle to down? I'm not sure if the math works on that atm, but the partial fixed frame has been bouncing around in my head. Edit: Just had a thought. Spanreeds have a metal housing the gem is rotated in to turn it on and set settings. What if the metal housing is how the gems coordinate their orientation?
  4. Well the precise quote is: So the chulls are being turned around and the gemstones temporarily disjoined. To me that reads that the gemstones are then rejoined.
  5. Just thinking about the chull lattice as it relates to the motion of the ship, I'm pretty certain there has to be some degree of reorientation (either automatically or with aluminum or whatever) to address that the ship's position and orientation relative to the planet is changing in a significant way compared to that of the chulls.
  6. So I figure I should put together some examples because it...doesn't seem to just be what you suggest. So, varyingly there's references to Radiants feeling cold when Stormlight...does something. Grabbing the quotes would be excessive, so I'm just going to give some examples. When Kaladin/Szeth infuse something, they feel cold as the Stormlight leaves them. Varying descriptions of skin feeling chilled, feeling a chill, and frost forming on them/their clothes or even in the air around them (the latter from Szeth Lashing the platform near the end of the WoK Prologue. There are also references to feeling cold and frost forming when they Lash themselves, alongside descriptions of the Light leaving them (but no specifying of where the Light is going.) Frost also forms on Kaladin's fingers at one point when he draws Stormlight in from a gem. Kaladin feels a "jolt of coldness" through him upon impact after falling a great height. His Stormlight is described as coming out of his body in a visible burst. At a couple points when Stormlight heals him frost forms on his skin and he feels the Stormlight drain from him, at one point specifying a bit later that he felt cold from the Stormlight he consumed. There's some language that seems to link the Stormlight that's seen flowing out of the wound as being what heals him, but it's unclear. There are no references to frost in context of any other Radiants (save instances of Oath swearing). I want to say I remember scenes where Shallan feels cold, though I cannot find any atm. Interesting thing to note: Kaladin notes that Stormlight he senses feels warm, and when it's inside of a Radiant it feels warm to them.
  7. This quote might be of interest to the discussion here. (Bolding for emphasis)
  8. I'm really late getting around to reading all this and responding. Jasnah says she had to Soulcast multiple times because Shallan's body kept absorbing the poison. Also my immediate thought was that, given what we've seen of how Soulcasting works: I think Jasnah told Shallan's poisoned blood to become what it was without the poison, as it should have been able to remember what that was like.
  9. You've entirely missed the point of what I was saying. I made no mention of any kind about physical light or such. Stormlight that is in the Physical, has no visual or illuminatory effect on the equivalent location in the Cognitive, nor do we observe it having a presence of any kind. As such, this theory, does not hold up. That is what I was and have been saying. Btw, as an aside, there *is* light in Shadesmar, or at least a form of illumination, given off by the sun and the flames that represent the souls of people. Also by any other light source, such as Stormlight that has been brought *into* the Cognitive, fires, etc.
  10. None of the photons bounce off, all of the photons are absorbed.
  11. When we are following a character who is in Shadesmar, any Stormlight that is in the same location in the Physical does not have a presence or effect in Shadesmar. That's what I was saying. Shallan while Soulcasting the Wind's Pleasure is just an example I was using because it's called out there are infused gems in her cabin, in the Physical, but there is no reference or mention of the Stormlight from them having any effect on her surroundings in Shadesmar.
  12. I honestly kinda figured it was a hint towards her deeper connection to Preservation.
  13. I, yes? I was talking in reference to the proposal in OP that the illumination of Stormlight in the Physical is just it spreading through the Cognitive.
  14. The Stormlight isn't present in the Cognitive. When Shallan is on the ship there are lamps in her room but no illumination related to them while she's in the Cognitive. Important to note two things: Kaladin says you can't feel any heat from a sphere usually, and also Kaladin at one point describes the light of Stormlight as calm, almost cold.