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  1. That moment when you actually keep your oath I wonder how renarin felt when he learned what his name meant Basically Sadeas in TWoK:
  2. ketek

    Teft Family betrayer, no will to live Protect the hated, himself most of all Broken, almost himself The hated protecting, living Will not betray this family
  3. ketek

    Eshonai A love for searching Left a sister alone, finding darkness Leading, darkness found A lone sister is left Searching for love
  4. Oh I wasn't aware of that, I'll make sure to do that from now on. My original post may be reeaallyy long at some point though. I keep making more of them, I have at least 16 more ready to go, I'm just spacing them out.
  5. I honestly don't think he will, but even if he does, the point is that it's choosing between him dying (which we all want) and getting the rest of the series immediately (which we also all want)
  6. If any of us lived on Roshar and bonded a spren: Dalinar and Shshshsh A Tough Choice: The story of the Rift, as told by a professional Worldsinger: Parenting done right:
  7. The Lord Ruler's Genius Plan to Defeat the Deepness:
  8. Sazed solving a cosmic identity crisis like:
  9. The Heralds whenever they come back for a Desolation:
  10. Yep. Most of them take place in the Mistborn Era 2 setting, but a few are on Scadrial (Era 1), Nalthis, Roshar, or take place in the Cognitive Realm. Btw, if I see a cool story idea posted here I'd totally consider writing it, with permission of course
  11. This is actually a problem I have! I have a 40 page google doc with 29 story ideas, and I write out like a description and rough timeline for each one, but it's really hard to find the time to write them all. I've only written out 3 of them so far, but I'm hoping to get through them this summer and post them to my Archive Of Our Own account
  12. Thanks! I was going through the Arcanum Unbounded again (like the 6th time) and it just made a lot of sense to try making them using US2. I kinda went into a frenzy for a couple of weeks working on them, but I'm really proud of the way they turned out, especially the Drominad System.
  13. So I was messing around with a universe simulator called Universe Sandbox 2, and I thought 'Why not try to recreate the Cosmere planetary systems?' So I got out my Arcanum Unbounded, and thus began the long and arduous process of trying to make and arrange the celestial bodies of a wonderful fictional dwarf galaxy. Star Cluster? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I had to get creative about the colors of some of the planets, because the program doesn't actually include a way to change the colors of gas giants, so I had to edit the code of the bodies directly and repeatedly change the RBG values until they looked right. Took a very long time to do this and to position everything the right way, but I'm pretty happy with the way they all turned out. My goal with all of this was to realistically re-create the starcharts, but I also thought that they could make pretty cool backgrounds, so I made a few different versions with the systems and planets in different orientations, and I've included them all here. For each system there is a zoomed-in, zoomed-out, and diagonal line up version of the planets, a 90° angle landscape version, and one where each of the planets are placed around the sun at random points along their orbits (though the Taldain System does not have this last one, for obvious reasons). I think they ended up looking really good, so feel free to use them as backgrounds. So without further ado: [If the images aren't displaying properly then here's the imgur album:] The Rosharan System [Zoomed In, All] The Rosharan System [Centered] The Rosharan System [Zoomed In] The Rosharan System [Zoomed Out] The Rosharan System [Centered, Angled] The Rosharan System [Diagonal] The Rosharan System [Orbits] The Selish System [Centered] The Selish System [Zoomed In] The Selish System [Zoomed Out] The Selish System [Orbits] The Selish System [Orbits, Zoomed Out] The Selish System [Diagonal] The Drominad System [Centered] The Drominad System [Zoomed In] The Drominad System [Zoomed Out] The Drominad System [Diagonal] The Drominad System [Orbits] The Drominad System [Centered, Angled] The Taldain System [Centered] The Taldain System [Zoomed Out] The Taldain System [Zoomed In] The Taldain System [Diagonal] The Taldain System [Diagonal, Zoomed Out] The Scadrian System [Centered] The Scadrian System [Zoomed In] The Scadrian System [Orbits] The Scadrian System [Zoomed Out] The Scadrian System [Zoomed Out, All] The Scadrian System [Diagonal] The Scadrian System [Centered, Angled] The Threnodite System [Zoomed In] The Threnodite System [Centered] The Threnodite System [Zoomed Out] The Threnodite System [Orbits] The Threnodite System [Diagonal]
  14. This is actually something that I've been thinking about for a while now, and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one. I can't believe that in a world where it is commonplace for people to have magical powers that a standardized testing program wouldn't have come up in some capacity, whether it be instituted by the government or just a service provided by schools at a certain age level, similar to a graduation/advancement ceremony, or even as a part of it. This is the kind of small thing that is significant to the in-world society, but is never really addressed in the books, and it has to come up somewhere. I've actually started writing a bunch of stories that showcase these kinds of quirks of the Cosmere worlds, in case anyone's interested, three of which go into the Allomancy and Feruchemy testing process to some extent.
  15. Well I mean, savant-hood is caused by an allomancer flaring his metals frequently enough over a long period of time, which causes the power to sort of 'leak' into the user's spiritweb, which gives him a kind of Spiritual/subconscious awareness of the power and let's him use it more effectively and in new ways. Spook was able to do alot more than just flare more powerfully; he was able use his constant flared-induced senses in a more finely tuned manner, like using his sense of touch to feel air movements from incoming blades. So I'd think that we really don't know any limits to savant-hood effects, like how (I'm pretty sure, based on a WoB) Wax's steel reflection bubble is due to savant-hood.