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  1. Well, the best I can think is: remember in (I think it was) Words of Radiance... Kaladin was thinking about helping Moash with Elhokar's assassination (that's a rough recollection - I don't remember the details) and Syl pretty much seemed to be reverting to losing her intelligence? Now if you combine that with what the Skybreakers told Szeth were the Fifth Ideal is becoming what your Order represents, I think that means it becomes impossible to break your bond by not following through with your Oaths once you're this far in?
  2. i took it to mean Odium and Rayse, like how the author of the second (or was it first?) letter in Part 2 also talks in collective
  3. That's also very true too This is an interesting idea, but I doubt it because they're very wary of avoiding anything vaguely blasephemous/heretical and doing the job of the Heralds is pretty deep in there
  4. I think someone did give actual Words of Brandon about the Ashyn-Humans thing, so I think we can regard that as fact. And, yeah, I totally agree with the reasoning of the rest of your post - I actually hadn't considered the difficulties of humans living in Shadesmar/Cognitive Realm, but I feel like that essentially proves that the Hall must be in the Physical Realm
  5. Yeah, I was thinking somewhere along the lines of how Jasnah threw the man she was crystalising (spelling?) and when he crashed into other people they also crystalised. Although, you can't improve much on something already so powerful and effective.
  6. That's actually also a good point, although I still can't agree because if Damnation is a place in the Physical Realm then I believe that the Tranquiline Halls would be too. However, this is exactly what I mean by being unable to base my theory entirely on Vorinism. When I get time, I'll see if there's any WoB on the matter.
  7. Thanks for the clarification I understand where you're coming from, but to draw from the Vorin beliefs (perhaps not something to base fact on?) but the religion is that the Voidbringers kicked them out of the Tranquiline Halls and the Desolations were attempts to shove the humans from Roshar into Damnation, so I don't think that Braize could be the Halls
  8. @Andy92 Yeah, I would've considered them both except for the fact that someone (I don't recall if it was Nale or Odium) made a reference to Braize being Damnation. If I had time I'd see if I could find it, but unfortunately I can't right now. (while we're at this could you clarify whether or not it's acceptable to tag someone when you respond to their posts - I'm not sure about that at the moment)
  9. Yeah, I think that they'd make a good team, especially with the way Jasnah uses her Soulcasting and Kaladin's Lashings. I can see some interesting team-ups with those combinations.
  10. @Dreamstorm Thanks for the clarifcation. And, yeah, I think some people who want Jasnadin would take it as flirting, but I think its more along the lines of friendly banter? At least, that's my interpretation.
  11. No, I'm sure if we both recall it then it wasn't - and I'm pretty sure I saw another reference to it somewhere since I made the comment.
  12. BROTP is bro + OTP (One True Pairing). Basically it means, like, best friends on the next level. As for Jasnah liking Kaladin, yeah, I agree, they even had that little battle of words type thing (can't remember when? Hopefully not some kind of Mandela Effect imagination)
  13. Okay, so I did search through the forum to see if anyone had made this topic and I didn't see any post like this so hopefully there's no problem with this. So within Oathbringer, we find out that humans are the original Voidbringers, yeah? And its part of Vorin belief that the Voidbringers kicked the humans out of the Tranquiline Halls. So basing this on the concept that humans came to Roshar from Ashyn (I'm not sure if this is canon fact, or merely speculation?), but that would mean that Ashyn was the Tranquiline Halls - and this makes even more sense with the confirmation that Braize is Damnation.
  14. I apolgise if anyone has already mentioned this, but I didn't see it anywhere on the Oathbringer spoiler board. Also, some of my cosmere knowledge is questionable so I don't know if I have enough information to go on, but regardless, I must push on: Basically just after Dalinar briefly opens Honor's perpendicularity, Odium exclaims about having killed him already, and later in the scene where Taravangian and Odium meet, Odium remarks that Dalinar wasn't meant to Ascend (with a capital letter, the same way Sazed is spoken about when he became the holder of Harmony). Could this mean that Dalinar now holds Honor?
  15. Heya, so ... I'm new to this forum, but I've been a fan of Sanderson for a few years. I've read most of the cosmere books (with the exception of the Wax & Wayne books) and my favourite is probably Warbreaker.