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  1. requests are currently closed

    @The Honor Spren if my character request is too complex and holding you back, please feel free to skip it
  2. We made another space circle!
  3. That's awesome - using bits and pieces from other places is a fantastic method. I'm using the Forgotten Realms, mostly because Aquisitions Incorporated really got me back into that setting.
  4. Welcome, Pegumin! I'm a big Wheel of Time fan too, and I also DM a D&D 5e game What setting are you using for your game?
  5. Aaaah I'm the first Other I was born one gender, lived ten years as the other, then realized that I had to do so much acting in both cases, and both had their share of awful expectations. Now I just concern myself with being me, and I don't bother trying to identify with a gender. I don't make a big deal out of it though. I am pretty androgynous looking, but I most often get read as male, so I use male pronouns and such. The last thing I want is any special treatment or attention, just to be true to myself.
  6. The Wheel of Time books' magic systems aren't "hard magic" (as Sanderson defines it), like Sanderson's own magic systems are. They appear to have rules, but these rules and limits are never clearly defined for us. I don't think we ever learned what the source of Mat's luck is. I always thought it had something to do with his Manetherin multiple people in his head thing, but that was just an impression.
  7. Nooooooo, I have been tricked! At least make my death swift, you ruffia-- wait, one of you? In the guild?? *accepts spike and cookie, eyes glow red* I will bring others to the dark alley!
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome! I've read Elantris, Emperor's Soul, Edgedancer, all the Mistborn books, and all the Stormlight books so far. I have Cosmere Unbounded on the way, and I just started Warbreaker
  9. Thanks! Nice, Unity is great! I'm using Godot. Godot 3.0 will be released in the next couple of months, which I'm very excited about! Also, I found the dark alley. It is dark and scary, and this is probably a trap
  10. Hellooooo? *shout echoes down the scary dark alley* Is this where I can get a cookie? @Farnsworthtold me I could get a cookie here. I have a feeling this is a trap! Also, hi
  11. I didn't say otherwise In fact, in my words you just quoted, I said that maybe it's Honor's perpedicularity that's attached to Lift. It's just a theory to explain why Lift seems to exist partially in all three realms. That's a good point about Lift being in Thaylenah at the same time as the others, though! That's probably the best evidence that this theory is not true. Thanks! edit: Unless you can't actually see a perpendicularity? Hmmm. I think it's still possible that this might be the case. Mayhaps improbable, though.
  12. Imagine making your way across the aether and navigating the Rosharan shadesmar to chase Honor's perpendicularity only to come out at the top of a highstorm and fall to your death Since Honor is dead, maybe Cultivation/Nightwatcher attached Honor's perpendicularity to Lift? Next time I do a read-through, I'm going to pay attention to see if Lift mentions any people appearing out of nowhere.
  13. Ah darn, and I thought it was such a juicy theory too Thanks for the correction, you three. Still, it does seem like Lift is connected to all three planes, and I do hope there is a really cool reason for it. It's Lift, afterall, so it's gotta be awesome
  14. That would make a lot of sense except that if the storms were the perpendicularities, wouldn't they be rather common and predictable to track? Whilst in Shadesmar, didn't the gang learn that the moving perpendicularity was very difficult and unpredictable to find? I didn't remember which shard's perpendicularity was in the Horneater Peaks, or if it was mentioned, but if you're right then that invalidates my theory anyway. Do you recall the details of that confirmation? How do we know the Horneater Peaks perpendicularity is Cultivation's?
  15. Wyndle mentions that he thinks Lift exists partially in the Cognative realm. I saw a theory that suggested that the visions the Stormfather creates exist in the Spiritual realm; Sanderson's answer to that was "RAFO" (read and find out). Lift is able to draw stormlight from consuming food, and we know stormlight comes from the spiritual realm. If lift also exists partially in the Spiritual realm, then it could explain why she can enter the visions created by the Stormfather and Odium. So if she exists partially in the Physical, Cognative, and Spiritual realms... And the Stormfather mentioned that Lift smelled of Cultivation... And it was mentioned in Oathbringer that there is a perpenticularity that moves around (which I think is Cultivation's)... Could Cultivation's perpendicularity be attached to Lift somehow?