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  1. I do not see Kaladin winning any of these rounds before he gets his plate(if the plate protects from emotional Allomancy). The way Kal shuts down after Elhokar dies gives me very strong doubts about his ability to resist duralumin emotional pushes and pulls.
  2. Correct, Spiritual adhesion is used to create a Connection between the Bondsmith and others. The reason I am thinking that it behaves slightly differently to duralumin feruchemy is that I don't think we have seen a quickening of a trusting relationship because of direct use of spiritual adhesion.
  3. I think they are ever so slightly different, kinda like a screw versus a bolt. Could you use one instead of the other? Maybe, but they function best in different ways.
  4. IIRC the Regal use Investiture at a slower rate then KR but we have never seen them run out the same way. I was assuming the battle at the end of WoR took hours which would make it the only time we have of an large group continually Investing one thing over a long period of time that I can remember in all of the Cosmere except maybe Nightblood but Nightbloods creation hasn't made it on scrren yet. I was thinking that the physical portion of the storm was what the Parsh were making and then Odium took care of the rest after he had a vehicle to attach everything to. I agree that the amount of control plus the amount of sheer Investiture required to ionize the air enough to make lightning is improbable but I am having trouble associating any of the other surges to lightning other then possibly Division just ripping the electrons out of their orbits but... Questioner The Division Surge: does it actually split atoms or does it split the bonds of molecules? Brandon Sanderson It splits the bonds of molecules, it does not split atoms. Questioner That would be completely overpowered. Brandon Sanderson I have done an atom splitting magic originally in Dragonsteel. And wooow it was overpowered. So really, this is fiddling... You'll see what it does when I use it, but we'll not be splitting atoms. We're not creating nuclear reactio... or fission, so. So maybe we got something where Division can take electrons off of atoms but cannot touch the nucleolus???
  5. A string of thoughts, feel free to smash them to bits. I was rereading OB last night and got through the chapter where Kaladin used a surge to split the Highstorm around him to help a group of people to safety. I believe the consensus is that Kaladin used adhesion to create a bubble of high pressure around him. This caused me to think about what would it look like to have all of the Windrunners do this together, maybe a "Windrunner" storm aimed at the highstorm. "Wait a minute someone already did that, the "Stormform Army" made the Everstorm" I think the singing Stormformers at the end of WoR were using adhesion to create high and low pressure areas in the atmosphere to summon the Everstorm. "So how does a Singer in Stormform "throw" lighting?" This is really where I want some help and maybe a WoB on what the limits might be on adhesion to create an area of high pressure. Is it possible to compress enough air into a small volume to convert the air into plasma(lightning) outside of a star?
  6. When Kaladin and Notum are talking about the Nahel bond to Syl, Notum suggests that he could kill Kaladin to save Syl from the bond "Though this would be painful for her, there are other ways, at least tell the final Ideal is sworn" (Chapter 108, audio time stamp ~45:01:45 I wouldn't mind getting the actual text for the quote.) Kal seems to gloss over the "other ways" and focus on the one way where he is dead. Do we know what the "other ways" are Notum may be referring to? Possibility 1 a spren swap. Something similar to the scene with Pattern telling Shallan that the cryptics would send her an other spren because Pattern believes Shallan hates him. I do not think this what Notum was suggesting because of how appalled he is that Kaladin is bonded to Syl. Possibility 2, suggested by Kered on the coppermind Discord, "a 'purging' of Syl's memory. Maybe something the Stormfather could do. Possibility 3, sugeested by R'Shara on the coppermind Discord,"convincing Syl to break the bond" Possibility 4, Trapping Syl in a perfect gemstone. I do not see that any of these fill the "tell the final Ideal is sworn" aspect of what Notum was talking about. This might also steer us to an idea about what the power up from saying the 5th ideal is, if we do not already know. If I remember correctly: 1st ideal, access to stormlight, minor surgebinding abilities squire level stuff etc 2nd Ideal, improved surgebinding abilities, bonding of a spren. 3rd Ideal, Shardblde 4th ideal, Shadeplate? 5th Ideal, ??? I would love any info any of you might have on the subject this has been on my mind for a few days now.