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  1. Hey Brandon, Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to ask some questions. Love all your novels, can't wait for Stormlight 2, and I have to thank you for visiting Australia. I, unfortunately, didn't get a chance to see you, but one of my friends got a book signed by you for my birthday as a surprise. Hope that the next time you're in this sunny little country I get to see you in person Now, to the questions. 1) Before Adonalsium was shattered, was there magic in the Cosmere and what form did it take? 2) With Stormlight being in your mind 2 five book arcs, is there still a single "through-line" so to speak (aka, the Everstorm, A clash with Odium, or the like). 3) Are there any other shards on Nalthis aside from Endowment Thank you again!
  2. Not sure if anyone has already asked this/if we already know, but was there magic in the Cosmere before Adonalsium was shattered?
  3. It probably makes the most sense for the companion to be done in the order they were written. Plus, it gives me an excuse to read Elantris again, which I haven't done in YONKS!