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  1. We actually have Word of Brandon on this: tl;dr, he suspected Dalinar was part of a cosmere aware secret society, and was testing him.
  2. I was always under the impression that some of the spren mentioned in AU were voidspren. On to the topic of the thread itself, I don't think Ashyn necessarily used spren. The little we know of the system seems to me to be closer to how Aviar work, by bonding with a living creature. Such a thing could still allow for a disease to grant great power, if the relative strength is dependent both on type of disease, and level of infection. (So like, a super-virulent blood disease that's basically everywhere in the body) I do think it's likely that the destruction of Ashyn and whatever's keeping the cities floating might be the result of an alternative implementation of the disease system though, as an accounting for the perceived extremeness of the effects.
  3. I think this might be the best answer. Whenever it's used to make something slippery, it just coats that surface in a perfectly smooth layer of stormlight. Similarly, if Abrasion can increase friction, perhaps it just coats the surface in an incredibly rough layer of stormlight.
  4. Well, to be technical it just says that physical things become Investiture when they travel to the cognitive.
  5. If stuff in the Physical Realm is made of mass-energy, what is stuff in the Cognitive Realm made of?
  6. Yeah, I don't recall anything that explicit. We do have some quotes that say a Shard must Invest in a particular planet, but that's not quite specific enough to say that planets in the same system have different looking Cognitive Realms. I also remember the WoB Oversleep was talking about, though I don't remember where it is. It honestly didn't say much from what I remember, just basically that Shard + Planet = Magic I've actually been mulling over an idea similar to this. As a general statement, assume that a person exhibits magic due to the interactions of their spiritweb with some source of Investiture (Surgebinder's spren bond, Scadrian's connection to Preservation and Ruin, Elantrians and the Dor, etc). Then consider that a spiritweb is just a chunk of innate Investiture with a bunch of Connections. When you think about a planet then and how it would have a ridiculous number of Connections with its inhabitants, everything on it, the star and others planets in its system, and presumably even between the different things that make it up, that's one really big spiritweb. Then a Shard Invests in it. Boom, magic system with its own unique focus.
  7. I might be completely remembering something that doesn't exist, but wasn't there a recent WoB that talked about how breaking a Sand Masters sand stream with a hand was due to investiture interference? Cause I also remember that quote making mention that this was related to Identity. So long as that quote actually does exist somewhere, then it seems likely the Identity of a person is "encoded" in their innate Investiture, not in their Connections.
  8. theory

    yeah, iirc the phrasing of the question correctly, the answer could easily be read as not everyone can do it, cause not everyone knows how to. Gonna try and find it. Found it. It'd be a tight wiggle, but there's room.
  9. Here's the WoB for reference
  10. I don't use Facebook and someone created a Stylish theme for Gmail that I use that makes it super dark. I had problems with the old site, but it wasn't quite as bad as the new is. I think it might be the monitor size thing you mention, cause the purple sides are barely the width of my little finger on my monitor, or it might be that there's just more white than before.
  11. Oh hey, thread about the update I didn't notice. I had sent a tweet about this topic, but might as well go ahead and post here for extra chance of being noticed. Is there any sort of dark theme option I can set for the site? I have a specific eye condition and the site being a good 90% white now is making it really hard to even type this.
  12. We've also seen that a bubble's position is independent of the source. Once a person throws a bubble up they can move around in it and even leave it. We know by WoB that a bubble determines what still is based on the things it "intersects". To me it seems things like the cube are edge cases, where the only thing the bubble has to determine its concept of still off of is its source. So our hovering Mistborn throws up a bubble. So long as the bubble doesn't intersect anything that would supersede the Mistborn's concept of still, it should follow the Mistborn around if they wobble around and such. If they Mistborn suddenly dropped to the ground and the bubble touched the planet, then its concept of still should shift. If it wasn't for the carriage incident and the WoB about the bubble intersecting I'd be inclined to agree it has something to do with the source's concept of still. As is I think it's a sort of conversation where it tries to reach a decision about what still is, and it just happens that the more massive and fast something is, the more weight (heh) its argument has. Alternatively: Since humans are more Cognitively complicated than a cube, a human's more complex conception of still as related to their perception of their environment might make things odd, in which case a wobbling hovering Mistborn would move around inside their bubble. I actually think I prefer this idea of how the bubbles would interact with humans at least. I do however still think that a passing train intersecting the bubble would override the Mistborn's concept of still.
  13. Well, it's always possible the Cosmere runs off of popular science xD