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  1. This question was from the signing on Monday, did not record it and its paraphrased. Rebeca: Will we see the Sibling? Brandon: Yes, you will see him before the end of book 5 Rebeca: Is he the same as he was last we saw him? Brandon: The Sibling is in the same form as he was before.
  2. @Overlord Jebus I also really hated Venli in WOR and undestand why you would not like her to become a radiant especially "easily". I do think though that become one of the good guys.. that might be more challenging and we might get sweeter moments and see her struggle more due to her choices. Maybe enough to make us like her and like her eventually converting.
  3. This makes sense. And is this how we know Honor and Culti, were.. more than friends?
  4. Question... so ... the Bondsmiths are like the higher spren from Honor, Cultivation and "not sure". The Honorspren/cultivation spren are like the next level but from the same two shards. How about the rest? They are from the same shards? or are they spren from other shards? or I am getting this wrong?
  5. How would you feel with an overpower female protagonist? Try EON and EONA .
  6. This was for many years my favourite book. Until, of course, I met Brandon
  7. I am kind of new to Sanderson's work, I listened to WOR just around one and a half years ago. Since then I just love to read anything from him. I was hesitant though on Calamity as I had heard much dissapointment on it. I was not expecting much. Could it be that because of that I actually ended up enjoying it? It went much better than I expected. I like happy and encouraging endings. Sad for Tia and now that I read here; i agree, the Calamity reasoning for being bad.. well.. but I enjoyed it. Worth the time.
  8. Though I fully understand all that has been said on why we need more radiants and how it makes sense, I do understand the feeling. Kaladin is this amazing person who in return for his outstanding honor "earned or was granted" amazing abilities. In WOK there were times I even remember Dalinar looking "down" at the dark eyed man and I was thinking, you are in for a suprise! Now many other people have it, that sense of uniqueness or being tied as "the one" is gone. I hope there is still much more for Kaladin on the next storylines.