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  1. Azure knows how to as well. When the fused were chasing them down on the ship, she starts arranging things in human-like shapes.
  2. I don't understand why they'd say ten levels if they were analogous to orders though... What if the it goes as the following 1. No form 2. Standard form - lesser spren and singer 3. Storm form and it's equivalents - odium spren and singer 4. Fused - singer and singer x. Thunderclasts and equivalent - singer and earth x. Araman - unmade and host??? x. Unmade ???
  3. Well, I must admit, as I was reading through it, I found the letter confusing. (But didn't take much note of that, because I knew I'd come back to it). In hindsight, when collected, it is obvious that it is actually three responses, rather than just one. The first seems to be a Shard who has settled by themselves. Interesting that they all made a pact to not settle together, in case of interference. Uli Da is not a name I have heard before. Also, this Shard seems to think they have Odium in hand... The second seems go have reached an organisation of some form. I would have guessed the Ire, but that's just a long shot. Obradai and a new avatar is interesting though. Also, why are they impressed with Rayse's initiative. Is he going around breaking up shards who have settled on planets together? Finally, Mistborn Trilogy 1 Spoiler
  4. There we go. That makes much more sense. Id completely forgotten those WoBs
  5. My question would that Honour was surprised when spen developed Surgebinding. I think that was Honour, anyway. This would then imply that there was no Surgebinding before the desolations began, because it was just the Heralds by themselves at that point. So how did Surgebinders destroy their previous world, if they didn't exist (other than the Heralds I suppose) before Roshar. Unless somewhere else had seen, and desolations. There is so much we don't know.
  6. Which works out to be almost 70 in Earth years. This was something I was struggling to get my mind around too.
  7. The biggest issue to me is that Odium seems to think he is a shard of passion, but Syl directly states that he sucks in emotion, and was the void that humanity brought with them. These two descriptions seem to be at odds, but both seem to be shown in the text, Odiums raw power definitely feels like Passion when Dalinar feels it, but he also later talks about taking away the emotions and feelings. I also wonder if Odium is influencing histories.
  8. This alongside that the opposition to Adonalsium created a weapon to fight it. CHAOS (17TH SHARD) There is an opposing force to Adonalsium, and at the midnight release, I asked Brandon to write in my book something about that opposing force. He wrote: BRANDON SANDERSON There was a weapon created by the opposition of Adonalsium.
  9. I laughed so hard when I read this.
  10. There is a WoB that says they haven't left the Greater Roshar system since then as they are bound to it.
  11. Atium itself isn't any more invested than any other metal. The metals for Allomancy act as 'forms' (I think that's the term that is used) rather than investiture. They allow access to the power, but don't contain it (they're like keys). In the contrary Feruchemy and Hemalurgy both store investiture in the metals, hence why they are hard to push on.
  12. So I received my Elantris copy in the mail today. Much excitement. Basically I asked whether the reason Raoden couldn't interact with Devotion's Shardpool the same way Vin interacted with Preservations was because Devotion was splintered. The answer is below: Intriguing.
  13. An obvious 'other army' would be thunderclasts/midnight essense, correct? I mean, they're definitely different from the parshendi.
  14. "Yes, she did. she makes it clear 'he's back. I'd rather be dead than his slave' (having to paraphrase from the Audiobook.) Then she suicides, that does imply control." Was wondering whether this was to do with Trell as well... I'm going to go with no, but it's something to consider.
  15. As for Paalm. She can swap out allomantic/feruchemical spikes - somehow using them (when apparently kandra shouldn't be able to - I'd actually assumed the should... Why not?). This could be something to do with the new metal... But could it be just a missunderstanding? Maybe kandra can? She can talk into a person's mind if they are hemalurgically spiked. This is more interesting. It isn't something we've seen outside of Shardic power before is it? I was tempted to say that it was another Shard speaking to him all along - in some places the choice of words certainly could be - but in others it sounds like it has to be Paalm talking... Or that the other Shard is trying hard to make Wax think that's what Paalm is saying.