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  1. NOTE: This is pretty much copied from my post on reddit. Just wanted to see if anyone here had feedback on it. How does Jasnah know Wit/Hoid? First, she definitely does know him. When they meet up at the end of WoR, they clearly know each other. Furthermore, she already knew him during the events of TWoK, since on Page 571 (Paperback), she says However, the timing of the two of them knowing each other is a bit iffy. We know that Shallan had been chasing Jasnah for six months before finding her in Kharbranth. She was following Jasnah on a ship, so it seems unlikely that Jasnah could have been at the Shattered Plains or in Kholinar at this time, both of which are landlocked. It seems most likely that this time was all spent around the Tarat Sea, since Shallan presumably left from near Vedenar, visited Dumadari (following Jasnah), and ended up in Kharbranth. Meanwhile, Hoid only became the King's Wit recently. Specifically, Adolin thinks The key phrase here is some months. Definitely more than 1 month, but also less than a year. A year on Roshar is only ten months, so this leaves a pretty slim window for him to have met Jasnah at the Shattered Plains or in Kholinar while he was Wit. This leaves three possibilities. He was Wit for over 6 months, and met Jasnah at the Shattered Plains. This is the most boring and, sadly, I think the most likely. Still it is not definite. We only know for sure that Jasnah was travelling for 6 months, but it seems like a big coincidence that she would start travelling at the same time as Shallan started looking for her. It's more likely that she already had been travelling for longer (If anybody can find info on how long Jasnah had been researching the Voidbringers, it would be very helpful here). The window for them to meet at the Shattered Plains is pretty narrow. Hoid met Jasnah while she was travelling. From Hoid's conversation with Elhokar after the greatshell hunt [274 (PB)] it seems that he hasn't spent all of his time in the camps. Maybe he met Jasnah while she was researching. I can't think of a reason why he would be in the Tarat Sea himself, but he's Hoid. His reasons are mysterious. This is a definite possibility. They met before he became the King's Wit. This is definitely the most interesting possibility. When they talk in WoR, they both seem very cosmere aware, and they also know that each other are aware of it. This could mean that they met, not through Elhokar, but through their mutual supernatural affiliations. Maybe Jasnah was the one who suggested Hoid as the King's Wit. It raises a lot of possibilities. Afterwords, I found some more information that I believe makes this theory stronger. Shallan says to Kabsal that Jasnah had been travelling for two years. This is a significant extension over the 6 months that was previously established for her research. This almost certainly means that she started her research before Hoid has become King's Wit, virtually eliminating the possibility that 1. is true. I don't have the page for this, but during a message conversation with Dalinar Jasnah refused to return to the Shattered Plains until she finished her research, meaning that she is unlikely to have been back there while she was researching the voidbringers. This fits in with her character, since there are unlikely to be scholastic resources at the warcamps. This is reinforced when Shallan thinks: Some commenters on reddit pointed out that Jasnah refers to him as Wit, not Hoid, which I feel means it is very possible that she was the one who sent him to Elhokar to become the King's Wit.
  2. I highly doubt that koloss can spike trolls. The spikes had to be put in very specific places in the human body (there are stated to be between two and three hundred bind points) and troll physiology is so radically different from humans that there would be no way to predict what would be created unless Ruin himself was directing them (and I doubt we can include Ruin since then we'd also have to include Sauron and the koloss and trolls would be pretty irrelevant at that point).
  3. Well, atium was created by Ati (Holder of Ruin), and lerasium was created by Leras (Holder of Preservation). I can vaguely see the connection between Ryshadium and Rayse but it is nowhere near as close as the one to one correspondence between the names of the Shardholders and the god-metals.
  4. My theory is that the Bondsmith were exclusively bonded to the Stormfather. Obviously we know from Dalinar that the Stormfather can be bonded to a Bondsmith. I'm basing this idea on the epigraph of Chapter 44. Since my theory gets into semantics, here's the whole epigraph for reference. "But as for the Bondsmiths, they had members only three, which number was not uncommon for them; nor did they seek to increase this by great bounds, for during the times of Madasa, only one of their order was in continual accompaniment of Urithiru and its thrones. Their spren was understood to be specific, and to persuade them to grow to the magnitude of the other orders was seen as seditious. —From Words of Radiance, chapter 16, page 14" (I don't know how this forum's formatting works) It says "Their spren was understood to be..." instead of "Their spren were..." implying that their was only one spren shared between all of them. My reading of the epigraph also rejects the idea that there was some specific pairing between the Bondsmiths and the spren of the Shards, since it says that "they did not seek to increase this by great bounds." If it had meant that they never increased past three, it would have simply said that they did not seek to increase this at all. This seems to imply that they only meant that they never went into the hundreds of Knights of the other orders, not that they had a very specific on to one correspondence with certain powerful spren. I think that it is writing about a specific time period (possibly immediately before the Recreance?) and stating how many they had at that time, not at all times. This lack of a one to one correspondence also shows that they were probably all bonded to the Stormfather, since if they were bonded to some other unique spren there would almost always be a specific number, and the phrase "which number was not uncommon for them" would never be used. Some other thoughts: 1. Looking at translations of the book in other language might help clarify since English pronouns aren't very good at specifying things like this. 2. If there are any WoB about multiple people bonding a single spren, that would probably help prove or disprove this.
  5. Do we have any information as to how fast Highstorms/the Everstorm go, how big they are, how many Highstorms there are, their frequency, or really any information about how they work? I figure that if we know how a normal Highstorm works, we might be able to predict how fast the Everstorm would spread and the kind of effects we could expect from it.
  6. In one of her POVs she said that she thinks of herself as a eoman now, so yes.